Sunday 19 April 2009

Johhny Three Homes Cruddas - FAKE WORKING CLASS PONCE

John Cruddas is the Billy Bragg of 'working class Labour politics' - another Mockney who likes to talk a load of bollocks about being 'working class' whilst having three houses all subsidised by the tax payer.

This man is a Political Ponce - who gets paid by the state for his pathetic posturing as a representative of the interests of the working class.

Cruddas is the self appointed leader of the 'fight' against the BNP.

We could not have picked a better hypocrite to lead the collection of Islamists. Dhimmis, pederasts, Zionists and perverts that constitute the anti-BNP 'front'.

You can just imagine him and Billy Bragg in billys palatial home in Dorset (BY THE BEACH DONTCHA KNOW ) ;

Billy - Hi John 'Up the Workers'.

John - Yeah Billy - Right Up Em ' ( they both start sniggering )

Billy - Oi Thai house slave bring me and johnny some cream scones

House slave crawling on floor on belly abased before her master - ' Yes master'.

Johnny - 'Billy I need some tips on how to appear 'cockney' got any ideas ?'

Billy - 'Yeah John - I once had to get a buss through a cockney area, so I know all about being a cockney. I WAS SHOCKED, WHY DONT THEY GET THERE BUTLERS AND SLAVES TO CLEAN THE PLACE UP FOR THEM, BLOODY PEASANTS - what do you want to know '

Johnny - ' well billy the BNP have sussed that I have three houses and that I am about as working class as Prince Harry so what do I say ? '

Billy - ' Well john what I always say to my fans ( they both snigger ) is that my houses are there to store weapons for the revolution and will act as a command centres for the deployment of communist fighters in Dorset'

Johnny - ' I dont know about that billy, the party whips may not like that '

Billy - 'ok then who about you say they are for you to store all your pearly king and queen clothing that you have as you are a proper cockney '

Johhny - 'Brilliant billy - what would I do without you '

Billy - ' ha ha you would have to get a real job you parasitic political ponce - up the workers '

Johnny - ' Yeah right up em - ha ha ha ha ha ha kerching kerching '


Cruddas to stop claiming allowance on London flat - but denies milking system

By Brendan Carlin
Last updated at 1:36 AM on 19th April 2009

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Labour MP Jon Cruddas is to stop claiming second-home expenses on his upmarket flat in Central London and charge for his cheaper constituency home instead.

The leading Left-wing MP has received more than £86,000 in the so-called Additional Costs Allowance (ACA) since 2004 – only £1,400 less than the maximum over that period – on his Notting Hill mansion-block flat just four miles from Westminster.

At present, Mr Cruddas’s ‘main home’ – where he is meant to spend most nights a week – is his cheaper terrace house in his East London constituency of Dagenham –13 miles from the Commons.
Labour MP, Jon Cruddas, who intends to nominate his Dagenham property as his second home and claim on it

Labour MP, Jon Cruddas, who intends to nominate his Dagenham property as his second home and claim on it

But The Mail on Sunday has learned that he now intends to nominate the Dagenham property as his second home and to claim on it.

‘I’m in conversation with the Fees Office about it,’ he said.

Despite receiving more than £86,000, Mr Cruddas denied he had been abusing the expenses system, claiming that his new-found fame after coming third in the Labour deputy leadership contest two years ago meant he now spends more time at his Notting Hill flat.

‘Since 2007/8, partly as a consequence of the deputy leadership thing, I’ve moved around the country a lot more, and my main home has probably shifted away from what it was,’ he said.

Mr Cruddas also admitted that the switch was partly caused by recent rows over MPs’ second-home claims.

‘Given what’s been going on over the past few months, it quite rightly makes you continuously appraise the situation,’ he said.

Mr Cruddas bought his Notting Hill flat in 2004 for £375,000. Flats in the area are currently worth between £560,000 and £900,000.

He bought his Dagenham property in 2002 for £105,000 and average prices in the road are now around £180,000.

Challenged to admit that his new second-home claims would be lower if he started claiming on the Dagenham house, he said: ‘I don’t know. It might work out that way.

'I haven’t looked at it like that. It’s about the amount of time I spend in each place.’

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Bert Rustle said...

Dispatches: The Westminster Gravy TrainSunday 19 April, 7:00pm - 8:00pm, Channel 4

Freedom of information campaigner Heather Brooke assesses the information about MP's expenses that is currently available to the public, following her High Court victory in 2008. With the claims list still to be fully published, Heather looks at how public money is being spent and how damaging the revelations could be for politicians.

Anonymous said...

What THREE homes ?? Who does he think he is Tony Blair ?
Cruddas is another Champagne socialist who infests the nu-Labour party, there to help themselves not the electorate.
He hates the BNP with venom because he knows we are the ONLY party that will end the ruling elites corrupt ways.
He has no respect for the democratic process, he can't accept that people are free to vote for any party they like,his worst nightmare is for the BNP to gain power through the democratic process, yes Cruddas be afraid very afraid..politicalMIZZ