Tuesday 28 April 2009

Swine Flu - Facts and Bullshit

Below are some safety tips on how to make a safety kit that will allow you the proper protection in the event of the flu epidemic becoming a real problem.

The government and the media will not publicise the facts below, primarily as the media are thick and the government busy stockpiling what it needs to keep itself safe.

I have watched the people in Mexico walking around with those blue surgical masks and dust masks on their faces and realised that this is just a way of diverting peoples fears.

Dust masks do not stop the flu virus as the virus can pass between the weave of fabric in the mask and gaps in the seal on the face.

Surgical masks also do not stop the flu virus.

The only face masks that can prevent inhalation of the flu virus have to be of the UK standard of FFP3. There are only limited stocks of these kinds of masks.

The blue surgical type masks are useful only to stop people with the disease from spreading it to others as when they sneeze the mask stops the mucous spray and droplets travelling in the air out into the environment and onto other people - therefore if your family member gets the disease then make them wear a surgical mask at all times to prevent them infecting you.

Wear the surgical masks at all times once the threat reaches the low to high ranking, but then once the virus is in your area or you are travelling through a virus affected area then wear the FFP3 respirators at all times.

The blue masks will prevent the majority of the flu virus from being inhaled as they block the sneezes of other people and also prevent mucous from their sneezes getting into your nostrils - but when you are in a hot area where the virus is highly active with many people infected then wear the FFP3 respirators as opposed to the surgical masks - IF YOU HAVE THE FFP3 RESPIRATORS.

If you dont have the FFP3 respirators then wear the surgical masks at all times and do not go near anyone who is not wearing a surgical mask.

The surgical masks work when the person with the disease blocks their sneezes from travelling out into the environment and others wear the same masks which also act as a secondary barrier to the infection. Thats why everyone must wear some sort of mask once the virus begins to spread widely.

For American readers the masks you need to buy are to the standard of N95 which are only 95% effective. To be the most effective you need N100, which are 99.97% effective IF worn properly. You have to order N100s and N95s can be bought at home depots.

Therefore the tips below are what you need to buy now in order to prepare for the worst.

1) Wearing those blue surgical masks that you see the Mexican people wearing will not stop you inhaling the swine flu virus.

In order to ensure your safety you need to buy FFP3 FACE MASK RESPIRATORS as these are the only respirators up to the relevant standard that can prevent the flu virus from passing through the fabric of the masks.

FFP3 respirators are about £ 15 for a box of five, but you best buy them now before they are bought up by those who are planning for the worse but hoping for the best.

2) You also need to buy a pair of full face safety goggles. The flu virus can be spread via the eyes, so the eyes have to be protected as well as the nose and mouth. Wearing goggles and an FFP3 respirator is the best way to avoid infection.

The goggles prevent people sneezing the virus into your face. They also prevent you rubbing your eyes and transferring the virus into your eyes where it can then enter the body via the moist membrane of the eyes. Many viruses are spread via the eyes.

3) You need to buy a few boxes of disposable latex gloves to wear when out in public and handling money - door handles can allow the flu virus to survive for up 2 days. The flu virus can survive on cash. Therefore when in public wear disposable latex gloves and discard them in a bin bag outside your home.

4) Take with you anti-viral hand wash and wipes. When you return home wash your hands with a hand wipe and soap before you enter the house. If the pandemic explodes then create a secure unit with platic sheeting just inside your front door. Then remove your clothing once you enter the house and put it into a bin bag for storage for up to 24 hours as the virus can survive on clothing for up to 8 hours. Spray the contents of the bag with anti-viral spray, seal it and leave the clothes for 2 days to ensure the virus dies. Put your cash into the bag and leave it with the clothes for 2 days as well.

Then take a shower.

5) Store your face mask and goggles in a sealed airtight plastic box for up to 24 hours. A spray of Hydrogen Peroxide will kill the flu virus as will various sprays you can buy from the supermarket. Spray the goggles and inside of the box and then leave the goggles and mask to sit overnight in the sealed unit.

I would advise people to buy the FFP3 masks now and store them. The less secure masks are okay to wear and use until the virus becomes a real threat in your street / area and then when you leave the house wear the FFP3 units rather than the standard face masks.

6) If you need to use the public toilets then shut the lid before flushing the toilet. When you leave the lid open a spray of faeces and water rises from the bowl over three feet into the air. Decontaminate your hands with hand wash after being out in public.

For less than fifty pounds you can buy masks, gloves, goggles and hand wash that can be used to make a safety kit.

I would rather spend fity quid now rather than not be able to buy those products later when needed.

You dont see many sailors setting out to sea without an inflatable liferaft and bouyancy jackets on board their boats.

This is because the moment the boat sinks the few hundred pounds spent on buying a liferaft can save your life.

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Danny said...

m8 u gotta look at this on the ealing goverment site please it's important

look at the contact details for the bnp this needs to be changed ASAP.

lormarie said...

"For American readers the masks you need to buy are to the standard of N95 which are only 95% effective. To be the most effective you need N100, which are 99.97% effective IF worn properly. You have to order N100s and N95s can be bought at home depots."

I will certainly be picking these or some form of protection up in the next day or so. It is suspected that about 100 were exposed at two schools in NYC,

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi lormaire,

you also need to regualrly wash your hands with anti-viral wash and I would advise you to also get a set of safety goggles as you are in a hot spot.

I put the info in as regards the US masks so as to give you the best advice.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

sorry to pour water on your comment re N95 and N100 FFP3 masks
BUT these masks are particulate filters only down to 300 nano's the H1N1 virus size is 80nanos.
so its like trying to stop a tennis ball using a goalmouth netting. The only solutuion is a full NBC gas mask at the moment until someone comes up with an alternative

Anonymous said...

Swine flu is a load of crap - Around 70000 people die of normal flu every year in the US alone! that's around 8 people every hour, just over 1 person every 10 minutes!

One has to ask "Who Benefits from the situation?" and the only answer is the pharmaceutical companies, as govt's clamber to stockpile the vaccine.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll sit the careless waste of cash out and have a laugh at you lot later. Wonder how much money the government has put aside for mock Flu vaccines this time. Only to become obsolete due to the lack of severity. Gas mask sales though - brilliant. I'm sure those guys have got it down to an art now lol
bet they love shite like this. like holiday season..

Anonymous said...

"mediaflu" .."moneyflu" "fearflu" name it whatever u like . its the same thing... the news are bigger than the so called epidemic itself...it will pass like nothing happend just like anthracs..sars..avian flu..and lots of other bla blas they keep telling us ...millions die every day for nothing hunger accidents cancer fat cigaretts alcohol normal flu .... i mean "swineflu" come on !! is this the best you can come up with?????