Tuesday 24 June 2008

The 5 Pillars of Nationhood

There are 5 pillars to a nation, in that in order to ensure social stability and a cohesive community these 5 fundamentals are required ;

1) The capacity to produce enough food to feed the people

2) The capacity to produce enough water for the people to drink

3) The capacity to build enough houses to home the people

4) The capacity to produce enough energy to ensure the needs of people and industry are satisfied

5) The capacity to ensure national borders are protected and that the people are protected from internal and external threats

These are the 5 pillars of a Nation.

If just one of these pillars is damaged then the nation is under threat.

Our nation today is under threat from a series of factors that have not appeared in our Western Civilsation since the Fall of Rome.

1) Food costs are rising and the poorest people in our society are now having to choose between heating their homes and eating properly. 20,000 old people die of cold in the UK every year and 50 % of old people entering hsopitals for treatment are found to be suffering from starvation. The British Labour government says we do not need to produce enough food to feed our people anymore, as we can import all we need via globalisation.





2) Water supply is now controlled by foreign corporations and not in the hands of the government




3) Housing is now too expensive to buy for most people and also mortgages are now s restricted people cannot get loans to buy even though the house prices are going to fall by a third throwing millions into negative equity and homelessness. With asylum seekers and immigrants having taken much of the council housing, then the families made homeless in this new Second Great Depression will find themselves homeless.


4) Fuel costs are rising and this is before the impact of Peak Oil has even hit properly. Britain is now a net importer of oil and energy as it cannot satisfy its own internal energy needs. This need for oil has dragged us into the Iraq War and we face WW3 by Christmas.




5) Our borders are porous and we have no idea how many illegals and criminals are in the country. This places us all at risk from terrorism, as the pool of illegal immigrants in our nation is the sea in which the terrorist swims.





In order to save our nation each of the 5 pillars must be re-nationalised, in that power over these sectors must remain in our hands and not the corporations or other international bodies.

This means we must start re-nationalisation of all essential industries and at the same time begin the immediate mass deportation of all illegals out of the country.

For this we will need a a new national border police force and its own snatch squads and riot control forces.

National conscription must be imposed for all 18 year olds with a choice of either joining the army for UK based national service, going into hospitals as technicians and hygiene specialists or a year on the land doing farm work such as helping with the harvest.

The time has come for drastic measures to be taken, for the tipping point has been reached.

It is either the rebirth of the British nation as an independent nation or our death as a nation and society when the American Empire falls in WW3.


Anonymous said...

It goes without saying that we'd leave the EU and reinstate Commonwealth Preference, ie. bi-lateral agreements on all import and export duty rates. Which is the biggest market the EU or the Commonwealth? Re-build all our industries to make products that last, no longer this throw-away consumer society. If VW can re-vamp the Beetle we can do the same for the Morris 1000! Re-open the coal mines. Build the navy up to vigorously protect our fishing industry. My grandfather ran a dairy herd of +100 Holstein-Freisians, under CAP they all went! Absolutely criminal!

Controlling our imports of non-essential goods is easy. To get rid of the +£4 billion a month trade defecit impose high duty rates and then compound it by insisting everything must have a full customs examination. This would average about £300-£500 per container. But there would be a massive backlog, quay rent and penalty shed rent can be very punitive running into thousands of pounds per container.

Defender of Liberty said...

Good ideas.

I like the New Commonwealth suggestion - can you imagine the potential of such trade.

Vast profits for everyone and an ethical capitalism.