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15th August 2006

In this article I will attempt to debunk the various inane Mythos of all those groups whose actions imperil peace in the world today. Hopefully they will all be equally offended.

Muslim extremists have a saying: "First [destroy] the Saturday People (Jews)... then the Sunday People (Christians). “ It is a common misconception promoted by the media that Muslims are an oppressed people around the world, but the truth is very different. It is in fact Muslims and non-Muslims alike who are primarily oppressed in Muslim nations. Each is the target of the fanatics and the killers.

The fact is that about 35,000 Palestinian Christians (1) live in the West Bank and 3,000 in Gaza, representing about 1.3% of Palestinians and in addition, 12,500 Christians reside in eastern Jerusalem means these people have it tough in areas controlled by Muslims (2). The Telegraph newspaper has reported how a Muslim mafia extorts and use violence against them (3).

The country where the Palestinians are treated worst of all is Lebanon, an Arab nation and a Muslim nation. They are treated like dogs by the Lebanese. Their fellow Arabs leave them to rot in refugee camps instead of assimilating them, so that their suffering can be used a tool by Hezbollah terrorists, Syria and Iran.

In this country we do not leave asylum seekers, and even bogus asylum seekers, to rot in refugee camps surrounded by armed militias that force them to live in poverty and use them to hide behind when the armed militias are targeted for retaliation by the government for their terrorism. No, we give them our houses and pay them welfare benefits. The Arabs don’t do that to their fellow Arabs and yet constantly attack Israel for an event that happened nearly sixty years ago, that being the expulsion of the Palestinians, whilst ignoring the reality of the suffering of Muslims around them. The sad fact is that 95% of the Muslim deaths in the world today are due to their fellow Muslims. Muslims are not slaughtered by the US and Israel; they are slaughtered by their fellow Muslims in Bali, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran etc etc.

Sectarian bloodbath

Places such as Iraq where tens of thousands of Muslims have been slaughtered by fellow Muslims are the main source of Muslim deaths in the world today. The sectarian bloodbath that afflicts Iraq is the result of a theological schism in Islam, not a result of Israel or the Palestinian issue. The Shiite-Sunni divide has existed from the dawn of Islam. In the eyes of the Sunni Islamists, the Shiites not only dominate the oil-rich areas of Iran, Iraq, and the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, but are - through the actions of Hezbollah - attempting to usurp the role of "protector" of the central Mythos of all Arabs: the Palestinian cause.

Shias record the start of the schism with the death of Muhammad, and in their view, a violent coup d'etat against Ali in his first day as Caliph.

After that, Shias contend that they were systematically persecuted and killed by the first three Caliphs of Islam, with a brief respite ensuing during the caliphate of Ali although he was at constant war with those the Shia regarded as their enemies. Sunnis hold that the schism did not begin at the accession of the first Caliph, Abu Bakr, since Ali ultimately swore allegiance and served all his predecessors before his own accession. Sunnis in general reject the dynastic claims of the Prophet's household to the Caliphate. They hold that first Islamic civil war between Ali and the Ummayad Muawiyah 1, whose 20 year rule Shias regard as the most difficult in early Islam, marked the beginning of the breach.

Therefore the war between the theological factions in Islam underway in Iraq and elsewhere across the world also has nothing to do with Israel, the Palestinians and the foreign policy of the US or the UK.

The plight of the Palestinians that fled from Palestine is a legitimate issue only for the Palestinian victims of that tragedy, though it has been hijacked as a PR issue by Muslim extremists, neo-Nazis and anti-Semites. It is for the Palestinian people who lost their homes to fight for justice and to get their homes back. Those Muslims that use the Palestinian tragedy as an excuse to ‘destroy Israel‘, plant bombs in the UK and Iraq or to peddle anti-Semitism across the world on the Internet in the name of White Nationalism or International Communism are nothing more than evil opportunists.

Bloody birth of America

There is nothing more hypocritical than an American White Nationalist that attacks Israel for its 'terrorism' during its creation as a nation. Terrorism was the birth process of the American Republic itself and the basis of the expansionism of the British Empire. The Minutemen Republican separatists that created the first Republican militias to fight against the British Crown were involved in terrorism against the British Crown in their pursuit for their own nation. They were very similar in many respects to the Irgun and Stern gangs of Israel, and both were defined by fighting the same ' enemy', that being the British Empire itself.

The revolutionary process that gave birth to Israel was the same process that gave birth to America. There is only law in the life of nations; only those that fight for their nations, keep their nations. Those that do not fight to retain their nations, lose their nations and are dispossessed by others.

According to historian Harry Ward, the Revolutionary War in America against the British Empire was also a vicious civil war, in which partisans on both sides brutalized those on the opposing side. “Wide sections of territory,” he asserts, “became virtual wastelands as a result of the military appropriation of livestock and provisions, the looting and destruction of homes, and the flight of civilians." Soldiers as well as non-military profiteers not only looted but also murdered and sometimes tortured their victims. Americans, Ward claims, were no less susceptible than others to the dehumanizing effect of war. As one contemporary reports, “The spirit of men became more and more debased. Many a lad, in his simplicity, went into the field with the Militia, and a few months later came back a thorough scamp… [M]en became more and more brutal.” Ward notes that “sadistic violence” on the part of “backcountry rowdies” became more evident after the war than before. The American Revolution, it seems, certainly had its share of atrocities.

At the battle of Kings Mount the rebels had surrounded a heavily outnumbered Loyalist unit, who's position had became hopeless and who had (despite the rebels usually not taking Loyalist militia as prisoners), tried to surrender, but rebels just cut Major Ferguson to pieces and violated his body. They did this to a man whose chivalry in battle had prevented him from shooting George Washington in the back.

General Greene wrote on the 23d of May, 1781, more than five months after he had assumed command of the Southern Department: The animosity between the Whigs and Tories of this State renders their situation truly deplorable. There is not a day passes but there are more or less who fall a sacrifice to this savage disposition. The Whigs seem determined to extirpate the Tories and the Tories the Whigs. Some thousands have fallen in this way in this quarter, and the evil rages with more violence than ever. If a stop can not be put to these massacres, the country will be depopulated in a few months more, as neither Whig nor Tory can live. The rebels also tortured and terrorised those who would not join their army.

Yet today we in the UK see America as a sovereign nation, and we do not use the violence inflicted against our ancestors by Americans to deny America her rights as a nation. (29)

Nazi origins of Israel

What is even more absurd are those neo-Nazis that use the plight of Palestinians as the basis of their attacks on Israel and Jews as a race, religion or as Zionists. Both Hitler and Mussolini were pro-Zionist. The SS themselves trained, armed and shipped the terrorists of the Irgun and Stern Gang to Palestine before and during the Second World War. Those British soldiers that were murdered by the Irgun and Stern gang were victims of the Nazis as much as the Jews. Even the hero of the latter day neo-Nazis, David Duke in his book “My Awakening”, has a section on how the Nazis through the SS, the SD and Zionist organisations worked together to create the state of Israel. (31) (32) (33) (34)

The definition of an idiot is a nazi that despises Jews and Israel, as Israel itself was created through the actions of Hitler and the Nazis themselves.

Just as we built the British Empire by taking land from others, then those that apply a double standard only to Israel for her actions in creating her nation is just a method of concealing the anti-Semitism, hypocrisy and stupidity of the critics of Israel.

Those non-Palestinians who use the plight of the Palestinians for their own political agendas are like paedophiles who use innocent children for own their vile and perverted lusts.

The amount of Palestinians that fled Israel the UN estimates their number at around 711,000 while the Israeli estimate of the refugees is 520,000 and the Palestinian estimate is 900,000. Compare that to the plight of the 16 million Germans who were forced to flee their homes only three years earlier, then you can see in numerical terms the greater tragedy. The fact is that no German terrorist groups dedicated to restoring the land to the Germans who fled their territory exist and they do not use the tragedy of the expelled Germans as an excuse for suicide bombings and nor do they launch hundreds of rockets and missiles into Poland every week.

Closer to home

There are nearly ten million immigrants in this country - and by 2050 we will be the minority. We have never undertook suicide bombings to drive the immigrants out of the country. Unlike in Israel though you do not see the former white residents of the East End, Bradford, Oldham etc carrying out suicide bombings as they have had their ancestral lands taken from them - though you do see Muslims living in those towns doing suicide bombings against us!

In the Irish potato famine from 1845 and 1851 the number of deaths is estimated at between 500,000 and more than one million in the five years from 1846. Some two million refugees are attributed to the Great Hunger. Many people blame the deaths on British economic policy, but the fact is that the event is regarded as a tragedy, not an excuse to wage war against the British, except by a handful of Republican terrorist lunatics.

Some 300,000 British people were sent as indentured labour slaves to the American and West Indian colonies, many of them in chains and who had been sold after being captured and sold as slaves. The ancestors of those people do not wage war on the British state.

Some 1.5 million White Europeans were captured and sold as slaves by islamic slave trading Corsairs (14) during the 17th and 18th centuries, thousands of European captives were snatched from their coastal villages by Islamic slave traders intent on waging war on Christendom. Put into forced labour and appalling living conditions, they perished in huge numbers. (15) The Arab slave trade also included 11 million Black Africans (16). You do not see White Europeans and Black Africans targeting Islamic nations for terrorism as a result of their tragedy at the hands of Islam.

Hundreds of thousands of British and Irish people were shipped to Australia in chains for crimes such as poaching a rabbit to live. (17) Their ancestors do not blow up people on the streets of London for vengeance.

Hundreds of thousands of British orphans and children were sent to Australia, Rhodesia, and New Zealand (18) until the late 1960’s. They do not kill British citizens for the crimes of the British government in the early to late 20th Century.

Indian Partition

In 1949 over 1 million Hindu refugees fled into West Bengal from Pakistan after the Partition of India (21). Massive population exchanges occurred between the two newly-formed nations in the months immediately following Partition. Once the lines were established, about 14.5 million people crossed the borders to what they hoped was the relative safety of religious majority. Based on 1951 Census of displaced persons, 7.226 million Muslims went to Pakistan from India while 7.249 million Hindus and Sikhs moved to India from Pakistan immediately after partition. About 11.2 million or 78% of the population transfer was on the west, with Punjab accounting for most of it; 5.3 million Muslims moved from India to West Punjab in Pakistan, 3.4 million Hindus and Sikhs moved from Pakistan to East Punjab in India; elsewhere in the west 1.2 million moved in each direction to and from Sind. The initial population transfer on the east involved 3.5 million Hindus moving from East Bengal to India and only 0.7 million Muslims moving the other way.

Massive violence and slaughter occurred on both sides of the border as the newly formed governments were completely unequipped to deal with migrations of such staggering magnitude. Estimates of the number of deaths vary from two hundred thousand to a million. (21)

Yet again the Muslims in Kashmir use this shared tragedy as an excuse to wage war against all Indians. They exacerbate the tragedy by perpetuating it.

There are currently 750,000 Israeli refugees fleeing the barrage of Katusha rockets during the struggle against Hezbollah. Yet the media and the anti-Semites regard their plight as irrelevant.

German expulsion

Over 16 million German civilians were expelled from European nations at the end of the Second World War with over 1 million dying in the process (19). As Winston Churchill expounded in the House of Commons in 1944, "Expulsion is the method which, in so far as we have been able to see, will be the most satisfactory and lasting. There will be no mixture of populations to cause endless trouble... A clean sweep will be made. I am not alarmed by these transferences, which are more possible in modern conditions…" (20)

The point is that the world has been a cruel and hateful place in the past, and if every people that has suffered in the past perpetually uses that hatred as a weapon against the people of the present and the future, then the world will always be at war.

The Palestinian people have not uniquely suffered, and therefore they and Islam must act in a way that reflects the universality of their suffering - and that is solely by working to stop future generations suffering. They must not use their past suffering to perpetuate hatred and suffering into the future.

Population movements

There are 323 million plus Arabs in the middle east across 22 countries and a lot of land and only 5.5 million Jews in Israel - the fact that more white UK citizens in 2 years are driven out of this country by immigration than were forced out of Palestine by the Israelis shows how over inflated this hysterical pro-Palestinian propaganda is. More British soldiers died and were wounded in the Falklands war than in Palestine, yet British nationalists do not despise the Argentineans. The British army pulled out of Palestine in 1948, just three years after the Second World War when 400,000 British soldiers had died and 60,000 civilians, yet British nationalists do not hate the German people.

The fact is that population movements are the curse of the modern world. If our people at the rate of 300,000 per year are forced to leave the UK because of the immigrants coming in, and the immigrants are allowed to come in the country at the rate of around 500,000 per year, then Islamic extremists that perpetuate the myth that the Palestinians uniquely suffered at the hands of Israel when they were forced to leave Palestinian territory because of Jewish immigrants coming into their territory, is the Islamic world’s equivalent mythos of the Holocaust mythos of the Jewish extremists.

The Islamic Mythos of the uniqueness of the suffering of the Palestinians is the shadow image of the Holocaust mythos of the Jewish people.

Just as a minority of self serving Jewish extremists seek to perpetuate the myth that the Jewish people suffered a unique crime in the horrors of the Holocaust for political gain for their own ends, so the Muslim extremists of the world seek to perpetuate the myth that the Palestinians suffered a unique crime at the hands of the Israeli state for their own political purposes. The fact is that the suffering of both is neither unique and nor are both Mythos justification for the endless round of horror we see in the world around us today.

Mass murder worldwide

Since 1945 and up to 1987, about 76,000,000 (yes 76 million) people have been murdered in cold blood by one regime or another, around thirteen times the number of Jews murdered in the Holocaust. Most of this democide has been done for political reasons (reasons of state or power), but also much of it has been outright genocide (the killing of people by virtue of their ethnicity, race, religion, or nationality). (22) (23) (24)

Therefore neither the Jewish people nor the Palestinian people have uniquely suffered in a true historical context, and in a perverse mirror image of the other, each has placed a crown of thorns upon their own heads and adopted the role of historical martyrs for the furtherance of their own religious, political, military and economic ends.

The use of the Holocaust as a mechanism of moral blackmail and to silence critics by a minority of self serving Jewish extremists, financial opportunists and moral extortionists also has to end. Until both groups, Jews and Muslims, unite to condemn the exploitation of their dead by the minority of extremists within their own groups, then the living and the majority of innocents will bear the burden of their selfish actions.

Western governments must resist the exploitation of both issues by the self serving minority of opportunists within both communities.

All Holocausts remembered

If we are to have a Holocaust Memorial Day, then it must be a Holocausts Memorial Day and commemorate not just the murder of Jews but also the slaughter of Nationalists worldwide under Russian, Chinese and Cambodian Communism, the enslavement of over a million White Europeans under Islam and the millions of dead Europeans that resisted Islamic expansion into Europe over history, the ongoing tragedy of the murder and enslavement of African Christians and Animists in Sudan, the slaughter in Rwanda and the genocide against the Native America Indian peoples during the creation of Modern America.


The status of non-Muslims in Muslim areas is called Dhimmi (4) (5) (6) In Shari’a law, there are official discriminations against the Dhimmi, such as the poll-tax or jizya.

Non Muslims have no legal rights. Jews or Christians may not testify in court against a Muslim and have no legal right to dispute or challenge anything done to them by Muslims. There is no such thing as a Muslim raping a Christian, Hindu or Jewish woman; there is no such thing as a Muslim murdering a non-Muslim (at most, it can be manslaughter). In contrast, a Christian, Hindu or Jew who strikes a Muslim is killed.

Jews and Christians had to walk around with badges or veils identifying them as Jews or Christians. The yellow star that Jews had wear in Nazi Germany did not originate in Europe. It was borrowed from the Muslim world where it was part of the apartheid system of Dhimmitude. (7)

Therefore the so called ‘second class treatment of Palestinians‘ by Israel is also reflected in the way that Islam treats non-believers in Islamic nations and states. Both Islamic extremists and Jewish extremists adopt the same policies towards each other. They are trapped in a cycle of lies and illusions each feeding off the other. Before Islamists start attacking Israel for its treatment of Palestinians, the Islamists should start treating the minorities that exist in Islamic nations they way they would like to be treated. It is the innocent people of all sides that always suffer when the insane elites decide to go to war with each other.

The constant refrain we hear in the media, and from Muslims, is that the current global outbreak of Islamic violence is either due to Israel, the War in Iraq, the plight of the Palestinians, American foreign policy etc. etc. but this is just facile rubbish and propaganda.

This is nothing more than pure propaganda for the media to print as a way to soften public opinion against the crimes of Islamists. The fact is that 95% of Muslims murdered in the world are killed by sectarian conflicts between Muslims and in those nations governed by Muslims the status of Non-Muslims is that of second class and oppressed non-citizens. Even in the Lebanon, a Muslim country; Palestinian refugees, Muslims and non-Muslims are murdered and have their civil rights removed. (12) (13)

The fact is that Islam was founded in the 7th century (610 – 620) and grew as a result of war, violence and murder. Its birth and growth was as a religion of war, not peace. (8) The timeline of the growth of Islam was entirely based on warfare. (9) To say that the current Islamic terror around the world is a new and unique phenomenon is a lie.

Fallacy of American blame

North America and what was to become the United States was not settled by Europeans until the 16th century.

Therefore the fact that Islam had been expanding through war for over 700 years before the United States was even created shows that the excuse that Muslim terrorism and violence is a result of ‘American foreign policy’ and that American foreign policy is the source of Islam’s propensity to violence is utter rubbish.

In 732 Islam had invaded Europe and almost conquered Europe during the Battle of Tours (10) (11) . The First battle of Lepanto took place in 1491 and the Second Battle of Lepanto took place in 1571. This was a decisive naval battle between the Christian fleet and the Muslim-Ottoman Empire occurring on October 7, 1571. It took place in the Gulf of Lepanto, which is an arm of the Ionian Sea. Both these pivotal conflicts with Islamic expansionism into Europe took place before the United States even existed.

The idea that Islam is only now becoming aggressive because of the issues of Palestine, the US sponsoring terrorists in Afghanistan or Israeli aggression is the most vacuous anti-historical, trite, illogical rubbish that anyone can say.

The fact is that Islamic extremists were enslaving us, killing us, conquering us and attacking us long before the US was discovered and Israel was founded. Islamic extremists do so as it is because it is the nature of their interpretation of the religion to do so.

Israel was founded on Friday May 14, 1948.

North America was not discovered by Europeans until 1492. The irony of its discovery is that what was to become the US was only discovered as a nation due to the fall of Constantinople to the Muslims in 1453. The Muslims closed the trade routes to the East and Columbus was trying to find a trade route to India in order to stop the attacks on European merchants who had to pass through Muslim occupied territory.

The greatest irony of history is that the 'Great Satan' was discovered as a result of the terrorism of the Muslims themselves.

Therefore saying that Islam until either 1492 or 1948 was a peaceful and tolerant religion is utter rubbish. It shows both a misunderstanding of the past and the present. The fact intelligent Conservatives and Nationalists talk such rubbish is cringe making. The fact is that Islamic extremist variants of the religion resurface and then go on Jihad every few hundred years – and as the end goal of Islam in their minds is global conquest then they believe that the religion and the world is not ' right ' until it has conquered the entire world. This totalitarian impulse must end.

Inherent evil of Islamic death cults

The current pulse of evil by Islamic extremists was fed and nurtured by the US during the cold war, but it has now entered a dynamic stage of its own.

If people cannot see, after 52 dead people on London streets, the murders of Ross Parker, Kriss Donald, British suicide bombers that we have a problem and still insist it has nothing to do with Islam itself and its toleration of these death cults within its theological framework - then my god when will people learn?

Dr. Zaki Badwari, former Director of the Islamic Cultural Centre of London wrote, "A proselytizing religion [like Islam] cannot stand still. Islam endeavors to expand in Britain. It aims at bringing its message to all corners of the earth. It hopes that one day the whole of humanity will be one Muslim community, the Umma."

Ten of the 13 OPEC nations are Muslim nations. There are currently 1.2 billion Muslims on the planet. They are the fastest growing population on the planet. By 2025, 1 in 4 people will be a Muslim.

Oil is seen by Islamist extremists as the key to defeating the West.

Islam must reform before it controls the planet through its ownership of the oil. In an article on the Brussels Journal it states “In an online story in newspaper “The Daily Telegraph” that was removed “for legal reasons,” former Muslim Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo warned that British Muslims could soon form a state within the state. Dr Sookhdeo believed that “in a decade, you will see parts of English cities which are controlled by Muslim clerics and which follow, not the common law, but aspects of Muslim sharia law.” “In 1980, the Islamic Council of Europe laid out their strategy for the future – and the fundamental rule was never dilute your presence. That is to say, do not integrate.” “Rather, concentrate Muslim presence in a particular area until you are a majority in that area, so that the institutions of the local community come to reflect Islamic structures. The education system will be Islamic, the shops will serve only halal food, there will be no advertisements showing naked or semi-naked women, and so on.”
The next step will be pushing the Government to recognize sharia law for Muslim communities – which will be backed up by the claim that it is “racist” or “Islamophobic” to deny them this “. (27)

Unless the Death Cults within Islam, and its solipsistic obsession with the uniqueness of Palestine as a Muslim tragedy is ended, and also the crass use of the Holocaust card as a way to prevent any legitimate criticism of the political, military and economic activities of individual Jews or of the actions of the state of Israel, such as described by Norman Finkelstein in his groundbreaking book “The Holocaust Industry” (30) is also not addressed then we will stay on the same dynamic that has led to the suffering of the people of the world today. Just as there is resistance to the creation of Islamic states across the Middle East then there will be similar resistance to the creation of Eurabia. (28)

The era of the glorification of martyrs and lies must end, and the era of reconciliation must begin. Those that call the cowards of Hezbollah heroes for hiding amongst civilians and firing rockets at Israel that invites Israeli military retribution that afflicts civilians are the lowest of the low. (25) (26)

The worship of War and the uniqueness of their respective Mythos within both Islam and Judaism and the insane Global Messianism that infects minority sections of both faiths must cease and the struggle for planetary control must instead be replaced solely by the spiritual struggle for the self enlightenment of individuals of the respective faiths. Until that happens the lunatics will be running the asylum.


alanorei said...

Informative roundup, Lee, thanks.

Apparently in 1948, Arabs in then Palestine were ordered to flee by the invading Arab armies, on pain of death if they did not.

The numbers in the Palestinian refugee camps is now ten-fold the numbers in 1948, mostly by 'immigration.'

'Human rubbish but a political gold mine,' according to a wealthy Lebanese contractor, in the 1950s.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi mate,

Did you watch the doumentary on BBC 2 about the creation of Israel and how the exodus occured.

Very interesting.

The way the arabs have treated the palestinians is disgusting, if the UK had ever treated its asylum seekers that way then we would have been accused of crimes against humanity.

All the best,


alanorei said...

Thanks again, Lee

Re: documentary, no, unfortunately. Was it on recently? If in the last 7 days, I may be able to get it on the BBC site.

A good reference on the beginning of the current Mid East shambles is Middle East Diary, 1917-1956, by British Army Colonel, the late Richard Meinertzhagen (not Jewish or German, of Danish Protestant parentage).

He was an officer on Allenby's staff and personally acquainted with all the movers and shakers of the between-wars period, w.r.t. Palestine and Israel; King George V, Churchill, T.E. Lawrence etc.

You might be able to track a copy down via Alibris, provided it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

His analysis has come true 'right on the money.'

The quote in my earlier post was taken from his book. The Lebanese told it to MH's face.

The UN needs Col. MH now like this country needs a BNP Government.

And the best to you.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi mate,

It was on TV the anniversary of the founding of Israel. Very interesting documentary.

Take a look at the map that T.E Lawrence drew up after WW1 and offered to the Versailles Pace Treaty as the basis of what he wanted as the split of the Middle East into various ethnic and sunni, shiia blocks.

Type in T.E.Lawrence map of the Middle East and it is on wikkipedia.

They refused and carved the nations up their way - leading to the disaster we are seeing now.

Lawrence knew what would happen if they did not follow the organic realities of the middle east.


Anonymous said...

Cracking stuff Lee.

The people who are referred to as "Palestinians" aren't Palestinians but the descendants of people form various Arab nations. These people saw opportunity for a better life when the Zionists began turning swamps and deserts into a modern nation.

Palestine is actually the name the Romans gave to the area after kicking out the jews around 2000 years ago.It is a perjorative name meaning "foreign". So calling these people "Palestinians" is correct in this sense for they are indeed foreigners. They have absolutely no claim to any part of the land of Israel a land that has had a jewish presence for over 5000 years and a land jews believe was given to them by God.

Alanorei is spot on. It was the Arab muslims who demanded that the Arabs leave Israel as they were going to "drive the jews into the sea."

Interestingly, no one ever mentions that around 350,000 - 400,000 jews fled Arab lands and were assimilated into Israel during that time.

You are right. These arab refugees have been treated disgracefully by their own people, all because sharia law forbids lands that were once dar al Islam to return to dar al harb. That it has happened on their own doorstep is unbearable for arab muslims. And Arafat swindled millions of dollars meant for his people and reneged on every peace treaty he signed. Only one side wants peace and a two-state solution and it isn't the Arab muslims.

It also rarely mentioned that there was a state created for these people - Jordan. And when these refugees fled to Jordan, they were welcomed, Arafat was even offered the post of PM. But he knew what the consequences would be and he rejected it.

Funny as well how the west didn't regard Gaza and the West Bank as "occupied territory" when the Egyptians and the Jordanians had them prior to the '67 war. Nor for that matter did the people's living there or the Arab nations.

Another telling observation is that the people of Israel - no matter what their religious denomination - enjoy more freedoms and rights than citizens in all of the Arabic Islamic countries and yet we have idiots who slate Israel at every turn. What utter stupidity.

This so-called "cause" is just another weapon marxists use to heap guilt on the west and to further Islam in the west. As well as the Islamists the marxists want us destroyed too.

Neither of them must succeed and I believe the day will come when we will have to fight both of them to keep our nation.


alanorei said...

Many thanks to you both. Shall follow up on T.E. Lawrence etc. asap.

This is what Col. MH wrote in his diary on September 19th, 1948.

“There is no doubt that for years to come all Arab states will strive to drive the Jews into the sea…and there will be no sympathy with Israel among the nations of the world”

Again, right on the money.

(The other points in your post are as worthy of discussion, Lee, again, a matter of available time!)