Monday 16 June 2008

Harsh Facts

These are the questions that the organisations, lobby groups and self appointed community representatives of the Jewish community have to ask themselves ;

1) Has the fact that AIPAC and the Jewish lobby groups and Christian Zionist groups who all pushed for the Iraq War, made American and British Jews safer as a result of the Iraq War ?

2) Has anti-semitism from the Far Left and Islamists risen as a result of the Iraq War ?

3) Did the decision of many intellectuals and activists in the Jewish community to support the Far Left and Liberal policies of open borders and mass immigration over recent decades now placed their community at risk from the demographic rise of Islam in the UK and US ?

4) Has the undermining of Anglo-European society and culture in the UK and US through Political correctness and Multi-culturalism, both of which were supported by many of the leading lights in the Jewish intellectual elite and many Jewish activists, made the Jewish community more secure and safe ?

5)Has underming Anglo-European culture and community cohesion weakened British values and allowed cultures and values such as Sharia law to replace British values ?

6) What is the main threat to British and American Jews in contemporary British society, is it the threat from the BNP or the threat from radical Islam ?

7) Does the fact that the demographics of Islam suggest that Islam will become the predominant religion in the UK by the middle of the 21st century mean that the safety of the Jewish community in the UK has been increased or diminished as a result of the rise of Islam in the UK ?

8) Does a British culture that has been so weakened by the propaganda of cultural relativism mean that the absence of British cultural values in the 21st century mean the Jewish community is safer as a result of that diminuation of British culture and such things as a Christian ethos in British society ?

9) Does the fact that by 2100 the indigenous British people will be a minority in Britain mean that the Jewish community will be safer as a result, seeing as the main group whose growth is forecast to replace the indigenous British are Muslims and their immigrant descendants ?

10) Have the values of liberalism damaged the cohesion of the Jewish community in the UK eg through mixed marriages, the promotion of secularism, liberal values, family breakdown, atheism and the rejection of Jewish religion and identity ?

11) Have the values as promoted in the media and movies eg drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, violence, misogny, the meaningless of family and the promotion of consumerism benefited the Jewish community ?

12) Do the intellectual interests of the self appointed Jewish elite and community spokespeople represent the interests of ordinary Jews in the UK ?

13) Do the organisations that supposedly speak in the name of Jews really represent the interests of ordinary Jews in the UK ?

14) Is British Nationalism more of a threat to the community and individual interests of British Jews or is the threat from Radical Islam and the Far Left and Liberal appeasers of radical Islam ?

The time has come for the Jewish community in the UK to realise that the self appointed community spokepeople and groups that have supposedly been representing their interests for decades have in fact brought about a crisis and a series of threats almost unparallelled in British Jewish history.

The time has come for these questions to be asked and debated - before it is too late to change the future itself.


Anonymous said...

Those pertinent questions need to be answered Lee, every one of them.

Let's see if someone from the Jewish community - the Jewish Chronicle perhaps - has the courage and integrity to answer them truthfully.

Or will they resort to the preferred marxist tactic: smear your opponents (esp. the BNP) and run away from the truth?


Defender of Liberty said...

Dana will not answer them Chris, she refused to answer my simple question 'Has the Iraq War made Jews safer in the UK or not'.

It appears the media can ask questions, but is incapable of answering them.

Anonymous said...

Of course these self-appointed assassins of free speech won't answer the questions.

It's obvious why not.

It's not that they cant.

It's becaue they won't.

To answer them truthfully and objectively would be to realise that the cultural and psychological mind- set that you have devoted yourself to for years, that has served as a cushion against the hate and insecurity given to you and your group for a long period of time, that your parents and ancestor's myths that you onec accepted as truth,and that your own professional career mired in using the Jewish myth of self-suffering as a national scapegoat - is all uterly bogus.

Of course, the Jews have suffered and far more than many other groups.

But so have other groups too and we've all had to get over it.

To acknowledge the crimes of Jews in operating the horrors of Communism and in their oppression of Arabs ( although the issue is not black and white as we know) the Jews and their representatives have to vomit up a lot of guilt and hatred first.

Go on - it'll do you good to get all that ethnic bile out of your collective systems.

Can they do this?

I believe that they can - but it will take time and courage- something that your friend Dana lacks.

It won't help if liberal misfits and Western governments continue to soft-soap them and the Zionist governmemt and try and treat them as a psychologist would a sick patient.

They have to grow up- and grow up quick.

The world is losing patience.

We'll respect and honour you and your needs if you do the same to us and our ethnic and cultural needs.