Friday 27 June 2008

The NUS, Anti-Semitism and the SWP

Interesting story from todays Jewish Chronicle ;

Note that the BNP is not mentioned either by the students, the Jewish Chronicle or the Rabbi.

It is the SWP and the Far Left that are the real anti-semites, who peddle negative stereotypes and propaganda about Jews on campus.

Such negative stereotypes have to be resisted, just as negative stereotypes about our community perpetuated by Hollywood have to be resisted.

Student leaders pledge to fight campus racism


By Jonathan Kalmus

Manchester University’s growing reputation for harbouring antisemitism is facing a new challenge after Jewish candidates gained a third of the places on the student-union council.

After the elections, Mr Pinfold was unequivocal about kicking out antisemitism: “For too long, Jewish students have seen their concerns swept away and ignored by the students’ union, their representative body,” he said.

A note of caution came from student chaplain Rabbi Y Y Rubinstein, who said: “The new executive is only there for a year. Anybody who thinks that they can deflect the issue is remarkably na├»ve and ignorant of student politics in the UK over the past 20 years.

“The agenda on the far left is anti-Israel and antisemitism. Groups like the Socialist Workers’ Party and their fellow travellers continue to fester on campuses, pushing one issue to the fore of student life and short-changing the vast majority of genuine student causes.”

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