Wednesday 25 June 2008

Proud To Be An Idiot

I know, I know I said I wouldnt respond to any more of the 'Tales From The Puppet Masters' on their sad little blogs, but seeing as this one is about me I will break the rule.

This is the latest post on one of the idiot blogs on the internet ;

" There is some welcome news to report in that the main BNP website no longer carries a link to the deranged ramblings of the blog run by Lee John Barnes, the self titled BNP Legal Eagle.

The link was removed in the past few days, yet the main question is whether it was Griffin himself who ordered it to be removed, or as is far more likely, was it Simon Bennett the current web-editor who chose to do so? As Mr. Bennett appears to be a lot more rational and certainly more decent than Griffin, it would appear that Simon had simply had enough of the embarrassment caused by the joke 'legal adviser'.

Not only does the blog contain vile language and personal insults that can't be backed up in fact, Lee has also come up with these precious beauties:

There will be a second coming of Christ in 2012 - it is all in the stars!
Islam is not a threat to the West and any nationalist who suggests otherwise is speaking non-sense and in the eyes of Lee Barnes, may not even be a nationalist
Those people that support internal democracy in the BNP are all traitors (though he does not mention traitors to Great Britain so we can assume he means to Gri££in himself) And let us not forget this piece of exceptional musical critique regarding Lee's top gigs ever!: Blind Melon Reading Festival 1995 - a week later the lead singer Shannon Hoon died of a heroin overdose. You could tell he was high on stage as he kept throwing the microphones into the ceiling rigging then snapping them, but what a show. A real classic performance.
We have been saying for a long time that Griffin surrounds himself with idiots and that this will be his downfall. It seems that Griffin has come to realise that Lee Barnes is nothing more than a complete and utter embarrassment for British Nationalism - yet this may be too late.

It also seems strange than when something big develops, Barnes is all over it like a rash spewing forth bile against good nationalists, like a kid who has just spat out his dummy and yet still no-one wants to listen to him or take him seriously. However, a few days later, after about 3 or 4 hate filled articles, he seems to shut up shop completely and go back to writing that anyone who may think that Islam or Zionism are a threat to the West is not a nationalist, and that the best gigs are those where the lead singer is junkie scum. What a strange world Lee Barnes lives in!"

So in order to clarify the issue heres a few answers ;

1) My old blog on the BNP site was one I have not used or updated since about February. There were only about four or five articles on it. This was due to the fact that I spend most of my time posting my writings on this site. I had to laugh at colin autys statement on his leadership challenge blog, that I posted up the article calling him a puppet on my blog site that was linked to the BNP site. This was simply a lie. The article where I called him a puppet was published only on this site and never published on my BNP blog, which confirms that auty is a liar.

No doubt some saddo at Lancaster Unity will be able to confirm that the puppet article was not posted on that BNP blog, seeing as they keep copies of everything we write on the website.

2) The reason why I spend most of my time writing on this site is because I control it. All the writings I had on the Brimstone section of the BNP website were removed by Steve Blake with no authority whilst he was involved in his sad little plot. This meant the articles I had written for the BNP website were lost. Once bitten, Twice Shy. All my writings now go up on my blog, as that way I control them.

3)Not one of the articles on the BNP linked blog had any swearing or any invective poured at the puppet masters and their puppet. They were simply articles on politics and nothing else. More lies from the morons again. Typical of the puppet clan that they never let the truth get in the way of a lie. (wheres the police investigation over the 'theft' of the computers eh ! ).

4) The writings on the 2012 event concern my interpetation of the symbolism in the Gnostic Gospels, and will form part of book on the symbolism of Gnosticism and the Gnostic texts that I have been writing for a while now. I have also been writing a book on the interior mysticism of the Indo-European religions and how the symbolism of those religions are all linked to a similar mystical teaching that reached its zenith in the Druidic religion, prior to its destruction by the Roman Empire. I know you are all straining at the leash to read my commenary on the internal symbolism of the esoteric gnostic commentaries and how they relate to an eschatological interepation of the passing of the Platonic Great Year and the spiritual rebirth of the teachings of the Gnostic Christos, and so those who want copies of the aforementioned book please send me a cheque now.

5) Unlike the Smith clique I have studied both Islam and comparative religions, and unlike those retards I can ascertain the difference between the teachings of Universal Sufi Islam and that of Sunni Islam and Shiia Islam. Only retards seek to conflate those three variants of Islam as equating to just one religion.

I have to use some big words here so its best some of you reading this from the puppet group will need to get your dictionaries out - the renaissance was a reformation of the European intellect, whilst the Reformation was a renaissance of the European conscience. The fundamental transition point in European history though was the weakening of the doctrine of Biblical scholasticism and its grip on the social and political structures of the Middle Ages. Until that point it was the Bible which was the basis of all social and political authority, even to the point that it authorised the Divine Right of Kings. The Bible was the basis of science, teaching, society, the law and our rights. In the period after the Renaissance, the deductive and a priori methods of scholasticism were superseded by the inductive reasoning methodologies of modern science, while the theological basis of the Bible was challenged by the ideals of humanism which sought intellectul and spiritual wisdom from sources outside the Bible such as ancient greek texts.

The crisis of the philosophy of Renaissance humanism though came with the trial of Galileo which was centered on the choice between basing the authority of one's beliefs on one's scientific observations, or upon the religious teachings of the Bible.

Islam needs its Galileos and its Martin Luthers.

Just as Galileos trial represented the high point and the beginning of the end of the age of obedience to the Bible, Islam must now experience its own similar internal revolution in order to allow it to grow away from the idea of Sharia and obedience to the Koran.

The God that created the universse, the world and Man cannot be contained in his immense evolving spiritual entirety in a single book, and such an idea is simply blasphemous. For an Imam or a priest to decide what God 'intended' is to place themselves as an equivalent with God, and that is also blasphemy. No man may know the mind of god. Man may experience the presence of god, but no man can ever understand god in his entirety.

Therefore for anyone to assume any earthly authority to order the death of another human being in the name of god, when all men have been created by god, is to be an apostate and a criminal.

Only god can take back the life he gave to man, and therefore no man may order another mans death in the name of god.

This freedom from the abuses of book law was precisely what Mohammed wanted in the first place when he forbade a priest caste in early Islam so as to allow it to grow its own way, but Islam has been hijacked by the Imams who assume a false authority to issue Fatwas and Jihads.

This is the process that Islam must go through now, in that Islam is in a period of its existence prior to that of the Renaissance, Reformation and post-Scholastic phase. The present Islam of the Imams with its total obedience to the Imams, the Koran, Sharia Law and the dictates of the associated books of Islam, must undergo its own internal changes as that which Christianity went through.

This will neccesitate dialogue with those within Islam that have espoused a more spiritual version of Islam that rejects the gross materialism of the ideal of a global caliphate and its version of a physical Jihad involving war, and support for those that espouse instead a spiritual 'internal Jihad' representing a sublimation of the animal within man allowing him to achieve a spiritually transcedent state of direct higher spiritual union with God.

Simple really.

I think the ever escalating body count of the sectarian wars between Sunni and Shiia Islam in Iraq would have got at least one or two of the retards thinking' Hey, perhaps the idea there is just one Islam may be wrong'. Guess not. Seeing as this country has seen a protracted and bloody war between Christians, protestants and catholics, then perhaps the idea that something similar may be happening in 'Islam' as well as Christianity would occur. Guess not.

6) And worst of all they mock the greatness of Blind Melon. This is unforgivable. The band that brought us one of the greatest songs of all time, Sleepyhouse, should be beyond mockery. My god, have these people no respect.

7) Blogging is now about as relevant to new technology as the newspaper. Keep an eye on the BNP site as pretty soon we are going to be launching a BNPTV station where I and others will be putting up weekly videos and films. This will be a nationalist TV station with weekly TV shows and programmes concerning nationalist issues, interviews with nationalists and also concert footages, music gigs etc etc. That is the reason why the blog was primarily removed. My writing will be on this site and my TV work on the TV site.

This was a idea we had been pushing Blake to do for years, and as usual he did nothing about it.

Lancaster Unity think they have taken a fantastic step forward into the future with a 'forum' on their site - wait until they see our TV channel.

It is a far, far better thing to be spat at by scum, than to be patted on the back by them.

You can wipe away the spittle easily from your clothes, but the stench from associating with traitors and theives lingers a long time.

To be called an idiot and a 'liability' by that collection of thieves, nazis, reds, searchlight stooges, puppets and crooks around Auty and Lancaster Unity is a badge I wear with pride.


alanorei said...

It has been said that a lion could whip a skunk but he'd still stink for 6 months.

Your response to the peanut gallery is therefore realistic.

Re: the Reformation, Renaissance, I think the Medieval era was dominated by the authoritarianism of the popes, who used military force to crush dissent (also during the counter-Reformation). They were a form of the current EU, i.e. (un)Holy Roman Empire.

It was ordinary bible belief, such as espoused by Luther, that liberated nations and made them progressive and prosperous. The traditionally Protestant English-speaking nations are prominent in this respect.

Anonymous said...

"Proud to be an idiot".

.....and you do it so well.

Defender of Liberty said...

Yep , I am proud to be an idiot.


Luther fought against the power of the corrupt Catholic Church as an institution, and wanted the Bible to be a personal book guiding man to god without having to pass through the corrupt church and the authority of the priests.

It was the Treaty of westphalia in 1648 that created the birth of nationalism and the creation of national powers outside the remit of the catholic church and the power of the pope, which is the basis of all national sovereignity law of today - we owe much to Luther.

This is also what Sunni and Shiia Islam requries.

Anonymous said...

I've never quite managed to understand why the Sufi's, if they are the mystics they claim to be, are happy to be associated with a murderous tyrant like Muhammed. The Koran may well contain some mystical, tolerant and benevolent passages but is also replete with violence, intolerance, hatred and division.

Apostate Muslim Ali Sina on Sufism...

It was then that many Persian thinkers, dismayed with the inhumane nature of Islam, tried to reform it by searching for deeper mystical meanings in apparently asinine assertions made in the Quran.

The problem with Sufism is that it lacks legitimacy. As William VanDoodewaard says: “For, if the Sufi spiritual quest is to be viewed as legitimate, even within Islam itself, it must be rooted in the Quran and the sunna of Muhammad.” [1]

Andrew Rippin, in his work Muslims: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices, also states that “Sufis.. in their search for legitimation of their spiritual quest [must show] whether Islam as a religion contained within it a spiritual-ascetic tendency from the very beginning.” [2]

But the Quran is a manual of terror and the sunna depicts Muhammad as a terrorist. Islam is bereft of any spirituality. Sufism is a borrowed ideology and invented by the catholically ingenious but hopelessly sycophant bootlicking Persians who did not have the temerity and the insight to denounce Islam as an idiotic cult of a crazed man and reject it in its entirety as an stupid cult but instead sheepishly tried to reinterpret this graceless doctrine of ignorance, dress it with rationality and sugarcoat it with alien un-Islamic philosophies taken from all kinds of sources, Zoroastrian, Christian, Jewish, Gnostic, Neo-Platonism, Hinduism and even Buddhist to make it toothsome to their own refined mystical palate.

What escaped the ken of the benighted Sufi sages is that Islam cannot be reformed and the Quran is a clear book of violence and hate that cannot be reinterpreted differently from its obvious meaning. And that it is better to spill the poisonous drink than try to sweeten it to mask its bitter taste.

What the Sufis did was a crime of foolishness. They taught a different religion but fearing rejection, they claimed it to be the inner message of Islam. Sufis claim that Sufism is the kernel of Islam while the Sharia is its outer shell. The truth is the opposite. The kernel and core of Islam is the Quran, which is poison of mind and spirit. Sufism is only a gloss that masks it.

Robert Spencer links to a piece by Andrew Bostom that gives another perspective on Sufism.

Ali Sina of Faith Freedom doesn't think Islam is reformable and I have to agree with him I'm afraid.

I do agree with you regarding a revival of Gnostic Christianity though.


Defender of Liberty said...

The Bible , especially the old testament, contains genocidal insanity.

The problem is that the Bible, like the Koran, is a man made collection of stories / verses compiled into a book.

Thats the flaw. Islamic scholars of course have to condemn sufism, as they have to reinforce their power as defined by the book.

Their denial of sufism is irrelevant to the spirituality of sufism.

All religions are aspects of the spiritual, it is just that organised religions are political and therefore anti-spirit.

The fact that the Imams denounce sufism, is evidence of its spirituality.

alanorei said...

Re: Luther and other Reformers, agreed.

I believe that the Peace of Westphalia ended the 30 Years' War (in which Croatian Catholics inflicted the same horrors that they did in WW2). Later wars, even WW1, 2, were basically about the papacy trying to regain its Medieval overlordship.

This is why the history of those times is so vital to an understanding of today's EU.

Re: Islam, certainly the difficulty is one of resistance to an oppressive state church (such as Luther mounted). At the end of the day, the Shia-Sunni conflict must come down to who runs the state-church.

Luther and the other Reformers had the advantage of being able to contrast the scriptures with the abuses of the Church, e.g. selling indulgences etc. An equivalent Islamic reformer would have to find an equivalent platform and, like Salman Rushdie, escape being murdered. Therein lies the challenge.

Re: the Bible. Those burned at the stake for believing it, e.g. from the 14th to the 16th centuries in England, believed it is the words of God, given by inspiration of God and preserved by faithful copyists without error or admixture (as the Iona site says) down through the centuries.

Comparitively few have been burned as heretics for disbelieving the above (Bartholomew Legate was one, in March 1611). The point is that those closest to the scriptures in those days preferred execution to recantation, even Thomas Cranmer eventually.

Some Old Testament passages appear to be cruel and have sometimes been misused, especially by papists, to justify extermination of indigenous peoples (the Canaanites weren't). However, I think it is fair to say that those nations with the most favourable human rights records are the bible-believing Protestant nations. The British Empire at its worst was probably still better than German, Spanish, French, Ottoman i.e. Muslim, Soviet and Japanese empires at their best.

And I don't know of any feminists who willingly emigrate to countries with no discernible tradition of bible belief.

In fact, I don't know of any large-scale emigration to such countries, unless the emigrants are passing through on their way here.

Another difference - I don't know of any nation that actually bans the Qur'an. Various nations still ban the King James Bible, at least public distribution of it.

And until recently and maybe even now, the KJB was banned in nations that did not ban nuclear weapons, e.g. Red China.

I think these observations are significant.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lee, the traitors have now moved on to attacking John Walker with another bunch of lies.
Meanwhile it is looking likely that the puppet hasn't got his 100 nominations yet!

Anonymous said...

"the renaissance was a reformation of the European intellect, whilst the Reformation was a renaissance of the European conscience."

This is an excellent and succint summary of the meaning of the Renaissance and Reformation in terms of the deevelopment of the Western consciousness.

As for the potential of the reformation of Islam it will take unique and historical circumstances to do so, just like with medieval Christianity. It will take decades, maybe centuries. I think that with the rise of feminism and globalism that the movement to reform Islam will come through women and their struggle for emancipation.

The Cathloic Church took centuries to reform, I would suggest that the failuree of the Crusades themselves led to the internal examination of Christian thinking and practice.

The scale of abuses and political control by the Popes led to many independent figures who struggled to free themselves from the Church.

The Cathars and their spin-offs and gnostic thought helped to shatter the unity of the Catholic Church, leading to Europe's first holocaust against the Cathars by the blood-soaked Catholic Church.

The rise of nationalism too played its part in casting off the yoke of the Church and the development of free-thinking protesant churches and thinking, as well as the development of printing and the growth of new ideas.

The same may happen yet to Islam. Internal pressures from new social groups and elites may give rise to schisms within Islam whilst external developments such as globalism, free TV and internet and the spread of new ideas may help to crack open the monolithic state of Islam.

I would suggets that mass defeats of Islam by the West and the curtialment of Eurarabia would serve to demoralise Islam and lead to much inner reflection by its adherents. Hence the more reason to defeat Islam both morally, intellectually and politically. War will only serve to strnethen it which feeds off negativity and struggle. Its adrerents need to be persuaded and gradually coaxed away from terrorism and extremism.

With time and patience we can defeat Islam and help encourage Islam's much-needed reformation.

Will the first Ali-Martin Luther step forwward?

Greg said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the supposed nationalists now have blogs that are indistinguishable from our opponents. That's a remarkably sad coincidence.

Bert Rustle said...

OT. Have you previously used the term Peak Credit? It is discussed at

Many other entries are also illuminating.

Anonymous said...


I don't know why you bother responding to the traitors and retards, they aren't worth it.

A couple of issues about Islam that I think are important.

1) The crux is regarding how a man who raped women and children, perosnally beheaded men and young boys, tortured people, betrayed people and enslaved people can be regarded as a prophet by any religion. Mohammed was a psychopathic paedophile, not a messenger of God.

2) The Koran is not a collection of stories like the bible. Muslims believe the Koran is the absolute word of Allah given directly to Mohammed. To understand the Koran, it has to be read alongside the haddith and sunna, these show how Mohammed practised his faith, a faith he spread by the sword.

3) The rennaisance of Christianity led Christians back to the original teachings and examples of Jesus Christ. The jihadists are doing this now, they are behaving in exactly the same way as their prophet. For Islam to reform, it means rejecting mohammed as a prophet and it also means rejecting the Koran as the word of Allah. I believe that isn't possible because it amounts to full rejection of Islam.

4) Believing Islam is really just like any other religion is western thinking. It is not like any other religion, it has a political aim and its prophet commanded people to kill the unbeliever. His final words:

"I was commanded by Allah to fight the infidel and to rid the world of fitnah (unbelief) until the world belongs solely to Allah."

That is what this third jihad is all about, an attempt to establish a gloabl ummah. All of us have to stand against this evil faith and do what it takes to rid Britain of the Islamic cancer. And if the sufis acknowledge Mohammed as a prophet then they are part of the problem no matter what else they stand for. You cannot be spiritual and condone evil at the same time.


Defender of Liberty said...

Red and White,

sad but true, as it appears that stormfront, VoC, EiE all have the exact same postings half the time. THEY ALL ATTACK THE SAME PEOPLE. Says a lot doesnt it.




Will look it up, thanks for that. We all know the credit bubble will burst and that part of the reason for the Iraq War was saddams intentio to switch oil sales from dollars to Euros.

The petro-dollar recycling system is about to crash aseak Oil hits and with it the US, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia etc and all those who have dollar reserves.



Hi clive,

good point on the way that the defeat of Islam militarily is causing reflection on the codes and creed of Islam. This is already happening as Al Qaeda are being rejected by many Islamist nations. The Islamic Reformation is happening I now believe.



excellent points.


Anonymous said...

You peanuts had better start thinking about your future under a BNP government.
Lee Barnes WILL be part of that future, and like the rest of us, will neither forget nor forgive.

alanorei said...

Thanks Lee

Another interesting item. We are 60 years on from the Berlin Airlift of 1948.

I hope the main site has an item on this historical event.

It was a virtually unique venture of mercy and was carried out by the major Protestant nations of the time, i.e. Britain, the US and Canada.

No Catholic nations were involved as such, no Muslim nations were involved as such and the prevailing Marxists of the time, the USSR, repeatedly used their fighter aircraft to buzz and obstruct the incoming Allied transports.

It should be remembered that some Allied airmen, who had survived WW2, died bringing relief to their former enemies.

The Protestant English-speaking nations are not above reproach but they have produced some notable successes in the past.

Anonymous said...

Your a fucking prick Loopy Lee Barnes, about time the men in white coats took you back in.

Sorry I forgot the LLB Hons, from where was it again, the great intellectual center of Medway polytechnic.

What a fucking joke you are.

Hows your boyfriend? You know the one who was beaten up by that nice African chap who was miffed at you holding hands on campus.

Defender of Liberty said...

Ha ha ha,

Dont worry the lithium shortage is almost over and you can go back to shooting up skag.

ho ho ho ho