Tuesday 10 June 2008

Islam is not the Threat

One of the problems with modern politics is that the debate on issues such as Islam is defined by the media, not the truth. The media rely on stereotypes in order to simplify issues for an increasingly dumbed down public whose attention spans and literacy falls year after year and hence politics, reflecting the media, becomes fixated also with stereotypes.

For instance - these are some of the usual stereotypes we see promulgated in the media and politics - the BNP are all knuckle dragging skinheads, Ethnic Minorities are the primary victims of racism, Islam is a religion of peace, racism is a problem of whites etc etc.

The tragedy is that rather than confronting the media, politics has been often complicit with the media.

This stereotype thinking now even infects nationalism.

For example how many times have I had to read the statement from nationalists that Islam is a threat to the West.

Many nationalists seek to peddle this nonsense, and by so doing merely empower the enemies of nationalism.

This statement that 'Islam is a threat to the West' now seems to run alongside the old classic 'the Jews run the world' in the margins of nationalism as the two classic conspiracy theories of the far right.

Both are utter nonsense.

Islam has never been a threat to the West. The time has come for a more cohsive critique of Islam that is based on reality and not the media stereotypes.

It is mass immigration which is one of the primary threats to the West, not Islam.

Islam is a meme, a religious idea. It is not even a single meme, it is a collection of various different memes which each exist in constant opposition with the others.

Islam does not exist other than an expression of adopted human beliefs.

Islam is neither a monolithic religion nor a set of cohsive ideas. At the moment the primary cause of so many muslim deaths in the world is not due to the JIA (Jews, Infidels and Americans as the insurgents in Iraq call the occupation forces), it is due to the internicine warfare on obscure theological points between the various sects of Islam.

The myth of muslims being slaughtered by the US and UK and Crusaders, is simply nonsense. It is Muslims killing Muslims that is the primary threat to the safety of Muslims in the world today.

Islam has never been a single entity, as it is as much a single religious entity as Christianity.

The idea that Catholicism and Protestantism are both to be labelled as 'Christian' and therefore the history of violence, wars and hatred between both them minimised to irrelevancy is anti-history and anti-truth.

Christianity is defined by the sects and conflicts within it, and so is Islam.

The historical record also shows that Islam has never been the primary cause of Christian deaths, it is Christians killing Christians that has been the primary cause of Christian deaths in history.

Even the times when one section of Islam has been resurgent historically and posed a threat to the West, these incursions into the West by one section of the resurgent Islamist fath were caused by weaknesses in the West which arose as a result of wars, schisms and religious divisions between Western nations within 'christendom'.

It was our weakness which invited attack.

The issue is not Islam.

If the people who hold extremist Islamist beliefs were never allowed to enter our society in the first place, or they were removed from our society once discovered, then the issue of Islam would be meaningless.

It is demographics that threatens democracy not Islam.

It is the fact that Britain has been allowed to become Britannistan, the central orgainising hub for global jihad, that is the threat we face. And that threat has been as a result of the actions of the same politicians and political elite that have now sent our troops to fight in their wars against 'Islamist terrorism'. They invited the extremists into the UK to claim asylum once they were being hunted in their own nations for slaughtering their own people.

The UK is under threat because we allowed the terrorist scum and extremist scum of the world to enter the UK and claim asylum, with their hands still wet with the blood of those they had killed. Our politicians allowed them to enter and organise their terror networks from the UK. We allowed extremists and extremist literature funded and supported by saudi Arabia and Pakistan to enter our country and infect the moderate Muslim communities in the UK.

In the name of political correctness, asylum, multi-culturalism and political correctness we allowed the terrorists and extremists to take over sections of the muslim communities in the UK.

In the event of any extremist sect within Islam becoming resurgent within the UK and threatening the state, then the primary victims of this sects expansion will be their fellow Muslims.

Then it will be the Jews, Homosexuals, Nationalists then Christians.

Just like Christianity the primary victims of muslims has always been fellow muslims.

A few years ago I read the 'Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam' by Robert Spencer. Then a few months ago I found out that Spencer was a raging Zionist nutcase whose loyalty to Israel was the primary basis of his hatred of Islam.

It was then that the reality dawned. It is the division within Islam between Sunni and Shiite which is today the primary driver of the New Axis of the world - that of the US / Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Take for instance Iraq. The US invasion of Iraq occured for three primary reasons ;

1)To get hold of the oil as Peak Oil hits

2) To secure safety of Israel from Shiite Iran

3) To ensure the safety of Sunni Saudi Arabia from Shiite Iran

So called nationalists will talk about issue 2 but never 1 or 3.

The media will talk about issue 2 but never 1 or 3.

Each has their own reson to lie and distort reality for their own ends.

It was the Israeli AIPAC lobby in the US who used the American media to start the drum beat for war. Without the US media pumping out the propaganda against Iraq then no ar could have begun. The public had to be indoctrinated first to accept a war. This is proved by the utter lies and falsehoods that the media pumped out to get us into the war.

The next time someone suggests we 'go easy ' on the media then remind them that the blood of British soldiers that flows in Afghanistan and Iraq is down to them pumping out lies in their papers in order to get us to go to war in the first place.

If it was not for the support of the Saudi Arabians and their oil and their funding of the US SHADOW GOVERNMENT of the Military-Industrial Block whose arms they buy in their billions, and their fear of a resurgent Iran uniting with Shiite dominated Iraq, then the war would not have occured.

It was only because the US media, AIPAC, the Saudi Arabian lobby groups and the Shadow Government wanted war that the war went ahead.

The fact that the terrorists who flew the planes on 911 were mainly Saudi Arabians, that it is Saudi Arabia who is the biggest funder of Wahhabist extremist groups linked with terrorism around the world, that AIPAC runs the US foreign policy to put the interests of Israel first and that the US and UK media told lies to get us into the war in Iraq are all issues we are just expected to forget.

Those that seek to propagate the idea that Islam is the threat do so because they have an agenda.

It is not Islam that is the threat, it is sections of Islamist thought that have been allowed to grow beyond control and infect communities that is the threat - not Islam.

Islam, as I explained above, does not exist as a single entity. It is a set of competing ideas seeking to secure a hold on human minds.

If the leaders of the West, who were all white, had never opened the gates to the West and allowed in immigrants infected with their own extremist variants of the memes of Islam, then those variants of Islam would now not be infecting minds and be a terrorist threat to the West.

Those terrorists in the West that threaten our safety should be executed or deported, but whilst we are pepared to send our soldiers to die in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting terrorists the same politicians that sent them to war refuse to either execute the terrorists in our nations or deport their supporters from our own nations.

This is pure insanity.

The fact is a small and tiny minority of Islamist lunatic terrorists do represent a threat to our society is real, but the threat they offer is minimal compared to the dangers the media, the military-industrial blocks, our dependence on foreign oil and the lobby groups represent to our democracy.

Blaming the bogeyman of 'Islam' as being the primary 'threat' to the west is rubbish.

It is immigration, the media, the military-industrial blocks, our dependence on foreign energy sources and the power of the lobby groups in our political systems that are the primary threats to the democracies of the west.

It these groups who have undermined the ability of the West to close the gates and end immigration and return many of those present within our nations and who block us from dealing with the tiny groups of various Islamist terrorist sects that threaten our social safety in the name of political correctness.

What I would hope to see arise one day is an Islam of the Spirit, as opposed to an Islam of the Book.

This would be an Islam that no longer kills in the name of God but that sees that all life is holy and is an manifestation of God.

This would be an Islam that no longer kills their fellow Muslims and that regards the territory it needs to conquer is not the earth, but the souls of men with spiritual enlightenment.

Christianity also needs this internal spiritual revolution as well.

Many years ago I visited Tunisia on holiday. I was walking with some friends on the shoreline when we got caught in a sand storm. The sand was flying so hard that it was literally scouring our eyes.

I told the people I was with to sit down and began to build a shelter from some wood that lay in the sand to deflect the sand and wait until the storm passed.

From seemingly out of nowhere a man in long black robes appeared from behind the sand dunes and began to help me build the shelter.

When we had finished I said thank you and he smiled and walked away.

In the hearts of all people is a capacity for kindness and humanity.

For nationalists to do as the media do and depict all Muslims and the variants of Islam as the same is merely a way to get us to take our eyes off the real enemy that has usurped and destroyed our democracy.


Anonymous said...


I'm really sorry you wrote this because you are way off from the reality of Islam.

Demographics are just one weapon of Islamic jihad. It is one of its most potent and successful - witness Serbia and Kosovo for just one example. The current jihad, unlike previous ones, isn't just a military threat but a threat that is undermining our whole way of life - security at airports, halal food in schools, intolerance for free speech. These ARE Islamic threats to the west.

Islam IS A REAL threat to the west and it always has been. The current jihad is the third. You are repeating nicities and simplicities about Islam and you forget the most important figure in the entire Islamic world:

The Prophet Mohammed. He is "al insan al kamil, uswa hasana" - the perfect man, the ideal example FOR ALL TIME. This perfect example:

Personally beheaded his enemies.

Personally tortured his enemies.

Lied, deceived - "War is deceit".

Raped a nine year old girl.

Islam comes with sharia. Sharia is based upon the life of the prophet. It is legal in sharia to marry children. Child abuse - google misyar marriages - is rife in the ME. Abuse of women- men have the right in sharia to beat their wives, see qu'ran 4:34.

This comes with Islam. Your idea of a "spiritual" Islam is a western fantasy. It isn't just the jihadists who threaten us it is the very way of life of Islam itself.

Mohammed commanded his followers to convert, subjugate or kill the infidel until the world belongs to Allah. He said: "Islam is not to be dominated it is to dominate."

You can see how this works throughout the lands where muslims and infidels "kuffir" (that is the equivalent of excrement, google najis) co-exist. Christians, jews, zoroastrans, hindus and even bhuddists have all fallen for the same naieve thinking you have displayed in this essay.

You are trying to place a western philosophy on a totalitarian ideology that demnads complete submission to Allah, an ideology that brainwashes its followers that those who kill the infidel will be promised an eternal paradise with Allah.

Yes, our leaders have acted treacherously by allowing Islam on our land but if you think Islam would be less of a threat if muslims weren't here then you are mistaken. The goal of Islam is the one world calipahte, who will rule? Anyone's guess, the turks, the shia, the sunni, whatever, they will fight it out between them. Make no mistake, they will stand united against the infidel (as they do often in Iraq) even though they hate each other.

Your view of "tiny minority of extremists" is also flawed. There is no such thing as "extreme Islam" this is another naieve western idea. Erdogan,PM of Turkey stated:

"There is no such thing as extreme Islam. Islam is what it is."

This may well explain why muslims take to the streets in outrage because of a cartoon but are somewhat silent when it comes to demonstrating against Al Qaeda atrocities and the abuse of women. Both here and in Islamic countries.

Islam is a threat to the west. To deny otherwise and then to have a go at nationalists who recognise this threat is folly and counter productive.

What is happening now has been planned by Islamic leaders for around 40 years. One leader whose name I forget stated that pinstep by pinstep Islam would advanace and conquer the west, the ultimate Islamic dream. He called it "the death of a thousand cuts" and that is exactly what the current jihad is. It isn't just about terrorism and demographics either. It is a total attack on the whole of our society, starting with Islamic brainwashing in our schools.

The Islamic threat is very, very real and along with global capitalism and marxism is part of the three-headed serpent strangling the life out our nation.

This essay is also contradictory with the BNP. The leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin, labelled Islam a "wicked faith", something he and Mark Collett faced prison for. If Islam isn't a threat, and it's only a "tiny minority of extremists" then why would our leader label Islam wicked and face imprisonment?

Finally, heed these words:

"One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere of this planet to burst into the northern one. But not as friends. Because they will burst in to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women.”
-- Houari Boumedienne, President of Algeria, 1974 Speech before the United Nations

We ignore them at our great peril.


Anonymous said...

Although there are many issues to be addressed, Strider firmly believes that all issues are best addressed when one comes from a strong perspective of who we really are.

Until we all understand exactly who we are, how can we say what is best for us?

Strider proposes a re-awakening of the soul. Only then can Britons grasp Nationalism in all its clarity.

alanorei said...

Interesting article, Lee, thanks. I'd make only a couple of brief points:

1. Any Muslim who really believes the Qur'an is at least a potential 'radical.'

2. Although Islam would not be here without gov't treachery (Constitutionally, Islam is a subversive force), it is Qur'anic Islam that is driving the agenda to subjugate Britain (Dar-al-Harb, House of War) into Dar-al-Islam, House of Islam.

Gov't forces allowing this subversion have also got to be resisted.

Re: Spencer's book, it did seem to be fairly well-referenced. Whatever may be said about the author, his material seems to agree fairly well with what I've read from other sources who've seen Islam close up (Nigerian Christian G.J.O. Moshay, who may be an Arab, long-term missionary to the Sudan, Peter Hammond). Perhaps 'use with caution' might be a suitable guideline.

Defender of Liberty said...


I accept the reality of all your comments as a reality of both the past and of what is true today, and my only issue is that this applies to historical Islam and its present insanity, but not I hope to the New Islam that is coming.

The past atrocities of Islam is the same type of eschatological insanity that drove Christianity and Judaism into their moral beliefs of their superiority. Each have used hate and war for their own self empowerment.

We are not at odds, as i accept you are correct in what you describe as the reality of the past and present - but I see a way foreward that can create a New Islam, a New Judaism and a New Christianity.

I belive that Islam is going through the same process that Christianity and Judaism are going through - which is it starts with superiority and will end up as a religion of the spirit, not of the book.

We have had enough of religions of 'thou shalt and thou shalt not ' with their fascist preisthoods that condemn those not of their faith as subhumans - the era of such religions is almost at an end.

The idea of a religion of chosen people is a barabaric superstition as it aimplies those not of that religion are sub human.

Christianity was a religion of the book, Judaism was a religion of the book and yet they have experienced, and are experiencing, their own schisms that allowed them to develop to become religions of the spirit and individual self development.

I believe Islam will go through the same process.

The alternative is the apocalypse.

It is my belief that what we are witnessing is the death age of Islam of the Imams , Christianity of the preists and Judaism of the Rabbis as each is in effect a mirror image of the other - they are all the manifestations of the same semitic desert religions of Abraham. They are political structures run by preists who crave secular power , not spiritual enlightenment for themselvs or their followers.

They are political religions of power, not religions of the spirit and god.

They are at war with each other as each is destroying the other - in order to make way for the era of spirit and individuality to come.

If this is correct then we must support those individuals in Islam who are of the spirit and not support the Islam of the fascist preists of the book. It is the imams who interpret the book as a fascist model that is the problem, and it is they who must be removed.

Just as Christianity and Judaism have become power structures to repress individual self development of the inner spirit in order to advance an elite preisthood - so has Islam.

The era of Imams, Presists and Rabbis is about to end.

It will either end in the apocalypse with war between them all or it will end with each evolving to become religions of spirit where the book is an aid of individual spiritual development not of social and individual domination.

The spirit of Man will not be free until the reign of the Imams, Preists and Rabbis comes to an end.

This means we must work with those in all these three religions that seek to discover the new spirituality, and this means we cannot condemn them as all the same.

We must support those in Islam who want to end the reign of hate and terror as demanded by the godless Imams who use the book and the words of the prophet as weapons of war.

The only interpretation of Jihad that accords with the spirit is the Jihad, struggle, for individual self enlightenment. Jihad as a weapon of war and conquest is the enemy of the spirit.

This is why we must support those Muslims who understand this about the New Islam.

If we fail to create these new spiritual movements then the only future is WW3 - and the apocalypse.

The wars around the planet with the US, UK, Islam, Iran, Israel etc are wars of eschatology - each of these religions as understood by their interpretations by the existing hierarchies are on course for war, they are driven by a deep eschatological desire for death and self destruction. They seek the apocalypse because that is what the religious leaders believe their religions are about.

We must work with those that reject the leadership of the godless apostates and who threaten to create this vision of the inevitable apocalypse in their search for secular power - as if we dont then it will surely happen.

If Iran nukes Israel, then the US and Israel will nuke Iran and then we will have a fully fledged world war 3 that will devastate the planet.

The preists, Imams and rabbis will only be happy when that vision occurs, as it validates the eschatological interpretation of the religions they peddle to their followers in order to award themselves power over their followers. It will happen becuase they want it to happen.

This is why we must support the New Islam, the New Judaism and the New Christianity - as if we dont then the apocalypse is inevitable.

And it will be our kids who will forced to live in that dead world.

I prefer working with the followers of the New Islam who reject the Islam of the past and of terror and hate - so as we can avoid the war that the imams, the rabbis and the preists all want.

Defender of Liberty said...

Spencer is correct in his book, but he has an agenda which is to support Israel and its power stuctures. Therefore whilst his research is valid, his politics are repugnant.

Defender of Liberty said...

My article is not contradictory of Nick or Mark, as I have said I accept that your description and theirs of of the past and present is correct. If Islam does not evolve past the rule of the Imams, then they are right in that the Islam of the Imams will become a threat.

It is the Imams who are the threat and how they interpret the book. It is they who are threat for they bless hate, horror and terrorism.

Cut the head off the monster and the monster will die.

The Islam of the Imams is not a threat yet as I explained in the article, as it is a danger primarily only to its fellow Muslims.

The real threat to us in the west is that we throw away our liberties in order to fight a monster that does not even exist yet. That is the real threat to our nations and freedoms.

We are in danger of creating the monster though, as we are so intent on showing respect to the Imams who abuse Islam for their own political ends.

Remove the Imams and Islam can be saved.

A few idiot terrorists are not a threat, and I could end the threat from radical Islam in one small action.

Do as Captain black jack Pershing did and bury the bodies of all suicide bombers and islamist terrorists in a pig skin. It would end their attacks on people overnight - as they would fear losing their access to paradise. What motivates a suicide bomber is that they believe they will go to paradise, but if they know they will never enter paradise they will never be involved in terrorism.

You can only defeat your enemy if you are prepared to do what is neccasery to defeat them.

That means we must FIRST defeat the same liberal scum that allowed the terrorists into our nations,and who use the threat of islamic terrorism to remove our liberties and who are causing wars around the world and proffiting from them.

Only when we fight the enemy in a way that will guarantee we will win will we defeat the islamist terrorist scum and to do that we must first defeat the politicians and elites who created the problem in our nation and who stop us fighting the enemy in a way that we can win - but the government need islamist terrorism as the basis of their removal of our rights and the new Oil Imperialism. They do not want to win this war against the terrorists, they are using the terrorists to start the wars they want.

I just differ from you, nick and mark in that I believe that a new path forward is possible, and that therefore we must work with those in the New Islam who reject terrorism and the rule of the Imams and their fascist plans for world domination.

How doth is profit a man in gaining the world he loseth his soul.

Those in Islam who understand this are our allies , and we reject them at our peril.

The reign of the godless fascist preists , rabbis and Imams has to end and the new religions of the spirit be born.

Anonymous said...

I can see your arguement, that the imams are spreading a facist version of islam and that is the threat if its not squashed.
But... Muslims in europe are rapidly multiplying, in fact I dont think i've seen a single one in my multicultural ghetto thats not without child.
These people, regardless of moderate or extreme will start to make up a silly amount of the population percentage of this country.


Now when the economic crisis hits like you outlined in the latter article The fall of the american empire "Food riots will break out leading to low level eco-conflicts and eventual civil wars."
Who do you think these muslims will stand side by side with be they muslims of the book or of the spirit? So muslims of the spirit will join with us white nationalists? of course not.
Im sorry but to say islam isnt a threat is bizzare, it might not be a huge threat now as I really dont believe most of the "terror" stories pumped out by the media to make people think twice about speaking out about this goverments facist intentions, but if things are not reversed and Islam kept in the borders of the countries that accept it as a way of life, then when this crisis hits these people will seriously be a threat to everyone. Take a look at when the British left India and what the muslims did there when a power vacum appeared!

By the way, really do love most of the articles you write and reccommend them/print them for lots of people, I just wont be for this one! :)

Defender of Liberty said...


The way i see it is this - we are led by liberals, appeasers, dhimmi-politicians and cowards. This means unless we take power in near future then in the event of any conlict with militant Islam in the future then we will lose or our elites will merely surrender to militant Islam.

Therefore until we get to that point where we are in power we should be trying to weaken militant islam by working with those within Islam who are also against the militants.

An Islam divided is not as much as a threat as one united.

If we cannot take power then we have to work with ALL those who resist militant Islam from all religions, including those Muslims within Islam hat also resist militant Islam.

By the time we take power I fear that our western civilisation will be so weakened by the inner enemy amongst our own people that in the event of any confrontation with militant Islam that we will lose.

If we are to be able to defeat militant Islam then by the time we come to power militant Islam must be splintered and weakened FROM WITHIN ITSELF.

If we have managed to weaken it from within, then it will be less of a threat when we have to confront it.

This means we need to support all those within and outside Islam that can weaken militant Islam in as many ways as possible.

Whilst militant Islam unleashes the terrorist insurgency against us, we must commence the intellectual and spiritual insurgency against it until we can get into power and defeat the militants properly.