Sunday 15 June 2008

The US Shadow Government

I have written about 911 a few times, the article links are below, and have explained how the US Corporatocracy ( THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT ) applied the technique of a 'managed attack' to the 911 incident - in other words they knew the attack was coming ( primarily as Osama Bin Laden was part of the Carlysle Group and a CIA asset since the Afghanistan war against the Russians in the 1980's ) as the Shadow Government with Osama Bin Laden set up the attack for the Shadow Government and allowed it to go ahead under cover of the military air defence operations on that day.

The aim of the Military forces being operational on 911 (and 7/7 in London ) was to manage the attacks. In other words if the terrorists were about to do something that would cause immense damage to the US rather than a temporary 'massive propaganda' attack such as hitting the WTC towers, such as Flight 93 hitting Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Station and irradiating a vast chunk of the US, then the US military would be able to bring the planes down.

This is in fact what happened.

Contrary to the absurd propaganda put out by the government sponsored conspiracy theorists about explosive charges being in the building, drone planes, Mossad flying the planes and alien liazrds were flying the plane and not Saudi Arabian terrorists, the truth is simple.

The issue is not the ;

1) Who did it - the Arabs who flew the planes

2) Why they did it - they were ordered too by Osama Bin Laden as part of his pseudo-global Jihad

The issue is simpy ;

3) Who Knew it was coming - the US knew the attacks were on their way and thats why the air defence operations were being held that day to manage the attacks

4) Who profited from them - the Shadow Government and the corporations such as Haliburton and the Carlysle group.

Also the proof that there was foreknowledge of the attacks is confirmed by the stocks and shares movements PRECEEDING the attacks which placed many of the large defence contractors in a positions to make vast profits as a result of those stocks and shares movements.


What most Americans do not realise is that there is in fact TWO governments that conrol America.

The first is the civil government.

This is controlled by the media and the lobby groups such as AIPAC. The media control who gets elected and the lobby groups decide whose interests the government serves.

The second government is the SHADOW GOVERNMENT, and this is the Military-Industrial Block.

The US BLACK BUDGET spending is estimated to be about 3.4 trillion dollars ;

For 2007, the budget rose to US$439.3 billion.[1] This does not include many military-related items that are outside of the Defense Department budget, such as nuclear weapons research, maintenance and production (~$9.3 billion, which is in the Department of Energy budget), Veterans Affairs (~$33.2 billion) or the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (which are largely funded through extra-budgetary supplements, ~$170 billion in 2007).[2] Conversely, the military budget does allocate money for dual-use items, such as the development of infrastructure surrounding U.S. military bases. Altogether, military-related expenses totaled approximately $626.1 billion.[3]

It was this Military Industrial Block that Eisenhower warned us about in his resignation speech on January 17th 1961 - link here ;

Today the Shadow Government controls America via its control of the media.

The links between the media groups, the Shadow Government and the defence contractors is well documented ;

Here is evidence that the media act as propagandists for the military industrial block, causing terror in the public to profit the corporations that profit from the wars the edia create ;

Here is evidence that Haliburton has been providing nuclear technology to Iran, at the same time as selling military equipment to the US government in preparation for a war with Iran to remove its nuclear programme !

Haliburton profits from building up an enemy, then profits from destroying that enemy !


Anonymous said...

How do you explain world trade center 6 I believe it was. That collasped in exactly the same way as the others, that wasnt even hit by a plane?

Anonymous said...

I'm not buying any of this Lee.

The problem I have always had with all of the 9/11 conspiracy theories, including stocks and shares trading prior to the day, concerns the number of people involved.

It would be simply impossible to maintain such a conspiracy and additionally, the evidence to support this particular CT - stocks and shares - is seriously lacking.

My opinion is that the yanks knew who the terrorists were, they suspected an attack but didn't seriously think it would happen on US soil and certainly not on the magnitude of 9/11. Arrogance, hubris, incompetence, naivity - probably all there. But I think the US got embarrassed by Islamic terrorists, much to the delight of the Muslim arabs.

It was also an act of war committed by Saudi Arabia not responded to at all by the US - now that would be an interesting debate to have here. (My point here being that the west goes into denial about the dangerous threat of Islam, CTs are another way to do this and blame the west for what was an Islamic assault created, planned and financed by the land of Mecca.)


Defender of Liberty said...

1) I cant explain trade centre 6 as I am not an engineer. Nor will I try as my main interest is the basis behind 911 and not the mechanics of the post-attack.

2) The stocks and shares issue is explained on one of the previous articles I wrote - follow the link. The evidence is 100 % damning on that point that some US companies and individuals knew the attack was coming prior to 911.

3) I believe 911 was a project by a few insiders in the shadow government, it would require less than ten to fifty to run.

All you need is the people at the top running it knowing what to do AND ISSUING COMMANDS TO THOSE BELOW, and the rest of the people remain unaware and simply doing their jobs - which is what happened that day.

Only the shadow government based on orders and commands could have controlled it in a cellular way.

Take for example the statement in the article about the Milner group and WW2 on this site, in that Caroll Quigley says that WW2 was planned by a small cabal, the Milner Group, and that fact of the involvement of the Milner group has been excised from history.

Instead nationalists blame the Jews, the communists blamed the capitalists, the British blame Hitler, the US blamed Hitler etc etc.

It was not until quigley that the true conspiracy was revealed and even today very few know that a handful of men dragged the world into WW2 for their own reasons and that fact is still kept secret.

Conspiracies do exist.

Anonymous said...


I agree conspiracies do exist but I don't think 9/11 is one of them.

Take this:

"Also the proof that there was foreknowledge of the attacks is confirmed by the stocks and shares movements PRECEEDING the attacks which placed many of the large defence contractors in a positions to make vast profits as a result of those stocks and shares movements."

On the one hand, we have a select group of elitists who make decisions and who then delegate to make the theory happen. On the other, we have people who used their knowledge of 9/11 to profit in the most obvious manner.

It doesn't add up. One minute they are clever, clandestine, secret, discreet, the next, they do something so obvious anyone can follow the money.

I do not believe there has been any proof of this indeed, nothing untoward happened on the stock market that week. The issue was of "put options" and even business investigators found nothing. As someone at some point has to collect the profit, I think this is too obvious a move. Surely if they knew what was coming, the last thing they would do is leave a money trail?

I keep getting back to the numbers involved. It is astronomial and way too complex. It would even involve complicity with the Saudis, the KLA and Al Qaeda.

For example:

The CIA, The FBI, The Chief of Staff, The President, Vice P, Presidential aides, secretaries, support staff.

The NY Port Authority, NYPD, FDNY, The US Coast Guard, The owners of WTC, the leasers of WTC 1 and 2, security staff at the WTC complex, senior management of every company inside the WTC. (we're talking about seriously huge amounts of money and one of the most expensive real estates in the world.)

Onto security staff at airports (what if they had stopped the Islamic scum?), Pilots and families of the flights, management of AA and UA, the USAF, US air traffic control and families of the victims including families and friends of the FDNY, NYPD, WTC and Pentagon staff.

Then there are the awkward matters of forensic investigators, crash investigators, engineering and demolition experts and legal experts and scene of crime witnesses, medical crew and other rescue and support personnel at all sites - WTC, Pentagon and Pennsylvania.

Finally, the British secret service, the German secret service, the mossad and more that you, me and most of us never hear of but lurk in the background under the mask of "intelligence".

Someone from all of these groups would have to be in on what was going to happen that day for this conspiracy to be successful.

I like Occam's razor and I think it fits here. Determined Islamic terrorists planned, financed and carried out a successful, devastating attack on "Great Satan" signalling that Islam is once again gunning for the west. We keep hearing about how the west reacted or how it is involved but one of the most important angles to 9/11 is what it did for the cause of Islam and how this was received in the muslim world.

We are still feeling the consequences of this attack and each year Islam strengthens in the west. Look at how our way of life has changed since 9/11 and how Islam now dictates to the west.

What I find much more interesting is why the US didn't attack the Saudis - whose hands are covered in blood from THEIR attack on 9/11 - and seize the giant Ghawar field. After all, if this was all about a war for oil, the US had the perfect excuse to drive a dagger right into the heart of Islam.

And if any nation was capable of doing that because of its awesome firepower it would be the United States.


Anonymous said...


Do you mean WTC 7?

If so check this out:

WTC 7 Collapse

There is a very good picture shoing how debris from WTC 1 showered onto WTC 7.


Defender of Liberty said...

I understand your point but I think you do not realise the genius simplicity of this plot.

A few in the shadow government knew it was coming - and they let it happen.

That was it. That was the conspiracy.

They did not directly plan it, they did not need organise it, they did not need to tell people what to do during it or after it.

Osama Bin Laden authorised it.

The saudi Islamist pilots did it.

A small contingent of people led by Dick Cheney on the day who was in direct charge of the air excercise were managing the attacks, as shown by the shooting down of Flight 93 to ensure the attack did not go over the top eg hit the nuke plant.

There was no need to involve any of the other people such as fire brigade, coastguard, forsenics team in the 'cover up' as their job was NOT to get involved in a cover up, their job to merely report the FACTS on what happened -which was that planes hit the WTC - which is what DID happen.

The conspiracy was simply that they knew it was coming and let it happen and controlled the attacks to ensure they did not go over the top,

As for the stocks and shares issues the links prove that a money trail did exist, that stocks and shares were traded in a suspicious way before the attacks.

Go to ;

Anonymous said...


You state that "you do not realise the genius simplicity of this plot."

You then go on to prove my point.

First, I don't think it was just Bin Laden who authorised it but the Saudis who used Al Qaeda to conduct a war by proxy on the US. This is the new age of warfare, where nations don't send armies off to battle. It is the age of
asymmetric warfare and this attack on 9/11 was the finest example of it.

You talk about a "small contingent of people led by Cheney". Well who told this elite group about the forthcoming attacks? What about the FBI and the CIA who were monitoring the terrorists? What about German and British intelligence who also knew of these
people and even warned the US that an attack was imminent?

You then say that "There was no need to involve fire brigade, coastguard, forensics team in the 'cover up'". How can this not be so when you have asserted
that flight 93 was shot down by USAF? These people maintain 93 crashed at 575mph into the ground and that the evidence proves it. Ergo, if this is false they must
be involved. As must the USAF who shot 93 down, as must ATC and as must witnesses who saw 93 crash.

I also don't believe 93 was on its way to a nuclear plant because it would've been counter-productive. They wanted the White House because of the way a succesful strike against it would be regarded by muslims. Can you imgaine that -
WTC, Pentagon and the White House on the same day?

Can you see why I just cannot buy any conspiracy regarding 9/11?

The genius simplicity of this plot - and I really do wish the whole west would wake up and realise why - is the cunning and the daring of the Saudis and the Al
Qaeda terrorists who carried out the worst attack against the US in its history. This was an act of war committed against the world's greatest super-power by the world's richest oil nation, Saudi Arabia.

And the US did nothing in response. That I find astonishing especially when you take into account the issue of oil. The US had the perfect excuse to attack
Saudi Arabia and grab Ghawar and I cannot believe why this isn't debated more.

I always enjoy debating with you Lee and I'd really like to know your view on this issue, maybe even an essay or two if possible? The reason I think it is
important is because this failure to respond to an act of war has emboldened Islam and weakened the west, just look at what has happened since.


Defender of Liberty said...

Ok mate,

will do.

Give me a few days to do some research and I will get an article up on the points you raise - you are right this has to be debated and it is an important issue,


Anonymous said...

They pulled a Pearl Harbor.

Here are some pretty good videos on 9/11 and 7/7 for those who haven't seen them.