Friday 27 June 2008

Lancaster Unity - run by racists

A few months ago the racists on Lancaster Unity were boasting amongst themselves on the site that the main activists involved in running the site were all Jewish.

It appears that Lancaster Unity is the main propaganda mouthpeice of the C18 of the Zionists in the UK, the CST (Community Service Trust).

This is of course no surprise. The fact that whilst the site spreads constant racism and abuse against anyone that 'dares' stand up for the interests of the Indigenous British people, the fact that the people who run the site are themselves not indigenous British is an aspect of the utter hypocrisy of certain sections of the Jewish community in the UK and US.

Whilst all other communities in the UK are encouraged and applauded for standing up for their community interests, including Jews, anyone that is white and who dares stand up for the interests of the indigenous British is automatically labelled 'a racist'.

Note that Lancaster Unity has not attacked the announcement by Harriet Harman that 'positive discrmination' laws will be enacted in order to allow ethnic minorities to get jobs simply based on their skin colour.

This is a form of legalised state racism against whites, and it will impact primarily upon the White Working Class.

But because many in Lancaster Unity will be beneficiaries of this new law, simply as they are Jews and other ethnic minorities, they have stayed silent on the issue.

There is nothing more sickening than the hypocrisy of those who supposedly stand up for the interests of the White Working Class, but who in fact are going to take advantage of laws that will damage the White Working Class.

Note also how Lancaster Unity has also remained silent on the ongoing racism of Hollywood against the English and anyone with blonde hair and blue eyes.

It appears that whilst any form of racism against any group without a white skin is intolerable, racism against those with white skin, unless they are Jewish of course, is acceptable.

The two articles below relate to the issue of the power of the Jewish elite in Hollywood and how they have used that power to create pernicious racial stereotypes that are damaging the community cohesion, identity and self image of the English in particular.

For an example of this is the childrens film The Water Horse, written by Robert Nelson Jacobs, which is a story about the Loch Ness Monster. The film features a stereotypical image of the arrogant English army oficer, even called a sassenach by one of characters.

The two articles below list just a few of the films churned out by Hollywood that feature negative images of the English.

Note that in Hollywood today the image of the Native Americans and Blacks can only be positive, but there are precious few images of positive English people, or Russians, in Hollywood movies.

My present favourite negaive image of the English as propagandised by the racists in Hollywood is that of Tim Roth in the new The Hulk movie. He plays a character who is both Russian and English.

Note though that Hollywood never produces any movies featuring negative images of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis (unlike the endless images of pederast catholic and anglican priests), never has any negative images of Mossad (unlike the constant negative images of the CIA with its white, blonde officers), no films with negative images of the IDF in Hollywood movies (unlike the constant depictions of the evil English SAS or army officer).

What really pisses me off though is whilst the scumbags that run Hollywood peddle abusive and racist stereotypes of the British and English, it is British and English soldiers who are fighting alongside the US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These Hollywood liberal schmucks denigrate our people, whilst our people are fighting alongside American troops in the War On Terror.

In the articles I wrote below I had to do some research to find out the power of sections of the Jewish community in Hollywood. This entailed reading sites that list details of the individuals and organisations that control Hollywood.

Much of this was not up to date and I had to do extra (and boring research) to bring the articles up to date.

What surprised me though was that in Hollywood individuals may come and go, but the disproportionate numbers of Jewish writers, directors, Hollywood bosses, Hollywood studio owners continues decade after decade.

There were about 4 million adherents of Judaism in the U.S. as of 2001, approximately 1.4% of the US population. The community self-identifying as Jewish by birth, irrespective of halakhic (unbroken maternal line of Jewish descent or formal Jewish conversion) status, numbers about 7 million, or 2.5% of the US population.

Yet the numbers of Jews in Hollywood is beyond all proportion to their numbers in the US population.

This is of itself not a problem, but it becomes a problem when the power of Hollywood is used to spread and perpetuate negative images of other racial communities.

The next time I decide to investigate the power of members of the Irish community in America, then I will look for a site called 'Irish Watch' similar to the one that contained information that I used called 'Jew Watch'.

I would have used information on the site 'Bantu Pygmy Watch' for information on Jews in Hollywood but unfortunately, like all non-jews the Bantu Pygny people also do not feature as a racial group with any influence or power in Hollywood.

Yet another form of Institutional Racism it appears.

The fact is that whilst the Jewish leaders of Hollywood boast about their power in Hollywood in their own publications, is appears that when gentiles and goyim 'dare' investigate the power of the Jewish comunity in Hollywood that this is racism or anti-semitism.

It appears that whilst any sort of investigation of the power of the Jewish community in relation to Hollywood or AIPAC is defined as racism, similar investigations into 'Institutional Racism' of other mainly white and non-Jewish industries is acceptable.

Ever wondered why it is that when you go into an Indian restaurant and all the waiters and chefs are asian, that this is not defined as 'Institutional Racism'.

Eer wondered why it is that when you go into a black owned business all the staff are black, but this is not 'institutionally racist'.

Ever gone into a kebab shop and all the staff are turkish but that this is not defined as 'institutional racism'.

Yet when you go into a nuclear power station and all the workers are white, then this is defined as an industry that is 'institutionally racist'.

This is because the phrase 'institutional racism ' is designed only to apply to white and remove the rights and jobs of whites.

The ideology of Institutional Rracism is the most evil form of racism ever invented.

The fact is that Hollywood is Institutionally Racist in favour of Jews.

But this form of Instutional Racism is of no concern to Lancaster Unity, and anyone that mentions it must be a 'racist'

As long as it is white people who are being treated in a racist way then that is applauded by them.

But if a white man dares to invstigate the institutional racism of other communities - then that must be because they are themselves a racist !

Lancaster Unity is probably the most racist organisation in the country, in that it applauds and acts as an apologist for every form of racism that impacts in a negative way upon the indigenous British.

Note though that when the Labour government states that it wants to pass race laws to force companies to reveal how much they pay their staff, so that ethnic minority applicants can demand confidential information on who is being paid how much in a company, then that is considered acceptable by the self proffessed Jews who run Lancaster Unity.

It appears that whilst Hollywood demands total free speech and demands no censorship for itself, and demands the right to pump out torture porn and filth as entertainment, it appears that it wants to call anyone that dares investigate who is running Hollywood itself a 'racist' or an 'anti-semite'.

The era when the Jewish extremists in Lancaster Unity and in Hollywood, who seek to portray themselves as the voice of the Jewish community, could threaten people with their use of the word 'racist' is almost over.

The new laws about to be enacted by the Labour government to buy off the immigrant voting blocks in this country are the ONLY racism from the only racists in the country.

Whilst the idiots of Lancaster Unity seek to perpetuate the myth that 'racism' is a problem of the indigenous whites in this country, the real racists are running the country and passing race laws.

Lancaster Unity have no integrity. They represent only themselves and their own ethnic groups.

They do not represent either the White Working Class or any sections of the indigenous British community.

They are racists with an agenda of self serving hyspocrisy using the propaganda of 'racism' to undermine our community.

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Anonymous said...

Great post.

Some two or three years ago the government promised to look into the total absence of indiginous staff in "indian" businesses like restaurants and takeaways.

Then.........silence. Kicked into the long grass. Seems they approve of institutionised racism as long as the victims are white.

Melanie Phillips talks about "the racist BNP" but some years ago I worked for two jewish businesses, The Huntleigh Group and the Heron Corporation.

Both operated a "glass ceiling". No jews allowed on the boards unless they were absolutely essential - and even then their hold on their jobs were tenuous.

My boss at Heron was the only gentile on a board of about 10.

Given that jews only make up about 1% of the population but 90% of the Heron board what does that say?

I'm afraid it says it all.

Keep up the good work. What is sauce for the goose etc.

The British have every bit, and more, right to stand up for their ethnic and national interests no matter what the liberal and ethnic minority thugs shout out.