Thursday 26 June 2008

More White on White Racism

Interesting review of a slew of new movies coming out in the next few months.

A load of middle class mummys boys film directors have decided to cash in on the New Racism and make a load of films that demonise the Indigenous White English Working Class.

It appears that Hollywood has now been joined by the Hooray Henrys of the British film industry in their industrialised demonisation of the English Working Class.

The White English Working Class youth is now the New Nazis.

Hoodies are as bad as Himmler it appears, in the eyes of the middle class.

I am a member of the New Untermensch, I am White English and Working Class. Therefore I am scum.

You can demonise me, be as racist as you wish about me, you can promote less qualified blacks into jobs above me, you can remove my rights and insult me, Jack Straw, a Jew, can even call me violent and dangerous - yet if I said such things about Jews I would be arrested for racism.

Mr Straw described the English as "potentially very aggressive, very violent" and will "increasingly articulate their Englishness following devolution."

I am the new scum, my entire class are subhuman and you can villify me and all my kind with utter impunity.

You can make movies that demonise me and others who are also poor, english and white - but if you do the same with blacks or Jews you would be arrested for it.

The BBC even allows polls on their website that ask ' Are the English Violent'.

Imagine the outcry if the BBC had a poll that asked ' Are Blacks Violent' or 'Are Jews running the world '.

This whole New Racism sickens me.

From The TimesJune 26, 2008

Watch out for Donkey Punch, Eden Lake and Better Things: starring the new villains of the big screen

The new cinema baddie looks very familiar. Our correspondent discovers how the hoody skulked to the big screen

Kevin Maher

One of the most terrifying movie moments of 2008 occurs early in the new British thriller Eden Lake. Kindly, middle-class thirtysomething Steve (Michael Fassbender) is lounging by the titular Midlands lake with his girlfriend and prospective fiancĂ©e Jenny (Kelly Reilly). Their tranquillity is disturbed by the deafening boom-box and roaming Rottweiler of five local hard-knock teens. Steve decides to do the unthinkable – ask them to turn their music down! It’s a heart-stopper of a scene and, as he walks tentatively over to the stony-faced gang, every fibre in the being of every single audience member screams out: “No, Steve, don’t do it! Leave them alone!”

That Steve ends up beaten by the gang, tied, gruesomely tortured and has his “happy-stabbing” recorded on their mobile phones is testament both to the power of slick horror film-making and that the best contemporary screen villains are now not psychopaths and mutant zombies but contemporary British youth. The hoody has made it to the big screen and we should be scared.

“This is a film that has hit its moment,” says Richard Holmes, the producer of Eden Lake. “It has resonance with a youth crime phenomenon that’s not going to fade away. We are probably the first film out there of this type, although there’s quite a few in the pipeline.”

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