Thursday 26 June 2008

Blame Whitey - legalised racism

Who remembers the words of Martin Luther King who wrote that he wanted to create a society where what mattered was simply " The content of your character, not the colour of your skin ".

Well it appears that in the name of affirmative action, racism has been validated - as long as the victims are white.

The white liberal scum in the Labour government want to create a society where what matters is simply the colour of your skin.

The era where just because you carry a gene that makes your skin dark means you are deserving of extra rights is a hang over of a 20th century liberal mindset.

Note that it is not blacks making this law change, it is white politicians assuming their usual crass, paternalistic stance towards blacks.

This is the liberal equivalent of the old racism.

In the past racist white people would symbolically pat blacks on the head and ruffle their frizzy afro hair and say 'aaahh they are nice people but they are simply not capable of being as civilised as us are they '.

Now racist white liberals pat black people on the head and ruffle their frizzy hair and say ' aaah they are such nice people, but they simply cant get ahead on their own merits can they, so we will pass some laws to allow them to get ahead not on merit, but simply because they are black '.

This is simply racism disguised as liberalism.

This is nothing but insulting, crass, paternalistic , racist nonsense. If I was black I would be ashamed that white liberals seek to demean me in such a way.

The idea that blacks cannot get ahead on their own talents is nothing but racism.

These laws will incite racial hatred like this country has never seen before.

Whits refused jobs because less qualified blacks are hired will end up despising blacks. Racial tensions will escalate.

Incompetent blacks will get jobs and cause real harm to people. This will further incite racial hatred.

Imagine a scenario where a doctor is hired not on merit but simply because they are black. If then that individual who is less qualified than other white applicants is hired simply because they are black and then kills someone though negligence then the hospital will be liable and the families will sue.

This will mean that more and more people will then not want to be treated by those black doctors who were employed simply on merit, as they will worry that they were employed not because of their skills but because they are simply black.

These laws will cause vast amounts of racial anger and tension in our society.

The more the government then seeks to punish people for not wanting to be treated by black doctors for example, the more they will generate race hatred.

These laws are simply absurd and I would argue unlawful.

The only racial group that is independently and objectively recognised as failing to get ahead in our society is the Indigenous White Working Class.

On every objective denominator they are failing ;

Universities are failing to recruit white, working-class students despite receiving £400 million from Government to widen participation, regulators claim today.

The National Audit Office report says teenagers from deprived backgrounds “remain significantly under-represented” in higher education.

White boys from working-class families are less likely than any other group to take a degree.

Therefore these new laws that seek to legitimise affirmative action I would argue cannot be justified either in law or on evidential grounds.

In fact if they are brought in I will issue a Judicial Review in my own name to challenge them.

Any laws that abridge the fundamental civil rights of any individuals based on their race, colour or nationality have to be based on evidence of a real problem.

In this case all the evidence confirms that the only social and racial group failing in our society, and hence in need of affirmative action, is the indigenous white working class.

These laws that propose to further damage and undermine the chances of the white working class to get jobs, by allowing companies to hire ethnic employees solely on the basis of their skin colour, means the life chances of the white working class will be further damaged.

This is intolerable, and must be resisted.

I have no doubt that the scum on Lancaster Unity, Searchlight and the socialists in the SWP etc will not stand up for the white working class on this issue, simply because they are so gutless that they fear being called racist for doing so.

The fake socialists that infest this country dont give a toss for the white working class. They will accept this attack on the white working class simply because are using the white working class.

The left have abandoned the white working class and see them simply as a joke.

I bet that you will not see an article on Lancaster Unity demanding that this law be scrapped so that the white working class be protected.

This new law is illegal and if required I will go to court personally to seek a judicial review of the law that seeks to impose these measures.

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Anonymous said...

Superb post Lee and I think it illustrates clearly something I have come to believe very strongly:

The core issue really isn't about anti-racism or racial equality. It is the use of these by marxists to destroy white judeo-christian society.

For a real example of what I mean look no further than Zimbabwe and South Africa, both nations ruined by marxism.