Thursday 27 October 2011

Brons Has A Plan

Image - Nick Griffin being abducted by aliens. In order to facilitate this event that will save the BNP, a contingent of Andrew Brons supporters have joined the Raelians and are now chanting for the aliens to come and take Griffin away.

News coming in that the 'Big Idea' agreed at the BNP Ideas Conference was to continue sitting on the fence, regardless of how sore their arses get or how many splinters it gives them.

The big idea is, apparently, to wait until Griffin spontaneously combusts or he is kidnapped by aliens or the police arrest him.

Seeing as many people reckon Griffin is working for the State then spontaneous human combustion or alien abduction are more likely.

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Anonymous said...

If Griffin is not working for the state, then the state has had an amazing piece of luck.

ICyou said...

Lee, This is what we are dealing with, keep screaming, they will never here us-

ICyou said...

Lee, check this out

NWO Manipulation through crisis situation-

They wont get me with their fkn Zionist Multicultural radio waves ;o)

Anonymous said...


Brons' approach is quintessentially English: Reserved, inclusive, patient and measured.

Why don't you get off your ass and help him out by writing a workable constitution for the reformed BNP entitiy.

If you are half the man I think you are, you will have no trouble in getting this right the first time.

Defender of Liberty said...

Of course I am capable of writing them a constitution - the issue is that they dont need one, as they not forming a new party.

Nor do they want to form a new party and even if they did, then due to the fact that this new party would be based not on a cohesive ideological position that unites them all, but would be instead be based on it being a party predicated on the fact that they are all anti-griffin and hate griffin more than they hate each other, means it will fail.

Therefore a new party wont work - and I suspect that this is a fact that Brons, who is a very clever man who I respect for his committment to nationalism, proffesionalism, moral integrity and honesty, recgonises very well.

Nationalism doesnt just need to escape the clutches of Griffin, it needs to escape the shadow of Griffin.

Too many people are motivated by hate - for griffin etc - and as such they are incapable of thinking clearly as to where we as a movement needs to go.

alanorei said...

Appreciate your last paragraph in particular, Lee

You've often advocated asymmetric warfare, aka The War of the Flea, title of a book on the subject by Robert Taber.

Ideally, the various nationalist groups should devise forms of concerted action. If they can't (because they hate each other too much), the next best option is to determine their own particular strategies/prior objectives and at least communicate sufficiently to agree not to get in each other's way.

Even if concerted action was possible, that would still be the preferred strategy, I suggest.

That way, the enemy becomes like a frustrated dog trying to stanch a growing number of simultaneous flea bites. If there's enough of them, the dog eventually bleeds to death by means of a multitude of minor cuts. He can't cover all the bites and he can't concentrate in any one area.

Taber states (1965-1970) that the strategy has never failed, if it has sufficient dedicated support. It certainly worked in Vietnam, 1975, Rhodesia, 1980, South Africa, circa 1994 and Ulster, circa 1998. All those successes postdate Taber's book. It will be renewed in the Mideast if the new pro-Western regimes prove unpopular* and it will work again.

*Their best option politically would be to pledge together to destroy Israel, a decision that would mightily please the Mohammedan world in general and maybe even attract a surge of volunteers from this country for the purpose. In other respects, such a pledge would be disastrous but that's a different issue.

Asymmetric warfare even has Biblical endorsement, my emphases, although as a warning because the passage doubles as a warning against multiculturalism, so-called (the 1611 Holy BIble is succinct and efficient in such respects, with one passage having numerous practical applications):

"But if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you; then it shall come to pass, that those which ye let remain of them shall be pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides, and shall vex you in the land wherein ye dwell" Numbers 33:55.