Wednesday 5 October 2011

Eddy Butler and Dave Hannam

Just when I thought I had read one of the most vile and back stabbing attacks on Dave Hannam by Nick Griffin on his Twitter feed, along comes Eddy Butler.

His smearing of Dave on his blog is disgusting.

Like two particularly nasty little ugly peas in a pod, Griffin and Butler like the two venal and spitefual egotists they are, have to twist the knife into a man unable to defend himself.

Heres tip you two vile little cretins - If you aint got nothing good to say about a British Nationalist who has died, then say nothing.

What a pair of Spiteful, petty, egotistical bastards.

British Nationalism is best off with Griffin and Butler both out of the movement.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, saw this Lee. Disgusting.
Well said.

Dr Shipman voted Tory. said...

Yes,Brigadier Butler doesn't seem to have any morals.
The word down here is that he has lost it.
If any close associates of his are reading this then you have to try to get him help.I know that will be hard, but at least try.