Wednesday 5 October 2011

Cameron The Fop and Libya

Libyan conflict lurches out of NATO control


What do you get when a British public schoolboy with a proven record of a seriously flawed judgement as regards choosing his advisers and choosing his policy gets embroiled in conflict in a tribal society utterly beyond his comprehension? You get David Cameron's 2 billion-pound nightmare.

You also get the total destabilization of a country that was at peace, where the citizens lived in a full participatory democracy - the Jamahiriya system of government is far more democratic than a country like Britain where a Prime Minister voted for by a minority of his population gets to dictate policy and an obscurity like Clegg gets to be Deputy PM when he finished the race in third place. What sort of a democracy is that?

What else do you get in Cameron's Libya? You get the full participation of Al-Qaeda and its leaders who had fought against NATO in Afghanistan and Iraq. Al-Hasidi was even held in Guantanamo Bay, you get the militarization of a tribal society, you get the destruction of Libyan society and you get a Somalia situation on the gates of Europe, festering with terrorists and Islamic fanatics. NATO's plans for Libya are an open wound on the southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

NATO's and Cameron's legacy in Libya is horrific. The numerous war crimes have been well documented, rendering Cameron, Hague, Fox and their counterparts in France and the USA liable for prosecution for war crimes - the case is being drawn up as this article goes to press. The streets of Libya's cities are strewn with stinking rotting bodies.

SharePrint version Font Size Send to friendThe fault is not Colonel Gaddafi's. When you are attacked by marauding gangs of terrorists who slit people's throats in the streets, who vow to ethnically cleanse Libya from Negroes, who slice the breasts off women and who impose the burqah in the areas under their control, who loot, who rape and who torch buildings, who desecrate bodies, who torture children... you do not give in, any more than you have the keys of your car to a car-jacker. You fight back. The difference is that Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama support this filth.

The fault is Cameron's, Sarkozy's and Obamas. We know know why Cameron convinced his Cabinet and MI6 to agree to his murderous criminal escapade...the Conference of the Libyan Opposition was drawn up in London (where else) in June 2005, consisting of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (a terrorist organization proscribed by the FCO and still on its list when the conflict started despite a pathetic statement by the FCO itself saying that the LIFG denounced terrorism in 2009), the Senoussi Brotherhood and the Moslem Brothers. The aim was to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi and destroy his Jamahiriya democratic government and the African Union, so that Africa's resources could be seized again by neo-colonialist powers, the FUKUS (France, UK, USA).

Indeed according to British spy David Shayler, the British secret services (MI6) had already financed a Gaddafi assassination attempt to the tune of 100,000 GBP.

However, all is not well in Cameronland. The Libyan Armed Forces have managed to counter NATO's technological superiority - Apache helicopters, used against US Congress rules to strafe civilians, are being shot down and the filth flying them captured (and well-treated), Moussa Ibrahim (Jamahiriya Government spokesperson) has not been captured, Khamis al-Qathafi has not been killed (despite reports of his death no fewer than six times).

The TNC is in utter disarray and chaos, now with in-fighting in Misurat and in Benghazi, and with Abdelhakim Belhadj vowing that he takes orders from nobody as he sets up his private army of terrorists. Bani Walid is Green (Libyan Jamahiriya Government control), Sirt is Green, Tobruk is Green, Ghadames is Green, Al Jufra is Green, Sabha is Green, Fezzan is Green, Tarouna is Green, all the South is Green and the huge majority of the tribes are with Colonel Gaddafi. Al-Zawiyah is Green. Large parts of Tripoli are Green. Areas along the Tunisian frontier are Green.

At Ras Lanuf the US 82 Airborne detachment suffered heavy losses (there are not supposed to be boots on the ground...US breach of UNSC Resolutions) and an AC-130 Hercules transport aircraft was torched.

The Tuareg have declared themselves against the Rats (the terrorists supported by NATO).

Why else are we being fed "final battle" stories outside Sirt? Why else has the western media stopped speaking about Bani Walid? Why else is the TNC so-called "government" (a rat pack) holed up in Benghazi? Why did Cameron and Sarkozy not leave Tripoli airport? Where are the images of a peaceful back-to-normal Tripoli? Where are the pictures of the new Libyan "Government" getting down to business?

There aren't any, because Colonel Gaddafi and his loyalist forces are supported by the majority of the Libyan population. David Cameron is not. So, I am sorry Mrs. Bennet, young Steven will not be able to have that operation, because the National Health Service does not have the funding. Mr. Johnson, your elderly mother's hip replacement operation has been put on hold indefinitely because the hospital wing is closing. And ha ha ha ha ha ha, Miss Taylor, do you really expect that miracle drug for your breast cancer while we are spending money on funding terrorists? Where is your sense of patriotism?

And you will all have to foot the 2-billion-pound bill to install a bunch of terrorists as the "Government" in Libya. There is just one flaw with David Cameron's terrorist operation: human decency dictates that it cannot and must not happen. As David Cameron himself said "If I have to pay anything back, then I shall". Yes, you shall, and you shall big time.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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