Monday 31 October 2011

Machine Gun Preacher, Libya and Africom

Image - I am the West and only I can save Africans from other Africans.

In relation to the Hollywood and American foreign policy, it is no coincidence that movies released by Hollywood seek to support or reflect American foreign policy.

When the US were mired in Iraq film after film was released about Islamists in Iraq to bolster the publics support for the war.

During WW2 hundreds of films featuring the Nazis were released as pro-war propaganda.

Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan all have had their own war propaganda movies / documentaries released to bolster the support for US military foreign policy.

Now in the wake of the Libyan war comes Machine Gun Preacher.

The film is ostensibly about the story of Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing biker tough guy who found God and became a crusader for hundreds of Sudanese children who've been forced to become soldiers.

Thats the blurb.

Here is the real meaning of the film.

The Libyan invasion by NATO was the first move of the US army into Africa to checkmate the rise of China's influence in the region.

At the same time the US managed to smash Gaddafis plan to set up an African oil bourse backed by Libyan gold Dinars which would have challenged the global economic supremacy of the US dollar, the US managed to seize the vast oil and water reserves of Libya and at the same time the US sent out a message to the world that anyone who dares defy the power of the US global fascist corporations that control the US government via political funding and via the US military industrial block, they will be removed from power, sodomised with a knife and shot dead like a dog in the streets.

This is not international politics, this is psychopathic gangsterism.

The NATO attack on Libya was nothing to do with humanitarianism, it was the start of a New Great Game of Empire in Africa.

The aim is the re-colonisation of the continent by the West.

This begun with the use of foreign aid to impoverish and drag into debt the governments of Africa.

Now the physical removal of governments hostile to the West has begun.

This is why Obama has just sent US special forces into Uganda.

This is also why UK special forces went into Somalia this week to kidnap a Somali militia leader.

Africom is now waging war against China in Africa.

This is via waging war against governments that support China in Africa.

This is why films like Machine Gun Preacher are being released.

Look at the poster of the film above.

See the heroic white man with a gun protecting the black child.

Yet the truth is that the poverty and weapons that have damaged Africa are products of the West.

Russian made weapons flood the continent and are used in wars.

Foreign debt drives poverty and causes wars.

African dictators are supported, put into power, funded and armed by the West.

African doctors, nurses, academics etc are then forced to leave their own nations and come to the West, therefore accelerating the collapse of civil society in their own countries.

This then causes the collapse of those nations.

The wars / tribal revolts that then start in Africa act as the pretext for UN or US intervention.

The aim is to allow the West to recolonise the West.

This is why Hollywood is now releasing films like Machine Gun Preacher.

The sub text of the film is that only the white man who represents the West can save Africa.

The Africans cannot save themselves, so the West must recolonise Africa economically and militarily via Africom to protect Africans from themselves.

The films are not meant for African audiences, they are primarily to indoctrinate Western audiences with the idea that only the West via its bombing missions and armed interventions can save Africans from other Africans.

The films are acting as an antidote to the Hollywood messages of the last few decades which were based on a 'white man is evil and robbed/ murdered/ oppressed Africans' which were peddled to the masses under the previous US government regimes who had an isolationist position on Africa as they were dealing with mainly the Russian / Soviet threat - hence the endless films like Red Dawn, Rambo 2, Red Scorpion etc etc in the 1980's.

The same thing happened in the Balkans when movies

The expansion of Africom into Africa began about the same time the Bruce Willis film Tears of the Sun was released ;

After the US military were driven out of Somalia the Hollywood movie Black Hawk Down depicted Somalians as brutish Islamist monsters so that the US public did not demand they return to that region.

Now the US need to checkmate China, hence the Hollywood movies are required to condition the masses into accpeting military interventions in Africa.

The fact that the West merely wants to suck Africa dry of its resources is never mentioned in these type of war propaganda films, for the West is always depicted as the heroic saviour of the people of whatever nation / continent it is robbing.

Expect more films like Machine Gun Preacher as Africom seeks to expand out into the continent and recolonise it for the US corporations that need new resources to save the US global economic imperium.

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