Monday 17 October 2011

Musings of a Durotrigan - My Response

This is my response to the article below ;

In February, I suggested that the best ideological fit with the EDL seemed to be the recently formed British Freedom Party (BFP), but after making such a suggestion on the Gates of Vienna blog, it was made clear to me that the Counterjihad movement could not take the BFP seriously because of the oft-recorded rants of leading founder BFP member Lee Barnes. Although Barnes sometimes forwards some excellent ideas, he is unfortunately prone to posting some frankly bizarre material on his 21st Century British Nationalism blog pertaining to conspiracy theories (Zionist NWO being the most-frequently commented upon) and syncretistic ‘spirituality’ encompassing a wide range of pagan and New Age elements, including the Mayan Calendar 2012 Doomsday ‘prophecy’. This latter-day champion of an anti-Zionist Blakeian mysticism, it was suggested, should continue to commune with the angels in the trees at the bottom of his garden rather than become a leading figure in a viable nationalist party.

I have tried to post these comments below on the Durotrigan site but for some reason appear unable to do so due to the comments software.

I have been reading your blog for a while, thought the time had come to comment as this article mentions me.

I shall answer each point one at a time.

1) Can you tell me why the 'counter-jihad movement' thinks that support of Zionism is any way relevant to the struggle against Islamism ?

No, nor can I.

The struggle against Islamism is not predicated on us counter-jihadists being subservient to Zionism - in fact the primary reason why the counter jihad movement and nationalist movements of European nations have been so damaged as per their political / social development over recent years is primarily due to attacks on the counter-jihad movement by organised Jewish and Zionist groups whose interests in the counter-jihad movement appear focused primarily in relation to their own, and Israels interests, not the interests of our peoples or our nations.

The endless throwing of the word and phrases 'Racism, racist and anti-semitic' against any nationalist organisation that does not abase itself before the self appointed Lords of Zionism , has led to the undermining of the counter-jihad struggle itself.

If the Zionists think the only counter-jihad struggle they will tolerate is one that primarily serves them, then they are either mad or power crazed. Either way they are living in cloud cuckoo land.

The irony that these Zionists support Israel being a 'Jewish state' is lost on them.

It appears that whilst a 'Jewish' state is acceptable to them, anyone who dares demand Britain is a British state that serves the British people, not the demands of the Zionists, is unacceptable.

Such chutzpah is not just hypocritical, it is sickening.

The idea that we as a nation must resist Islamism but surrender to the demands of a tiny number of arrogant Zionists with their own political agenda before we can be 'acceptable' to the Zionists or the counter-jihad movement is the very antithesis of British Nationalism.

If Zionists want to run Israel then good for them, but dont ever think they will be allowed to run Britain.

We dont intend to remove the Islamists and thereby allow the Zionists to run Britain.

2) It appears that support for Zionist terrorism, Zionist terrorist groups, Zionist terrorists or Zionist supporting terrorists like Anders Brievik is no bar to being accepted into the club of the Zionists counter jihadists, but a British Nationalist who supports the right of Israel to exist as a nation, but who doesnt genuflect before the dictates of Zionism or Zionists, apparently is.

With that sort of logic we can see we are dealing with a bunch of cranks who seem to think that their loyalty to Zionism means more than defeating Islamist terrorism.

That sort of effete, precious, country club mentality is the curse of the counter Jihad movement - the movement itself seems to think that loyalty to Zionism is more important than having activists and a movement that can actually DEAL with the Islamists.

As I said, such self serving hobbyists are the curse of the counter-jihad movement.

3) The fact that the counter-jihad movement does not seem to realise that we have at most ten years to establish and build a real and effective counter jihad movement in Britain before the demographics issue alone make this almost impossible means that they think they have the time to obsess on forming a club of zionist friendly lackeys.

They dont.

Though the Zionist cliques in America and Europe may be safe, our people in Britain arent.

Therefore I suggest that rather than thinking they can define OUR MOVEMENT for us, they butt out and concentrate on building their own.

4) My support for Marijuana reform is based on supporting the same medical marijuana licensed outlets as in America in order to help those people with chronic illnesses. I suggest those that are unaware of the licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in America do the research on them. When you have worked with people who have MS and whose lives have been transformed by medical marijuana like I have, then lecture me on the issue of Marijuana.

If you havent, butt out.

5) As for my study of new age religions, I study all religions - if being an ignorant, materialist and atheist are requirements for being in the counter-jihad country club - then show me where it is written on the application form.

I suspect that this is another example of the 'precious' nature of the hobbyists who think they can dictate what the counter-jihad movement should be doing and where it needs to be going.

When these self appointed 'experts' get off the internet and do some work for the movement in the real world, then I will be impressed.

But they never do, do they.

The fact that I study religions makes me similar to all those in the Jewish / Christian faith who study their own religions.

If I cant study religions as that makes me a bit of a 'crank' I wonder what that makes the Pope, Priests or Rabbi's ?

Are all religious people cranks, or just me ?

As for me studying William Blake, if studying one of the greatest British poets makes me 'crank', then so be it.

So lets be honest shall we - parts of the counter-jihad movement seem to think that what matters is not intelligence, talent, political or legal skills, dedication to the anti-Islamist movement or even the ability to organise a movement that matters.

Oh no, what matters it appears is that one must abase oneself before Zionists and the ideology of Zionism before one is acceptable to the Zionist counter-jihadist country club clique.

This is hobbyism at its worst.

How dare a tiny clique of Zionist extremists seek to hijack the counter-jihad movement in the UK for their own purposes and benefit.

The UK counter-jihad movement needs to adress one issue - ISLAMISM.

If anyone thinks Nationalists will support, work with or vote for a party that abases itself before Zionism, then you are delusional.

Nationalists do not want any political party / movement they support to be run / controlled / influenced by a tiny shadowy clique of self serving extremists who put their own interests before our nation and people.

Our people are dying in the streets from Islamist bombs and terrorism.

Sooner or later the small self serving cliques that think they can control the nationalist movement for their own benefit will invite their own nemesis as a result of such hubris.

The fact the EDL has already split down the middle due to the issue of the EDL's unconditional support for Zionism, and allowing Zionist extremists to take leading roles in the EDL, shows us that nationalists are already sick of this Zionist clique seeking to control the anti-Islamist movement.

The fact that the EDL and NWI are now effectively at each others throats is as a direct result of Zionism.

I suggest that from now on the anti-jihad movement concentrate on one issue - resisting Islamism.

That way such schisms wont occur again and damage the development of the counter-jihad movement itself.

Its time for the counter-jihad movement to focus one one issue and one issue only - RESISTING ISLAMISM - and that way we can get on with the job at hand, which is saving our country and people from the existential threat that Islamism poses to our nation and Western Civilisation.


L. J. Barnes LLB (Hons)

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Extant said...

Lee we are like Aliens.

They are just persons, like the other 60 million persons in Briton who are battling with the forced indoctrination that was designed just for them.

We don't fit the impotent narrative that our masters designed for us, we can think !

I am of the opinion that you just mortalised your genius by allowing them a response.

Accept it, most people are unable to understand you, they do not possess the depth.

Now fkn stoppit ;o)

Durotrigan said...

Lee, what the paragraph contains alludes to the feedback I received on the Gates of Vienna blog when I suggested that they ought to support the British Freedom Party. Nowhere did I mention ‘Zionism’, this was brought up by ‘Cheradenine Zakalwe’, and the only time I have used this word in my many hundreds of blog postings is in this one paragraph that you have reproduced. I am not a Zionist and I am not a Neocon: I am against intervention in the Middle East. Furthermore, I don’t think that Zionists pull all the strings so to speak: globalists possess their own logic which is independent of any one ethnic, national or confessional group, or any section thereof. Witness Blair, Brown, Cameron and countless others. Zionists? Hmm. No. Globalists – yes.

If you read what I wrote about Breivik shortly after he committed his atrocity, you will know that I condemned him totally, and do not share his warped outlook and ideology.

With respect to your third point, I am acutely aware of the ticking of the clock and our lack of time, and cannot think how you can misconstrue that I think otherwise.

Fourthly, why do you mention marijuana? Once again, I have never made reference to this word on my blog (although I did in the comments section of Gates of Vienna). For the record, I believe in its decriminalisation for personal use, along with that of all other illicit narcotics although I wouldn’t encourage their use. Marijuana has to be used cautiously, as for some people it undoubtedly can bring about of short or longer-term paranoia. Mental illness is a dreadful thing, and I would never wish to endorse the use of a substance that could push someone over the edge.

Durotrigan said...

Fifthly, with respect to your spiritual beliefs, I was drawing specific attention to a piece that you wrote in support of the Mayan 2012 Doomsday scenario. As you may be aware, I do not subscribe to this, just as I do not subscribe to other eschatological scenarios that have come and gone leaving the world very much in place. I realise from what you’ve written subsequently (i.e. you have after all just referred to a timescale of ten years to save the country) that you evidently no longer subscribe to this, which is fine. Surely though you must see that if you seek to win public support, expressing your belief in cosmic doomsday scenarios is, to say the least, counterproductive?

As for William Blake, I certainly did not mean to criticise you for taking an interest in him and his art, for he was without doubt a great artist.

Am I a ‘hobbyist’ as you term me? Well, as I have a full-time job, then naturally yes, I am a ‘hobbyist’ as in the original sense of the word ‘amateur’. As for the ‘country club’ reference, I’m baffled.

Anyway, I understand that what I have written has caused you some offence, but it would seem that much of it has arisen from a misconstrual of my position. I therefore hope that the explanations set out above disabuse you of this misapprehension, and assure you that I will continue to contribute in my own modest way to countering the real societal ills that you too wish to see an end to.


Against Islamisation and utterly disinterested in Zionism,


Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Durotrigan,

Thanks for your response - it appears that we do not disagree on anything.

My critique of the 'hobbyists' in the counter jihad movement did not apply to you, it applied to those in the counter-jihad movement, or more specifically the internet activists, who seem to think the counter jihad movement should be based on its abasement to zionism rather than dealing with Islamism.

If I didnt make that clear, I apologise for any false impression.

On all the other issues we agree 100 % - re globalism - the bankers of all races are the problem, not just the Zionist / Jewish bankers.

Greed isnt race based - all races have corrupt and greedy people responsible for the banking crisis,



Durotrigan said...

Cheers Lee,

I'm glad that we see eye-to-eye on these matters. I too am very aware that there are some who use the cover of 'counterjihad' for very different agendas to which I do not subscribe. Like you, I feel apprehensive about the clamour amongst some for war with Iran, which would not only be completely unjust, but a disaster.