Wednesday 5 October 2011

Multi-culturalism = Total Failure

Here we see the total failure of multi-culturalism.

Mass immigration has become colonisation due to multi-culturalism which has led to ghettoisation, voluntary apartheid and eventually civil war.

David Levin said parts of London were starting to resemble apartheid-era South Africa, with black and white pupils being separated at a young age.

He insisted that Britain was becoming a “silo society” as many young people never leave their own housing estate or mix with children from different racial and religious backgrounds.

The comments come amid continuing alarm over segregation in inner-city communities.

Entrenched segregation in the education system was seen as one of the fundamental causes of the race riots that rocked parts of northern England a decade ago.

A recent report found that schools in Oldham – one of the worst flashpoints – are still largely split along racial lines.

More than eight-in-10 Pakistani or Bangladeshi pupils attend schools where fewer than 20 per cent of children are white, it was revealed.

In parts of inner-London, including the east London borough of Tower Hamlets, more than eight-in-10 children speak English as a second language.

Mr Levin, the head of fee-paying City of London School, said he grew up in South Africa “where apartheid was imposed and people had to live in different areas”.

“Increasingly I am alarmed at the way London is divided into ghettos,” he said. “We are becoming a silo society.”

Speaking at the annual meeting of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference, which represents 250 leading independent schools, Mr Levin told how his teachers and pupils were involved in partnership programmes with state schools in the capital to help raise standards. This includes the “gifted and talented” scheme designed to push the brightest children.

He said it was hoped that the initiative would also help breakdown racial and religious barriers between schools.

Some 97 per cent of pupils at one of the schools – Stepney Green Maths and Computing College – are of Bangledeshi origin, he said.

Mr Levin added: “A number of those children through no fault of their own have not been out of their council estate, never mind Tower Hamlets. This cannot be a good thing.”

He said the City of London was also involved in a partnership with another establishment in Peckham, south-east London, which was “overwhelmingly West African”.

“Again [this] cannot be a good thing,” he said. “In my view, I think London is sleepwalking towards Johannesburg. The ghettoisation of the community.”

Mr Levin said that children in many of these inner-city schools were “not mixing with other people from different faiths, different races and different socio-economic backgrounds”.

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alanorei said...

Here in the northeast, if, after a visit to London, you say to friends and neighbours that "London isn't England any more" they know exactly what you mean and are not happy about it.