Thursday 6 October 2011

Cameron and One Nation Toryism

The idea that the Cameron Tories can be a One Nation Party when ;

1) Britain is in the EU and hence not a nation but a vassal state

2) Wales and Scotland are under devolved governments

3) We are run by Globalist supra-national institutions

4) The government is a coalition government with the Lib Dems so impossible to unite around any issues except their own political and financial self interest

This is the sort of drivel that only retarded Tories believe.

1) It was Heath who took us into the EU

2) Thatcher took us into the Single European Act

3) Major took us into the Maastricht Treaty

4) Tories supported devolution

5) Thatcher began the takeover of our economy by the Financial-Political Bloc when she destroyed manufacturing and industry and globalised the British economy and threw the working class on the dole via globalist offshoring of their jobs to India and China

6) The British public are brainwashed media conditioned drones who are so thick they think voting for the Tories / Labour / Lib Dems means anything.

The Tories / Labour / Lib Dems are all puppets of the Globalist bankers, US and EU.


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Anonymous said...

Spot on Lee.