Sunday 16 October 2011

Ian Dale and Fox's Mossad Links

I am beginning to understand why Jim Murphy is playing the Fox saga so coolly and did not hysterically demand a head on a spike. He knows that there is a very good chance that from the acorn of a sorry tale of poor judgement and an unfortunate friendship, the mighty oak of a serious political story might grow. I doubt whether we will be ever told what input the security services input was into the Cabinet secretary’s report, but I would be amazed if it was not significant.

The first clue that his whole saga might take an unusual twist was a fascinating piece by Martin Kettle suggesting that Fox would be in trouble if he was running his own security policy underneath the Foreign Office radar. To be honest I couldn’t quite see where he was coming from until the jig saw pieces from other media outlets, particularly SKY’s Tom Raynor, suddenly begin to fit together.

I will summarise. Werrity gets his cash to travel the world from a number of donors. Fox has had a particular interest in bring peace and stability to Sri Lanka. He has been involved with the Sri Lankan Development Fund which was wound up in 1999. The fund was registered at 30 George Square, Marylebone. But so is a rather mysterious, Kroll like company called G3 Good Governance. This is chaired by Chester Crocker who was Reagan’s Deputy Secretary of State with responsibility for Africa. Crocker advanced the policy of constructive engagement towards Apartheid. He also served under Al Haig at the NSA. Crocker is also connected to C5 Capital which employs Lt General Sir Graham Lamb who was former director of UK Special Forces. G3 also funds a charitable organisation, Universal Exports Foundation, run by a lady said to be the daughter of a former MI6 Middle East Director. Paddy Ashdown (former SIS) is involved. G3 gave a donation to Pargav, who helped fund Werritty.

Now there is nothing illegal or improper about any of this. But there appear to be some very interesting connections which someone somewhere, ought to pay attention to. Oh, and to add to the drama of it all, Universal Exports was the fictional cover name in the James Bond books for M16.

So, as I once said to a judge, “there we are, your Honour”. To which his response with “But where are we? I haven’t got a clue!” And with this little tale I haven’t got a clue where we are either. But, I must say, it is all very spooky.

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