Tuesday 18 October 2011

Fox and Nigeria


WMR's British intelligence sources report that the sudden early retirement of Britain's most powerful civil servant, Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell, who will receive a £2.3 million pension package, at the height of the investigation by the Cabinet Secretary into allegations that British Tory Defense Minister Dr. Liam Fox shared highly-classified information with Adam Werrity, a close friend. Werrity may have parlayed the information into personal financial gain.

O'Donnell had been investigating the affair but his departure will now open the door for the powerful post of Cabinet Secretary to be split up into three weaker positions by Prime Minister David Cameron. Cameron's press secretary, Gabby Bertin, has now been implicated in the Fox-Werrity scandal.

Werrity holds no official government job and he lacks a security clearance for the classified information he was allegedly given access to by Fox. It is believed that Werrity may have passed classified information on to his multi-billionaire lobbying clients, former Goldman Sachs official Michael Hintze and now manager of the CQS hedge fund; hedge fund mogul Lord Stanley Fink; and real estate tycoons Simon and David Reuben.

The departure of O'Donnell, who has served four Prime Ministers — John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and David Cameron — during a major inquiry into scandal surrounding the Prime Minister and Defense Minister, has many in the intelligence community wondering if there is something more that is being covered up.

O'Donnell may have been able to link the Werrity scandal to past defense ministry scandals involving the illegal exports of certain restricted defense items, including nuclear material, to embargoed nations or the international black market. O'Donnell has now left the civil service with a generous retirement. One of O'Donnell's predecessors as Cabinet Secretary, Lord Butler, later chaired an inquiry board that looked into the intelligence Britain used to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Not surprisingly, Butler concluded that some of the intelligence on Iraq's alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction was inconclusive but that the intelligence that Iraq was pursuing yellow cake uranium in Africa was "well-founded." The document on Iraq trying to obtain yellow cake from Niger turned out to be a crude forgery. Butler later was named a director of the banking giant HSBC.

From the Matrix Churchill scandal involving banned British military technology to Saddam Hussein to serious allegations surrounding the disposition of apartheid South Africa's nuclear weapons, successive British governments have been mired in military technology and weapons smuggling scandals. O'Donnell's hasty departure during a major inquiry indicates that the successive cover-ups of British weapons smuggling and other illegal defense deals with certain problematic regimes, including Israel and India, continue to the present.

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