Tuesday 11 October 2011

Marx and the Markets


Karl Marx argued that revolution was impossible in a society that lived on the family farm. He believed that urbanization and industrialization were both requirements for a Communist revolution. In the 1920s, half of all Americans lived on a farm. Family farms that remained free of debt, enjoyed full-employment during the 1930s. Those that used debt to expand, were destroyed.

The Federal Reserve Bank is a Marxist and Fascist institution. It creates the debt necessary to enslave a Republic, and the politics that are required to increase our indebtedness. Whether this country spends money on social programs (Socialism), or military expansion (Fascism), we end up borrowing money from the Federal Reserve. As an added bonus, the privately owned corporation also charges us interest to use its Federal Reserve Notes as our currency.

The Satanic Psychopaths behind the Fed are also behind the Democratic Party, Obamination, Labor Unions, and global communism. They control the Republican Party, corporate behemoths, the media, illegal immigration laws and the stock market as well.

Its a win-win.

The use of stock options to plunder the plunderers makes a whole lot more sense than standing outside of Wall Street with a bottle of 1% milk screaming that you are the 99%. Much more satisfying since you are actually depriving the Psychos of that which they love most, other people's money.

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