Thursday 6 October 2011

The Neo-Cons Return

Perhaps the worst thing to ever to confront the conservative movement and hinder our advancement has not been the old Leftism of the Soviet Union or even the new Leftism of the Fabians or SDS, but rather the leftism from within our own ranks that calls itself neoconservatism. With its roots in an unholy marriage of Trotskyism and corporatism, neoconservatism has been the foremost tool used by the enemies of freedom and culture to divide and dismantle the authentic conservative movement of the United States.

With the end of the Bush era and his administration discredited by a failing economy, two endless wars, corrupt bail outs, a deteriorating border situation, along with a retreat in the culture war, it appeared in 2008 that neoconservatism was finally done for and a revival of constitutionalism and sober policy by way of the Tea Party was filling the vacuum. This rise of the Liberty movement begs the question: is neoconservatism dead? The answer has become clearly evident: no.

The emergence of Rick Perry as the media’s candidate demonstrates the enormous power that neoconservatism wields. Now more than ever the right wing in the United States (and even Europe for that matter) should be concerned about this reemergence of a repackaged neoconservatism.

The neocons, with their new superhero Rick Perry, will follow the same tactic that its Leftist cousins follow in their attempts to regain power. Their losses in the last two election cycles and the awakening on the part of the libertarian/constitutionalist right to no longer reward bad behavior is a major problem posed for the neocons. The prevailing mentality of the Tea Partiers suggests that fewer people are willing to buy the line that we must vote for the lesser of two evils. Hence an open neocon such as Bush or Gingrich will not win an election any time soon. So now we have Rick Perry to now deal with.

The neocons are marketing themselves anew with a more handsome, sophisticated form. They are clothing themselves in Tea Party regalia in an attempt to convince the masses that they empathize with the Right and that there is no fundamental difference between a Rick Perry and a Ron Paul, only that Rick Perry wants a “strong national defense” (neocon code word for bombing non-democratic countries until they start voting).

By using our slogans and playing off our hatred of Barrack Obama, Perry’s media machine is attempting to convince Americans that Rick Perry is that masculine, Pattonesque leader we have been looking for to crush the Left. Unlike Mitt Romney who has no hope of shedding his leftist past thanks to the Tea Partiers, Rick Perry has successfully begun to co-opt the Tea Party via the media. Already we are seeing leftists like Chris Matthews brand Rick Perry as the “Tea Party candidate” (contrary to what the polls say) and are strategically working with the left to marginalize truly conservative candidates.

This is nothing more than sheer propaganda, which is what elections are all about. Rick Perry’s record is just as tarnished as Mitt Romney’s, but Rick Perry holds the favor of the elites and of the establishment left—unlike the former Massachusetts governor.

The neocons may have lost the battles of 2008 and 2010 (although Obama has more or less continued Bush’s foreign policy, much to the chagrin of anti-war leftists who voted for him), but their desires to reclaim the presidency is and continue to derailing the country from its constitutional roots are stronger than ever before. Their transnational, corporatist interests have no desire to give up any ground they have gained though the military-industrial-media complex. The battlefield on this front is currently the 2012 presidential campaign and the conservative wing cannot be diligent enough in exposing the globalist orientation of Rick Perry to as many unsuspecting Republicans as possible.

Rick Perry’s current success should not be underestimated, despite the election still being months away. The neocons will first target the Bachmann and Paul campaigns in an attempt to gain the GOP nomination and then they will plan on us voting for Rick “Lesser of Two Evils” Perry to save us from Obama. The conservative wing would do itself a great service by not falling into this trap. We should not support Perry if he wins the GOP nomination as it will only set our growing movement back. If Perry should be the main challenger to Obama, then America loses either way and it would behoove us as conservatives to not prematurely reward those who will not serve our interests and ultimately sell us out as Bush pt. 1, Newt Gingrich and Bush pt. 2 did.

Only with a much longer outlook on the movement of politics can we hope to regain America politically. The 2012 presidential election will probably not be the most important election of our lifetime, and we should look forward to continue to oust and punish those who only give us lip service and have more in common with the left than with authentic conservatives.

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