Wednesday 5 October 2011

RIP Dave Hannam

Dave Hannam was a truly dedicated Nationalist and Patriot.

You knew he was a man dedicated totally to the cause of British Nationalism.

You could trust Dave.

To read Griffins Tweet about him on the day of his death was disgusting.

It was Griffin who forced Dave Hannam to take the role of Treasurer on.

Dave, being Dave, would not refuse even though he knew that he was not suited to that role.

Dave took on the role as he was a Patriot who wanted the best for the British people, Britain and the BNP - and Griffin as usual took advantage of that.

Now I read that Simon Darby is blaming the BBC for Daves death.


It was Griffin who made him take the role of Treasurer.

It was Griffin who used his inexperience to rip the party off of its donations and divert cash out of the BNP and into his own pocket.

It was Griffin who forced Dave to follow the same dodgy and illegal accounting procedures that Griffin has followed all his life - the same dodgy accounting that all 'old style nationalists' like Griffin and Harrington think are acceptable.

They are not.

A mainstream party, as I told Griffin repeatedly, has to be whiter than white.

But Griffin was incapable of doing this - simply as he is a crook.

And dupes like Dave Hannam are used by Griffin to take the fall when the shit hits the fan.

Dave was placed under the stress by Griffin.

Anyone who knows how the BNP works knows that Hannam did only as he was ordered too by his idiot Fuhrer Griffin.

Dave knew that when the shit hit the fan - that he would carry the can for Griffin.

That was what caused the stress for Dave.

He was exploited and dumped by Griffin and knew he was going to get the blame.

Thats another British Nationalist broken by Griffin.

Yet his maggot army still follow him.

The mugs deserve all they get.

Time for the patriots in the BNP to wake up - before they are used and thrown away as well.

RIP Dave Hannam.

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Anonymous said...

On the day he died, those he served could only criticise him. It took them a further 2 days to put something on their website. Hang your heads in shame you using bastards. Your not Nationalists your the worst kind of thieves, the sort that steal from their own kind. RIP Dave, thoughts and sypathies to your family and friends.
Northern Ireland

alanorei said...

Re: Now I read that Simon Darby is blaming the BNP for Daves death.

I think you mean the BBC, Lee.

The Party appears to be intensifying its war on the BBC. Even if it implodes through massive debt very soon, which it is predicted to do, I understand, it is to be hoped that it at least makes some kind of deep incision in the corporation.

Anonymous said...

Gri££in will use this opportunity to shift the blame for the 'stolen' party money on to the late Dave Hannam .

Even before Dave's body is cold, 'Old Nick' will be slandering & libeling the dead.

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks alan, corrected.