Tuesday 10 June 2008

The Islam of the Imams

Islam is a set of memes, a series of conflicting ideas.

Ideas are not threats in themselves, they only become threats when they are embraced by individuals who then use that meme for their own ends.

For example Marxism. The theories of Marx were the unknown ideas of an unknown ex-German Jewish emigre in London who wrote in the corner of the British Library and who was unknown except amongst a small circle of revolutionaries and lunatics.

No-one read him and the meme of marxism remained just an obscure set of ideas drifting around the collective consciousness of mankind with a myriad other insane memes.

The ideas of Marxism were wisps in the wind, febrile and fragile thought forms with no substance and no existence.

It was not until a few Russian revolutionaries led by Lenin took up that meme, politicised it, used it to start a revolution in Russia and then used it to create one of the largest and most powerful empires in human history - the Sovie Union, that the meme of Marxism became the monster that almost destroyed the planet.

Ideas only kill when Men give themselves to them.

Memes are nothing until they lodge in a human brain and then become 'real'.

It is only once an meme infects a mind and that mind then transmits that meme into reality as actions evolving in time, that the meme becomes a threat.

This is explained best in the most superb book of the last twenty years 'The Lucifer Principle' by Howard Bloom.


This is why Islam is not the threat, it is the Imams that use Islamic memes and the Koran to grab power, resources, land and money for themselves who are the threat.

The meme seeks to grow, to conquer, to devour resources just as a wolf does, just as a man does.

Memes justify the crimes of men, and that is why men give themselves to memes.

The meme and the man are in the perfect symbiotic relationship for each feeds on the other.

It is the Imams who translate the Koran as justifying murder, rape, slaughter etc in the name of Islam who are the threat - not Islam itself.

It is their Fatwas that lagitimise murder, war and hate. The imams use the memes to justify their crimes.

This is the same with all memes - such as Christianity that turned the teachings of a poverty stricken spiritual aescetic into the most powerful secular political and religious empire in history that slaughtered millions in its name and in the name of Jesus Christ - The Holy Roman Empire with a Pope more powerful than kings.

It is the Imams, the Preists and the Rabbis and the gurus and teachers that use a meme to empower themselves, enrich themselves and impose their will on others that are the enemy.

A Holy Book is just a collection of ideas that mean nothing until someone believes in them.

Those ideas only prosper and grow when they are fed on fresh blood.

The meme is just an idea, it does not exist until someone takes it up and gives it form in the real world.

A meme is not a threat until someone is prepared to kill in the name of the meme.

The only way to defeat the islamist threat is to create new memes that counteract the deadly Islamist memes.

This requires an Islam of the individual spirit, an Islam not of Imams or the Koran but of the spirit.

Just as modern Christianity must rediscover the spirituality of Christianity and reject the power of the Church and its cult of power, so must Islam and Judaism and all other religions.

The age of the dictatorship of the Books, Imams, Preists, Gurus and Rabbis must be replaced by the Era of the Spirit, an era of individuals seeking their own spiritual revelation.

Only when the last of the Holy Books, the Imams, the Preists, the Rabbis and the Gurus are replaced by memes of the spirit will we be free of the poisonous memes of the past and the fools and criminals that use those memes to justify their crimes.


Anonymous said...

Have a look at this wonderful song, Dragons in the Sunset by Fire and Ice


Anonymous said...


I respect what you are saying and of course, I agree that a higher spirituality needs to found by all of us.

But your theory is seriously flawed.

You say:

"This is why Islam is not the threat, it is the Imams that use Islamic memes and the Koran to grab power, resources, land and money for themselves who are the threat."

Islam is more than the koran it is also the haddith(witness accounts of the life of Mohammed) and the sira (the biography of Mohammed). Without these the Koran cannot be understood. They are the accounts of how "the perfect example" practised his faith.

To introduce spirituality (not an Islamic concept in the way we understand it) to Islam you would have to rewrite the haddith and sira. Becuase you cannot find spirituality where torture, abuse, enslavement, mass murder, murder of children, rape of slaves and the rape of children exist. And Mohammed committed personally all of these.

Comparing Islam to Judaism and Christianity is like comparing apples with oranges. When Christians use their religion as an excuse to subjugate people they go against the example of their teacher. Jesus Christ never killed anyone and his greatest commandment was "love one another".

Mohammed's greatest commandment, he even said it on his death bed, is to fight and kill the non-believer, an act he performed himself with relish, just as he enjoyed satisying his unsatiable lust with women and of course, a 9 year old little girl whom he married when she was just 6.

This command is open-ended. It is in force until "fitna is abolished and the world belongs solely to Allah." Such a command does not exist in any other religion.

Not only would you have to rewrite Mohammed's vile life, you would then have to abolish sharia law, a law created from the example of Mohammed. This is a law that calls for the killing of apostates, that states the lives of women and non-believers are less than that of male muslims, that allows men to divorce at the drop of a pin whereas women are denied the same privilage, endorses the marrying of grown males to children as young as 3 and has the concept of blood money to name just a few.

Where on earth will you find spirituality in Islam? It is impossible, where evil resides good cannot flourish.

Another problem with your theory regards the future. What if - just as has happened with the oil boom - Islam is resurgent again? Will generations in 100 or 200 years time have to face yet another jihad from maniacs citing the example of the prophet as the "true Islam", pretty much as Al Qaeda and the wahhabis are doing now?

We cannot allow that to happen.

Islam is no religion. It is a death cult started by a psychopathic paedophile who is revered by all Muslims. It has no place whatsoever in our society. It is a giant lie, a total falsity and an affront to humanity.

Our duty should be to support those brave apostates like Ayaan Hrsi Ali, the brilliant Wafa Sultan and Ali Sina, whose website I believe is essential reading:

Ali Sina FFI

All of whom are trying to get muslims to see Islam for the evil it is so Islam implodes.

It is us or them Lee, and we have to prevail or evil - and that is exactly what Islam is - will triumph.

I do agree though that the age of priests, rabbis, imams, gurus, evangelists and other pious religious dictators must be replaced by individual spirituality.


Defender of Liberty said...

I will check out the song from Fire and Ice today. Thanks for the link.

All the best.




I once had an argument with a Jehovahs Witness and the same virtual argument with a Christian Born Again Fundamentalist.

Both said 'their' interpretation of the Bible was correct (even though both interpretations completely contradicted the other )and both said that the Bible was the unchanging 'word of God' and that all the 'truth' the world needed was in the Bible, though of course solely as they interpreted it. Their 'truths' contradicted each other and yet both were based on the SAME Bible.

I said ' the idea that God in his spiritual, material and evolving greatness can be contained in the few hundred pages of the Bible is an insult to God. If God created the universe and all life, and if God exists as a transcendent spiritual reality outside the corporeal reality of the material universe, then the idea that the Bible can contain the entirety of God in all his wisdom, forms and manifestations is an utter absurdity. God evolves, as does life and the universe, and the God of the Bible is no more the God of this moment than was the ape in the distant past the same as man today'.

After a stunned silence, they were forced to concede that God in his entirety cannot be captured or contained in a few hundred pages of a book and that God evolves.

The Koran and the books of Islam, all of which like Christianity support a plethora of contradictory interpretations, must be seen simply as historical manifestations of God in a specific moment of time.

Allah of the Koran is not the Allah of today, and therefore the Koran, and all its books, are to be seen as merely mainfestations of the spirit of God at a singular moment in time - the moment the message was given to the prophet.

To say that only one interpretation of the Koran exists forever is an act of apostasy, for it presupposes that God cannot evolve. If life and the world were created by God and both life and the universe evolves, then that is a manifestation of a God that also evolves.

The Koran as written by Mohammed was simply a book of its time. a transient reflection of god at that specific moment in time. It can no more capture the evolving essence of God than a raindrop define the evolving essence of an ocean.

The ultimate heresy though is this - to say the Koran is the ultimate word of God is to allow man to become equal to god, for if God is simply the Koran then Man, by interpreting the Koran, seeks to both equate himself as god and to replace God.

Any Imam who says the Koran is the ultimate word of God is an apostate.

God is spirit, God is life evolving, God cannot be defined or enshrined in the pages of a book.

God would not seek to sully himself by clothing his essence in the pages of a book.

To say that God would seek to imprison his majesty and essence in the pages of a book printed from pulped paper, and then that book be used as the basis of wars, hate and terror that kill and maim both his own creations and those innocents who love him is the ultimate rejection of God.

This is the essence of the New Islam, that the Koran and the other books have never been the final word of God and that the spirit of Allah is greater than any book.

Those that seek to define God as a book, are idol worshippers and heretics.

Defender of Liberty said...


the alternative to the spiritual revolution of Islam, Christianity and Judiasm is the apocalypse.

You may be right that the apocalypse is inevitable - but if that is true then those books that lead to the apocalypse are not holy books - they are the enemies of God.

Why would a loving god create the universe, then create life and then raise Man from the animals and bless him with an immortal soul and then grant him the divine ability to percieve the love of God - if God then gave him books that ensured Man would kill himself and the planet that God created out of love for Man ?

Any books that lead to apocalypse are not instruments of God, they are instruments of evil.

I do not believe that all Muslims are evil and therefore the problem is the Book and the Imams.


Anonymous said...


What you are talking about are western philosophies and concepts. There are huge, irreconcilable differences between Islam and any other religion.

When you say:

"To say that only one interpretation of the Koran exists forever is an act of apostasy, for it presupposes that God cannot evolve. If life and the world were created by God and both life and the universe evolves, then that is a manifestation of a God that also evolves."

The way the Koran - believed by muslims to be the absolute word of Allah as revealed to Mohammed - is interpreted is through the life and deeds of Mohammed. He is revered that much. Human interpretation of the Qu'ran (bid'a) has been forbidden for 1000 years (referred to as "the gates of Ijithad are closed")

Bid'a is haram. This is why Islam has not gone through the reformations that the Christian and Jewish faiths have. And it never will.

The crux is that Islam has nothing to do with God whatsoever. How can anyone who believes God sent his prophet to murder young boys - by beheading - to rape slaves including marrying and f**cking one of them straight after he had her husband beheaded, to torture thieves, to deceive people, to wage unlimited war on unbelievers and to rape litle girls be a good, spiritual person?

That IS Islam. It is the belief in a maniac as a divine prophet who preached intolerance towards all other faiths and who spread his faith by the sword. That is what makes Islam so unique. Anyone and honestly, I mean ANYONE who believes in Mohammed is evil. They are the oxygen and the lifeblood that gives this death cult life.

You cannot believe in Mohammed, abide by sharia law and remain silent while women and children are abused and innocent people around the world - including muslims - are blown to pieces by jihadists who cite the example of their prophet as justification.

Islam has to be eradicated and the way we do it is to show muslims how evil Islam is so Islam implodes. What the Imams fear the most is the truth. Islam's achilles heel is the truth and it is the truth about this evil cult that will kill it.

Hopefully, by avoiding all-out war that will kill millions of people. But if we can't, we have to be ready to fight the forces of Islam and do what it takes to rid it completely from our land, just as our forefathers did at Tours and Vienna.

On the FFI site, Ali Sina has a debate in PDF format with a renowned reformist Islamic scholar a Javed Ghamidi. I urge you and all readers of your blog to read it, if you have time, because you will be shocked at what an Islamic reformist calls "reform".


Defender of Liberty said...

Then my friend, we must prepare for the apocalypse.

And the first step of that process of preparing for the apocalypse is the removal of the Liberals that prevent us putting in place the neccsary structures required for us to defend ourselves.

I hope that amongst the worlds muslims are those who are not part of the dialectic of a death cult, the spiritual muslims, and that they exert their influence within Islam to prevent the apocalypse.

I hope that the Sufi mystic line of spiritual Islam such as that of Abu Hilman, who rejected Sharia and book law, and who advocated direct experience of God are able to grow into the New Islam.

If they dont then they will become ash in the wind along with Israel and Iran and all those caught up in the conflagration that will be the apocalypse.


alanorei said...


Just a few points of clarification.

The 1611 Authorized King James Bible of the Christian Church and the New World Translation of the Jehovah's Witnesses movement are not the same.

They differ in hundreds of important doctrinal verses in the New Testament alone and are based on different sets of Greek manuscripts. The AV1611 comes largely from the majority of manuscripts, preserved by faithful bible-believers down through the centuries who were often martyred in the process.

The NWT comes largely from two corrupt 4th century codices; Vaticanus (B) and Sinaiticus (Aleph). B was found on a shelf in the Vatican Library in about 1481, where it still is. Aleph was found in a trash pile in what is now the Greek Orthodox monastery of St Catherine near Mt Sinai in the middle of the 19th century and is now in the British Museum.

Unlike the AV1611 and its predecessors, neither ms. nor any 'bible' from them has ever been responsible for any kind of genuine Christian growth, revival, reformation, church-planting and missionary effectiveness.

Regrettably, the Christian Church has largely abandoned the AV1611 for the modern counterfeits; NIV, TNIV, NRSV etc., which follow the NWT in their many departures from the AV1611.

That is why the British Church is now largely a hollowed-out shell, with little or no useful effect on the national life any more.

Re: your question, Solomon addressed the first part of it in 1 Kings 8:27 "the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain thee."

I believe that the rest of it is answered by Deuteronomy 29:29

"The secret things belong unto the Lord our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law."

In principle, the statement applies to all scripture. Scripture is what God chose to reveal about Himself and His dealings with His creation. As Principal Author and Editor-in-Chief of the scripture, 2 Timothy 3:16, He is entitled to be selective about its contents.

God has also revealed Himself in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is "God...manifest in the flesh..." 1 Timothy 3:16.

You'll find that verse has been corrupted or disputed in all the modern versions; NIV, NWT, etc., together with the Catholic bibles, Douay-Rheims and Jerusalem Bible.

Re: the Apocalypse. It will come down in the not-too-distant future, according to the Book of Revelation.

The scripture does provide away out, though, for anyone interested.

Anonymous said...


I hope we don't face an apocalypse, I really do, but I fear the consequences of the mullahs in Iran having nuclear capability. With the shia belief in apocalypse heralding the second coming of the hidden Imam, it really is a frightening prospect.

You're spot on when you say the liberals who have put us in peril have to be overthrown. The BNP are the ones to do it, of that I have no doubt.

I've enjoyed debating with you as always, it's great to visit a site and debate properly without abuse as so often happens - even on some decent nationalist sites sadly. But we've debated differences many times on here always with respect.

Again I've learned something - I'm going to read about Abu Hilman, I have never heard of him so I want to know more.

Thanks again Lee and keep up the great work.



Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks Chris,

and also thanks for the comments on Scripture whoever you are ,

I am here to learn from all those with ideas and knowledge,

together perhaps we can plot a way out of this nightmare,



alanorei said...

Certainly agree with both of you above, especially w.r.t. the airing of different views and stances and the necessity for a viable way forward.

I am basically who I say I am. Alan O'Reilly. (See December 2007 issue of Identity, p 08-11.)

Anonymous said...

I disagre that all dogmas have an equal potential to inspire violence and oppression

Excellent book on Islam:


I disagre that all dogmas have an equal potential to inspire violence and oppression

Defender of Liberty said...

Once upon a time christians burnt heretics, pagans, 'witches' and anyone that was not a fundamentalist at the stake. Once Christians slaughtered Jews, protestants, catholics, Lombards, Cathars, Knight Templars because of greed, corruption and fundamentalism.

Once popes were more powerful and more evil than any emperor. Christianity as an institution has been a force for evil many times on the planet in its past.

In historic terms all religions that are dominated by fundamentalists are insane.

Christianity went through the process of cleansing itself of this fundamentalist insanity during the Reformation and the Enlightenment - this process is what is now required for Islam.

Anonymous said...


That's what I was saying about reform though. When the protestants reformed it was because they wanted to be more in-tune with the teachings of Christ.

What the jihadists and the wahhibis are doing is calling for a return to true Islam by following the example of the Prophet mohammed.

Judeo-Christian civilisation, for all its faults, developed into the most advanced societies and have advanced the cause of humanity more than any other. One of the crucial developments came with Universities, encouraging a strong commitment to question and develop knowledge. It was our technical advances that enabled us to keep the forces of Islam at bay - until now.

Contrast this with Islam. Look how retarded the lands in the ME are. Look at how human rights have advanced in the west and look at how they hardly exist in Islamic lands, especially for women, children and non-believers.

It is because of the debauched example of Mohammed that reform for Islam is impossible. For Islam to reform it means a rejection of their Prophet and that means a rejection of Islam.

There are two options: education and war. The first involves convincing muslims of the truth - that Islam is a falsity, an evil con-trick created by a psychopath. Because while Mohammed is still accepted as a Prophet, evil is accepted too.

For war, it doesn't help that the west is now too coawrdly to fight and defend its cultures and freedoms, both of which came at a heavy price paid by our forefathers. Freedom is not a right and it isn't free and we have to realise that we may well have to fight Islam or Islam will conquer us.

If that happens, judeo-christian civilisation will perish and the best hope for the future of humanity will perish with it.


Anonymous said...

What a pile of Dhimmi-shit from Garsides' gimp!

Defender of Liberty said...

The fact is that if we box all of the strands of Islam into the 'fundamentalist bracket' we then ignore and weaken those in Islam, such as the Universal Sufism movement, who reject Sharia and the insanity in the Koran.

Universal Sufism says that Nature is the only book of God and not the Koran and that Mohammed is just one amongst all the prophets of the ages from all religions. Universal Sufism says in order to know God one must study nature not the Koran.

This Universal Sufism is the basis of the New Islam, and we must support it.

This espousing and support of Universal Sufism (look it up) is the basis of the education we need to promote.

Winning the war against the evil followers of the insanity in the Koran and the Imams requires we remove the liberals from power in order to exterminate those who do evil in the name of the Islam of the Imams.

I agree the two pronged approach is neccasery - but in order to do both we must be more 'accurate' in our critiques of Islam.

We must not attack Islam as a monolithic block, but attack only those sections of it that are evil, oppressive and retarded.


Defender of Liberty said...

I see that the Zionist idiots are posting comments again - crawl auo Hitlers arse where you belong you Zionist-Nazi idiot.

Anonymous said...

Memetics? Ha!
Even a rudimentary understanding of Ontology are beyond you, gimpo.
Shove it, dhimmi boy Barnes!

Defender of Liberty said...

Ha ha - now who was it who used to post as Ontology on Stormfront, yep thats right its the misceginated nutcase Ebonics.

Oh dear ebonics, medication not working is it ?

Or has your pal Garside thrown you off Lancaster Unity again.

Go away you sad, sad bitch.

Anonymous said...

You must tread carefully with the Sufis, Hindus claim it was Sufism that first introduced Islam to India. Sort of a softening up process, which after time still gets hijacked by radicals once its taken hold. Sufism predates Islam there are Muslim Sufis and non-Muslim Sufis. If a Sufi chooses to regard himself Muslim, then he is muslim.
Sufis may be spiritualy adept but the British should not even contemplate accepting an Arab as their Prophet

Defender of Liberty said...

You may be right dizzy,

but we are facing the apocalypse whilst we are being led by appeasers, traitors and liberals and therefore we will lose any conflict with Islam,

unless we take power we are already the losing side,


Anonymous said...

Yes Lee you are right the traitors of the west are going to bring about any Apocalypse, the US is already known for having tested the atom bomb on its own troops.

Im sure they would be prepared to use a dirty bomb on their citizens to further their NWO goals

As you have said quite correctly, the threat the west faces is from our own governments who let people into our country who they already knew came from countries that where opposed to British rule