Saturday 21 June 2008

UFO - Update

I recieved an e mail this morning confirming that the British government has been contacted to initiate an investigation into the latest UFO events I listed on my blog on the grounds of a possible National Security Threat.

I penned this response ;


Thank you for that. I think that the significance of recent events are of such import, that the very fact of an ongoing failure of governments to investigate such occurences ( and their failure to acknowledge the increasing nature of such events, the accumulating video and witness testimony from around the world, the growing scientific evidence of the statistical probability of life evolving elsewhere in the universe, the numbers of ex-astronauts and military personnel coming forward to talk about their experiences and also the numbers of commercial pilots encountering such craft and making UFO reports to official bodies such as the Civil Aviation Authority and the airline regulatory bodies of other nation) is itself direct evidence of a conspiracy of silence.

In light of such clear evidence relating to many separate disparate evidential sources, the cumulative weight of such evidence should in clear scientific methodological terms require an objective investigation into the issue of an existence of such craft.

The failure to apply the normal scientific methodological standards and initiate an objective investigation based on such evidence, therefore suggests that 'pressure' exists within governments to not initiate an investigation. This implies that influence and power structures exist within our democratic systems that have the power to put pressure on governments to not initiate objective scientific investigations into such phenomena, and that these power structures in our nations operate above the level of democratic and open civil government structures.

Either the UFO phenomena exists or the US via a Shadow Government probably formed from its Military-Industrial Block funded by the Blacks Ops Budget has built advanced craft and energy systems whose very existence could save us from the looming Petro-Chemical Cvilisational Collapse. The Iraq War was a precursor of Peak Oil, but if the energy systems in these crafts exist then they could offer us salvation from the eco-conflicts and resource wars ahead. The fact they have not been revealed to the world suggests that such a Shadow Government would rather the world plunge into wars for profit, than peace with no costs.

This is why I would rather the former than the latter, for the latter implies a progression in to a future far more deadly than we can foresee, for if such technologies already exist and are being hidden then we have no idea who controls them, what those who control them are doing with them, no idea what they were designed to do and no possibility of visualising or anticipating what may, or could be done, with them in the future.


Anonymous said...

I know my following comment will instantly propel me into the ranks of the insane, but only the other day I posted somewhere to the effect, that one could be forgiven for thinking that what is happening in our world today is coming from outer space - there, I've said it. (again)

Beam me up Scottie.

Anonymous said...

Its a catch 22 in all truth, if they exist as an alien entity then they have been effecting the evolution of this planet for millenia and it would be silly to believe our technology could take them on and confront them.

Or that they are any more malevolent than current elite worldly powers!

On the other hand if it was a black ops agenda it would be in the interest of secret governments to convince us of this new enemy and new threat to world sefety. That we must all be prepared to be fleeced and pour huge amounts of taxes into black hole fake star war agendas, that no citizen can ever go into space and check to see what they are getting for their money.

Given the NWO agenda to unite the world, I still say the latter is the most likely senario, I say this because:-

1. They are desperate for a common enemy to unite humanity and that common enemy has to be something that is going to put billions into their arms industry

2. We know they have a habit of creating the enemy themselves so they can fund both sides.

If these life forms are legit then it demonstrates our ignorance to call them alien since they most likely had a hand in our evolution they where here before us and do not need passports or birth certificates, those concepts just go out the window when dealing with inerplanetary beings

Anonymous said...


You say the government has been "contacted" to start an investigation.

By whom?

Defender of Liberty said...

Sorry that is sonfidential.

I can confirm though it was not via my tin foil coated baseball cap which protects me from the alien mind rays.