Friday 13 February 2009

Another Dickhead Bishop

The proliferation of dick head Bishops continues apace in the Church of England.

Unelected, out of touch, cossetted in their palaces - who the hell are these morons !

Losing your job is not so bad says bishop

By Steve Doughty
Last updated at 2:51 AM on 13th February 2009

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Burden: Rt Rev Richard Chartres, the Bishop of London, said people losing their jobs were sometimes relieved at getting out of the rat race

Being made jobless in the recession can come as a relief, a senior Church of England bishop has claimed.
Those sacked 'seem to be relieved to get off the treadmill and to be given an opportunity to reconsider what they really want out of life', the Bishop of London, the Right Reverend Richard Chartres said.

Dr Chartres suggested that the credit crunch could give Britons a chance to 'reboot our sense of what a truly flourishing human life consists of'.

The third most senior figure in the Church added: 'It is difficult to know whether to sympathise more with those who have lost their jobs or those who are left carrying even greater loads with higher targets and fewer colleagues.'

Unions reacted sceptically.

A TUC spokesman said: 'You don't have much time for finding yourself when you're living on £60-a-week jobseeker's allowance.'

The praise for unemployment from the Bishop contrasts with the message put out by some of his colleagues, who have tried to sympathise with the problems faced by those thrown out of work.

Last month the Church published prayers for the recession which acknowledged the pain and confusion of redundancy, and yesterday Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu expressed his concern for 'individual hardship and families in need.'
Dr Chartres, however, said that redundancy could help ease the 'crack-berry culture' shared by many workers in his diocese.

'The 'crack-berry culture' is dangerously addictive and switching off from it is notoriously difficult,' he said;

The bishop said his diocese was trying hard to help those laid off in the slump.
Around 150,000 people in the diocese, which covers London north of the Thames, including the City.

Bishop Chartres, whose job is not under threat because of the downturn, is paid a stipend of £57,040 a year.

However, he does not have to pay a mortgage. The bishop and his family live in a 'see house' provided free by the Church in the Old Deanery, a grade one listed Wren house next to St Paul's Cathedral.

The apartment was refurbished for him at a cost of £300,000 in 1995.
Dr Chartres, a father of four, responded to criticism of the cost of his housing by saying the accommodation used by his bachelor predecessor was inadequate and that he needed a larger residence fit for 'a public person involved in public life', rather than an 'office wallah' in a 'suburban villa'.

Last month the CofE published a 'prayer on being made redundant' which read: 'Redundant - the word says it all - useless, unnecessary, without purpose, surplus to requirements. Thank you, Heavenly Father, that in the middle of the sadness, the anger, the uncertainty, the pain, I can talk to you. Hear me as I cry out in confusion, help me to think clearly, and calm my soul.

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alanorei said...

Any indication that this bishop is willing to use part of his stipend to help tide over anyone suffering from job loss who is now seeking "to reconsider what they really want out of life"?

I wonder how many such seekers the bishop has received into his see house? Bishops are supposed to be "given to hospitality" 1 Timothy 3:2 KJB.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Alanorei.

Rt Rev Richard Chartres - That's one bishop I would just LOVE to see losing HIS job.

alanorei said...

Mr Potter, many thanks

Bishops should also re-read The 39 Articles of Religion, e.g.

Article 37:

The Bishop of Rome hath no jurisdiction in this realm of England.

In other words, out goes the job-destroying EU, a Vatican project to be expelled from these shores along with Islam (the Vatican's hit men at street level). See The Principality and Power of Europe by Adrian Hilton.

I also urge all genuine C of E parishioners to stay loyal to the AV1611, which has kept this nation's foes at bay for as long as it was read, believed and preached from Anglican pulpits.

And during that time, though not without hardship, Britain became a great industrial nation.

To illustrate, consider the following. Note I do not advocate blood sports or cruelty to animals, the RSPCA being a spinoff from the ministry of the KJB. But the incident has a point, if you regard the names of the 3 dogs mentioned as Marx, Muzzie and Multi-culti. One of them survived, not sure which one but it beat a hasty retreat. The identity of the Lion, figuratively speaking, needs no explanation.

From The Men Behind the KJV, by Gustavus Paine, p 10.

“When [King James 1] had to return to town for the first Parliament of the new reign, he occupied the new royal apartments in the Tower of London and there, in the Lion’s Tower, the king watched three dogs set upon a lion, which tore two of them apart.”

The KJB, England's WMD, Weapon of Multiple Deliverance.

(Also posted on Sarah, Maid of Albion's blog but I thought it would be good here as well.)

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed Alanorei.

You are right in saying that the Authorised Version of the Bible needs to be kept - and indeed honoured.

Such material as this work represent our own Alamo, our stockade around which the British people in all their different guises must defend their own bit of British culture, religion, identity and heritage.

The KJB must belong to this category and be defended at all costs from the secularists, Islamists, politically correct liberal bishops and international foreign religious doctrines and authority.

alanorei said...

Thanks Mr Potter, you sum it up exactly

This is what the late George MacDonald Fraser said, speaking of his section mates in 9th Battalion, the Border Regiment, with whom he served in Burma in 1945 and who voted in the Khaki Election of July 1945 (at 20, he was too young).

The following is from his book about his wartime experiences, entitled Quartered Safe Out Here, p 264-5.

“They did not fight for a Britain where to hold by truths and values which have been thought good and worthy for a thousand years would be to run the risk of being called “fascist” – that, really, is the greatest and most pitiful irony of all.

"Some [of those truths and values], to superficial minds, will seem terribly trivial, even ludicrously so - things like county names, and shillings and pence, and the King James Version and yards and feet and inches - yet they matter to a nation."

They are this nation's very identity. Significantly, they are the focal points of attack.