Monday 9 February 2009

A picture worth a thousand words

Take a look at the article here about the UAF in Exeter ;

The pcture is brillaint.

In it we have ;

1) THE HARRIDAN LESBIAN - a classic UAF member at the front of the demo picture. White, middle class, usually an academic with a public services job, she is the archetypal lefty twat.

2) THE NIGEL - on the left we have the nigel. Usually a frantic masturbator with an inflatable girlfriend, he has a range of hobbies ranging from newt breeding to child molestation.

3) THE PEDERAST - on the right we have the proffesional pederast. Usually a GP or magistrate they have been abusing little boys since they were at public school in the fifties. Married as a cover for his activities.

4) THE COUNCIL WORKER - to the rear we have the council workers. These are usually social workers or some other useless parasite on the public purse.

Thank goodness these are the face of the opposition - if they werent so ugly we would have a real problem.

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Anonymous said...

The beautiful girl in the photo seems to be wearing the Lesbian United fc home kit. Seriously, is it just me or are they all dressed the same. So much for individuallity.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this one up Lee - it is worth its weight in laughs!

It's also a great recruitment tool for the BNP and for Nationalist parties in general, viz-a-viz:

Are you normal and therefore a candidate for recruitment into the BNP/other nationalist party?

Or are you a geek/loser/deviant/wanker and therefore an ideal candidate to hold a UAF 'lollipop' placard against the BNP?