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Extremism, The NPD and The State

I was going to write an article about the utter futility and stupidity of nationalists using words and language that merely repulses the masses and voters, who have been conditioned by the media with a pavlovian response upon hearing certain words but Mr. Gabb has already written a superb article on this I have placed below.

I will add that those who use language that they know is illegal, offensive or abusive within nationalism are the inner enemy.

Those that tolerate such language are aiding and abbetting the enemy.

As the lesson of the NPD tells us when they were nearly banned in Germany, the most extremist elements of any movement are either nutters, reds, idiots or state security agents.

Therefore anyone in the nationalist movement who tolerates anyone who espouses extremism or who uses extremist language at a meeting or an public event is much an idiot and an enemy as the person who uses that language.

Those who use extremist langaue or who espouse extremism must be removed from any nationalist movement that seeks political power through the democratic process.

The scum that post on various nazi websites or who use extremist language in public are not nationalists - they are simply liabilities for the entire nationalist movement.

The article below from the The Daily Mail reveals that the police / MI5 / State are preparing to infiltrate 'extremist' groups.

The way they will infiltrate those extremist groups is by sending in individuals trained to use extremist language.

Those stupid enough to talk like an extremist merely leave the door open to coppers playing at being extremists.

No doubt the police are already hard at work on sites such as Stormfront, building up their database of morons and nazis to add to their lists.

The time has come for Zero Tolerance of big mouthed internet keyboard warriors and loud mouthed do nothing armchair nationalists - for they merely leave the door open for the police to gather as much information on people as they wish.

I have no doubts that right now on various nazi and extremist websites the police have already got in place so called 'hardcore' extremists who are using, and learning, the language that will allow them to access as much data as they wish on people.

The pathetic era when the big mouths could be tolerated has gone - now the moment anyone opens their mouth and says anything in public that is illegal or extremist then they must be removed from any nationalist parties and movements that are serious about taking power.

The lesson of the NPD is clear - when the nationalist movement, individual nationalists or nationalist parties tolerate illegal language that repulses the masses, then the system is the only winner.

A Personal View from
The Director of the Libertarian Alliance
Issue Number 180
8th February 2009

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On Golliwogs, One-Eyed Scottish Idiots
and Sending Poo Through the Post
by Sean Gabb

In England, one of those weeks has just ended that define an entire
period. This is no consolation for those who have suffered, and who may
yet suffer worse. But I have no doubt that it is worth describing what
has happened and trying to explain what it means.

Let me begin with the facts.

First, it was reported on the 3rd February 2009 that Carol Thatcher,
daughter of Margaret Thatcher, had been dismissed from her job as a BBC
presenter for having called a black tennis player a golliwog. She did not
say this on air, but during a private conversation. Even so, the BBC
defended its decision on the grounds that any language of a "racist
nature" was "wholly unacceptable".

Second, demands are rising at the moment for Jeremy Clarkson, another
presenter at the BBC, to be dismissed for having called the Prime
Minister a "one-eyed Scottish idiot who keeps telling us everything's
fine". Various Scotch politicians and spokesmen for the blind let up an
immediate chorus of horror that has resulted in a conditional apology
from Mr Clarkson, but may not save his career.

Third, it was reported on the 2nd February 2009 that the comedian and
Labour Party supporter Jo Brand was being investigated by the police for
allegedly inciting criminal acts against her political opponents. While
presenting a BBC television programme on the 16th January 2009, she
rejoiced that the membership list of the British National Party had been
stolen and published on the Internet. Her exact words were: "Hurrah! Now
we know who to send the poo to". The natural meaning of her words was
that it would be a fine idea to look up members of this party and send
excrement to them through the post. The British National Party put in an
immediate complaint, using the hate speech laws made during the past
generation. According to a BBC spokesman, "We do not comment on police
matters. However, we believe the audience would have understood the
satirical nature of the remarks". It is relevant to note that Mrs Brand
was present when Carol Thatcher made her "golliwog" remarks, and may have
had a hand in denouncing her.

Fourth, In The Times on the 6th February, someone called Matthew Syed
wrote how personally oppressed he felt by words like "golliwog", and how
good it was that "society" was taking a stand against them. Two pages
later, someone called Frank Skinner defended the employers in the north
of England who prefer to employ foreigners on the grounds that foreigners
are "better looking" and "less trouble". The possibility that he has
broken one of our hate speech laws will probably never be considered.

This is a gathering of facts that occurred or were made public during one
week. But if we relax the time limit, similar facts pour in beyond
counting. There was, for example, the pillorying last month of one of the
Queen's grandsons for calling someone a "Paki". Or, to give myself as an
example, there was my BBC debate of the 16th February 2004 with Yasmin
Alibhai-Brown, an Asian immigrant who seems incapable of seeing any issue
except in terms of white racism. During this debate, I asked her:
"Yasmin, are you saying that the white majority in this country is so
seething with hatred and discontent that it is only restrained by law
from rising up and tearing all the ethnic minorities to pieces?" Her
answer was "Yes". It is possible she did not understand my question. It
is possible she would have clarified or retracted her answer had the
debate been allowed to continue. Sadly for her, the BBC immediately
switched off my microphone and threw me into the street. Mrs Brown was
allowed to continue uninterrupted to till the end of the programme. The
hundreds of complaints received by the BBC and the Commission for Racial
Equality were all either ignored or dismissed with the assurance that
nothing untoward had taken place in the studio. I accept that Mrs Brown
might not have meant what she said. Had I made such a comment about
Asians or blacks, however, I might have been facing a long stretch in

But let me return to the most recent facts. The most obvious reason why
these broadly similar incidents are being treated so differently is that
Jo Brand and Frank Skinner are members of the new ruling class that
formally took power in 1997. They can vilify their opponents as freely as
Dr Goebbels did his. Any of the hate speech laws that might - objectively
read - moderate their language will be regarded as nullities. The police
had no choice but to investigate Mrs Brand for her alleged offence
committed live on television before several million people. But they made
it clear that no charges would result. According to a police spokesman,
"The chances of this going further are very remote. The idea that the BNP
are claiming they are the victim of a race offence is mildly amusing, to
say the least". It may be amusing. The statement itself is interesting,
though, as a formal admission that law in this country now means whatever
the executive finds convenient.

Carol Thatcher and Jeremy Clarkson are not members of the the ruling
class. They have no such immunity. Mr Clarkson may get away with his act
of hate speech because he is popular and clever, and because the main
object of his contempt is only the Prime Minister. Miss Thatcher may not
be allowed to get away with her act. She used a word that borders on the
illegal. And she is the daughter of Margaret Thatcher. She is the
daughter, that is, of the woman elected and re-elected three times on the
promise that she would make the British State smaller and stop it from
being made the vehicle for a totalitarian revolution by stealth. Of
course, she broke her promises. She did nothing to stop the takeover of
the state administration by politically correct totalitarians. But there
was a while when the people who actually won the cultural revolution in
this country thought they would lose. They looked at her rhetoric. They
noted the millions of votes she piled up in her second and third general
elections. And they trembled. As said, they won. Mrs Thatcher herself is
too old to suffer more than endless blackening at the hands of the
victors who now comprise the ruling class. But they still tremble at the
thought of how her shadow darkened their 1980s. And if they can do
nothing to her now, her daughter can be ruined, and that will now be
tried with every chance of success.

It might be argued that what Miss Thatcher and Mr Clarkson said was
offensive, and that they are in trouble because we have a much greater
regard for politeness than used to be the case. Perhaps it is offensive
to say that a black man looks like a golliwog. Perhaps it is offensive to
imply that Scotchmen are idiots or that people with defective sight also
have defective judgement. It might be. But it might also be offensive to
millions of people that the BBC - which is funded by a compulsory levy on
everyone who can receive television signals - broadcasts a continual
stream of nudity and obscene language; and that it pays the biggest
salary in its history to Jonathan Ross, whose only public talent is for
foul-mouthed buffoonery. The British ruling class - especially through
the BBC, its main propaganda outreach - has a highly selective view of
what is offensive.

And it is worth replying that the alleged offensiveness of the statements
is minimal. Let us forget about golliwogs and implied sneers at the
blind. Let us take the word "nigger". Now, this has not been a word
admitted in polite company in England since about the end of the
eighteenth century. Anyone who does use the word shows himself a person
of low breeding. Whatever its origins, its use for centuries has been as
an insult to black people. Any reasonable black man, therefore, called a
nigger, has cause to take offence.

This being said, only moderate offence can be reasonable. Anyone who runs
about, wailing that he has been hurt by a word as if it were a stick
taken to his back, and calling for laws and social ostracism to punish
the speaker, is a fool or a villain. And I can think of few other
epithets that a reasonable person would greet with more than a raised
eyebrow - "poof", "paki", "papist", "mohammedan", "chinkie" and the like.
Anyone who finds these words at the very worst annoying should grow up.
We can be quite sure that most of the Asian languages now spoken in this
country contain some very unflattering words to describe the English -
for example, goreh, gweilo, and so forth. There is no pressure, internal
or external, for these to be dropped. And we know that there are any
number of organisations set up by and for non-whites in this country from
which the English are barred - for example, the National Black Police

However, the highly selective use of speech codes and hate speech laws
has nothing really to do with politeness. It is about power. The British
ruling class may talk the language of love and diversity and
inclusiveness. What it obviously wants is the unlimited power to plunder
and enslave us, while scaring us into the appearance of gratitude for our
dispossession. Because the tyrannised are always the majority in a
tyranny, they must be somehow prevented from combining. The soviet
socialists and the national socialists kept control by the arbitrary
arrest and torture or murder of suspected opponents. That is not
presently acceptable in England or in the English world. Control here is
kept by defining all opposition as "hatred" - and by defining all acts or
attitudes that might enable opposition as "hatred".

I am the Director of the Libertarian Alliance. Not surprisingly, my own
opposition to the rising tide of despotism is grounded on a belief in
individual rights. I may occasionally talk about my ancestral rights as
an Englishman, or about how my ancestors fought and died so I could enjoy
some now threatened right. I may sometimes half-believe my rhetoric.
Ultimately, though, I believe that people have - or should be regarded as
having - rights to life, liberty and property by virtue of their human
status. Anything else I say really is just a rhetorical device. This is
not the case with most other people. For them, opposing the encroachments
of a ruling class is grounded on collective identity - "they can't do
that to us". Now, this sense of collective identity may derive from
common religion, common loyalty, common culture, but most often and most
powerfully - though these other sources may also be important - from
perceived commonality of blood.

Now, this collective identity is not something that is seen at times of
emergency, but otherwise is in abeyance. It is important in times of
emergency so far as it is always present. People work together when they
must because, at all other times, they have a mass of shared rituals and
understandings that hold them together. These shared things often define
a people in terms of their distinctness from others. Jokes beginning
"There was an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotchman" or "What do you
call a Frenchman who...?" are part of what reinforces an English
identity. So too are comments and gestures and assumptions that assert
the superiority of the English over other peoples. To change my focus for
a moment, take the phrase "Goyishe Kopf" - Gentile brains! This is what
some Jews say when they do something stupid. It can be taken as
expressing hatred and contempt of non-Jews. More reasonably, it is one of
those comments that reinforce the Jewish identity.

What Carol Thatcher said was part of this reminding of identity. Her
exact words, so far as I can tell, were: "You also have to consider the
frogs. You know, that froggy golliwog guy". The meaning she was trying to
convey was: "let us consider how quaint and absurd outsiders are. Is it
not nice that we are members of the same group, and that we are so clever
and so beautiful?" I am not saying that I approve of what she actually
said. Indeed, she would have done better for herself and the English in
general had she kept her mouth shut. Calling someone "froggy" is neither
here nor there. Calling him a "golliwog" is moderately hurtful. Saying
this on BBC premises, and in front of people like Jo Brand, shows that
Miss Thatcher is stupid or that she was drunk. Her words, as reported, do
less to reinforce English identity than make the whole thing an

However - her name always aside - she is being punished not because her
words were crass, but because they fell into the category of actions that
must at all times be discouraged. Powerful or crass to the point of
embarrassment, nothing must be tolerated that might tend to promote an
English identity. I say an English identity. The rule does not apply to
Scotch or Welsh or Irish nationalism. These are not regarded as a danger
to the ruling class project of total enslavement. They are controllable
by subsidy. More usefully, they are anti-English. The various ethnic
nationalisms and Islamic identities are likewise allowed or encouraged.
They are not perceived as a danger to the ruling class project of total
domination, and may be used against the English. It is English identity
that must at all costs be repressed. The English are still the largest
national group in these islands, and will remain so at least until 2040,
when there may be a non-white majority all through the United Kingdom.
English national ways are the raw material from which every liberal
doctrine has been refined. The English are an unpleasantly violent nation
when pushed too far.

This explains why words and expressions are defined almost at random as
"hatred", and why names of groups and places keep changing almost at
random. The purpose is not to protect various minority groups from being
hurt - though clever members of these groups may take advantage of the
protections. The real purpose is to hobble all expression of English
identity. It is to make the words and phrases that come most readily to
mind unusable, or usable only with clarifications and pre-emptive cringes
that rob them of all power to express protest. Or it is to force people
to consult their opponents on what words are currently acceptable - and
whoever is allowed to control the terms of debate is likely to win the

And look how easily it can be done. Also during the past week, we have
seen working class demonstrations in the north of England against the
employment of foreign workers. "British jobs for British workers" they
have been chanting. A few raised eyebrows and warnings from Peter
Mandelson about the "politics of xenophobia", and the trade unions have
straightaway sold out their members and are preparing to bully them back
to work. Better that trade union members scrabble to work for a pound an
hour, or whatever, than that they should be suffered to use words like
"Eyeties" or "Dagoes".

I should end by suggesting what can be done to counter this strategy. I
suppose the answer is not to behave like Carol Thatcher. We must accept
that certain words and phrases have been demonised beyond defence. Some
of them are indefensible. These must be dropped. Others that are just
about permissible - Scotchman, for example - should be used and defended
on all occasions. We should also at all times bear in mind that political
correctness is not about protecting the weak but disarming the
potentially strong, and it must be made clear to the ruling class that
its management of language has been noticed and understood and rejected.
A strategy of apparently casual offence, followed by partial and
unconvincing apology - of the sort that we may have seen from Jeremy
Clarkson - may also be appropriate.

Another strategy worth considering is the one adopted by the British
National Party. In a free country, Jo Brand would be at perfect liberty
to incite criminal acts against unnamed and reasonably unidentifiable
people. But we do not live in a free country. There is a mass of laws
that criminalise speech that was legal even a few years ago. The response
to this is to invoke the laws against those who called for them. As said,
people like Jo Brand and Yasmin Alibhai Brown are unlikely ever to be
prosecuted for crimes of hate speech. But the authorities will
occasionally be forced to go through the motions of investigating, and
this can be made a form of harassment amounting to revenge. Otherwise, it
is useful to establish beyond doubt that the laws are not intended to be
enforced according to their apparently universal working.

There is much else to be said. But I suppose the most important thing is
not to behave like Carol Thatcher. It will be unfair if she is broken by
her words. But if you stick your head into a lion's mouth, you cannot
really complain when you feel the teeth closing round your neck.

All told, this has been an interesting week. Understood rightly, it may
turn out to have been a most productive week.

Sean Gabb
Director, The Libertarian Alliance
Tel: 07956 472 199
Skype Username: seangabb

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Secret police unit set up to spy on British 'domestic extremists'

By Jason Lewis
Last updated at 10:04 PM on 07th February 2009

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Target: Members of the Plane Stupid group, pictured on the runway at Stansted Airport in December, could be under scrutiny from the new unit

A secret police intelligence unit has been set up to spy on Left-wing and Right-wing political groups.

The Confidential Intelligence Unit (CIU) has the power to operate across the UK and will mount surveillance and run informers on ‘domestic extremists’.

Its job is to build up a detailed picture of radical campaigners.

Targets will include environmental groups involved in direct action such as Plane Stupid, whose supporters invaded the runway at Stansted Airport in December.

The unit also aims to identify the ring-leaders behind violent demonstrations such as the recent anti-Israel protests in London, and to infiltrate neo-Nazi groups, animal liberation groups and organisations behind unlawful industrial action such as secondary picketing.

The CIU’s role will be similar to the ‘counter subversion’ functions formerly carried out by MI5.

The so-called reds under the bed operations focused on trade unionists and peace campaigners but were abandoned by MI5 to concentrate on Islamic terrorism.

The unit is being set up by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) and will be based at Scotland Yard in Central London.

An internal police job advertisement for the ‘Head of Confidential Intelligence Unit’, obtained by The Mail on Sunday, reveals key details of its wide-ranging powers.

The advert says the unit will work closely with Government departments, university authorities and private sector companies to ‘remove the threat of criminality and public disorder that arises from domestic extremism’.

The CIU will also use legal proceedings to prevent details of its operations being made public.

Its chief will play an active part in obtaining Public Interest Immunity Certificates from Government Ministers, and will attend ‘legal meetings regarding sensitive source material’.

Another vacancy, for an administration officer, states that the CIU will be involved in the collection of ‘secret data’.

The job descriptions indicate that the postholders will have links with MI5.

Details of the senior vacancies were circulated to police forces last year - the closing date for applications was November 14, 2008.

The top job was open to officers of at least the rank of Detective Chief Inspector.

MI5’s counter subversion role led to it compiling files on Left-wing student activists in the Sixties and Seventies.

These included records on Jack Straw and Peter Mandelson.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post Lee, thank you. The article by Sean Gabb is simply brilliant.

I totally agree that anyone using language that is deliberately intended to cause outrage and offence is, to put it mildly, an idiot - there is simply no justification for anyone using words that are blatantly classified as offensive. People using these words are not nationalists because a true nationalist is motivated singularly to see that their actions ensure the most beneficial and positive for their nation and race. Therefore if someone is using language intended to cause offence and as a result gains negative attention they are not working for in the service of nationalism, instead they are operating for their own agenda.

Assuming that the person who is using the deliberately negative language is not a government or political opponent who has infiltrated as a means to give the nationalist cause bad publicity, then the person who is using the negative language is doing so to ensure they gain attention for themselves, it is an egocentric driver - this is not how a true nationalist thinks, a true nationalist operates for the good of their group, therefore anyone operating to fulfil the needs of their own ego is not really a nationalist, simply an attention seeker who is using the nationalist cause to maintain their pathological desire for attention.

Bert Rustle said...

An interview of Theodore Dalrymple contains this statement:

Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.

The whole interview is a classic and well worth reading in full.

Defender of Liberty said...

Great comments chaps,



Bert Rustle said...

I would hazard a guess that the current form of BNP has been created by the lines of argument presented in the articles above by Lee John Barnes and Sean Gabb and by the Drive-By Media coverage.

Only the most highly motivated individuals, who can be termed extremists, would have been closely associated with the BNP in the past due to the high personal cost. The BNP are potentially the subject of undercover documentaries at all times and apparently behave accordingly. This behaviour assists in making them electable in the eyes of an increasing number of people. The Establishment Party is held in contempt by many of their own voters, which gives a further boost to the BNP as a protest vote.

It appears to me that many of the current features of the BNP are a reaction to the non-democratic methods of the Ruling Class, with the latter having unintentionally created a rod for their own back.

More generally, why is the BNP shunned by the Ruling Class whilst Sinn Féin is not? The leadership of Sinn Féin includes deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, who was a leading figure in the Provisional IRA, an organisation whose membership include those with convictions for rather more serious crimes than BNP members have even been accused of.

To be explicit, given that the Ruling Class have accepted Sinn Féin into the UK Government then why not the BNP?

Anonymous said...

@ Bert Rustle

Of course the BNP reacts to the undemocratic of the establishment - in a sense it is the fact that we can react with such growing attention that is causing the establishment such concern. Any system which operates from a position of lies and deception will always feel insecure about itself, and will always be at the mercy of those who can show its lies... this is why the system will fail because it is built upon weak foundations. Simply stated, all the BNP need keep doing is staing the truth, because a deceptive system cannot continue indefinately with such antagonism.

Therefore in the game of cat and mouse, the only possible victor is the BNP, because we are operating from the position of truth, whereas the establishment is constantly trying to deceive and keep people from discovering the truth - a much more demanding and complex feat. The more that the establishment curtails democratic rights and freedoms as a desperate act to halt the legitimate rise of the BNP, the more it reveals itself for the totalitarian regime it really is.

Sinn Féin are accepted because they are not a threat to the Marxist-fascist agenda of the ruling elite. It doesn't matter what the leaders of Sinn Féin have done, for so long as they serve a purpose to the ruling elite their crimes will never be answered. Just look at Tony Blair, he is lauded by the EU and US establishment, so much so that only today it is reported in the Sunday Mail that President Sarkozy wants to see Blair as EU president.

Anonymous said...

There is a great swathe out there Lee , call them middle England; the small businessmen, the middle managers, the professionals who habitually read the Daily Mail and have opinions as to what is happening to this country, and dont like the way it is going. Having grown up in this section of society I can tell you although Enoch and Maggie are revered I never heard racial epithets such as the p or the n word. In fact it repels people when such language is used, nationalism doesnt need Alf Garnetts, sitting in their arm chairs doing nothing but mouthing foul abuse. As for Carol Thatcher , she must be low IQ not to realise what she was saying in front of Jo Brand!(Of course Alf Garnett played by Warren Mitchell was a died in the wool Leftie in reality.)

Bert Rustle said...

Andastre wrote ... Sinn Féin are accepted because they are not a threat to the Marxist-fascist agenda of the ruling elite. It doesn't matter what the leaders of Sinn Féin have done, for so long as they serve a purpose to the ruling elite their crimes will never be answered. ...

Indeed. Reportedly the SF leadership have at least formally adopted the revealed truth that is Diversity, though I have yet to see a reference to how the rank and file celebrate “anyone but the British”.

Presumably Martin McGuinness and others will be reminded of any as yet unpublicised activities if they attempt to address the poverty of enrichment.

Anonymous said...

Yet again a timely and imprtant article with a very important message.

I hope that this article, or parts of it, are distributed amongst other nationalist websites/blogs/forums so that others can be reminded of the threat posed against them and their responsibility to behave accordingly.

In this age of deceipt nationalists must create their own words to be used as weapons, words that are not offensive or abusive, so as to remain safe from the threat of enemy occupation.

It isn't rocket science to realise that the corect use of inoffensive words and phrases will both keep yoursel;f secure as well as getting the message out.

If Nationalists can only rely on offensive words (no matter whether the words are considered 'reasonable' by non-PC masses)then we have lost the argument.

'The Truth Will Set You Free' it is said, and surely Nationalists need only use the weapons of truth to disarm its critics and to win over the enemy.

Politics is like a game constantly guessing how the enemy will react and then second-guessing, planning strategies and constantly testing the public mood. Offensive words will not buy us kudos with public opinion.

Good work Lee in sending out this message of one of the central tenets of the kind of warfare that we are in.