Friday 6 February 2009

Searchlight / CST / PGMT Reported To The Police

I have been asked to post this ;

Thursday 6th February 2009

This morning the Metropolitan Police Service (London) received a request for a criminal investigation to be undertaken into the activities of the following registered charities: Searchlight Educational Trust; the Community Security Trust; and the Philip Green Memorial Trust. This request follows the recent publication (on the internet) of information concerning the funding and operational activities of these three organisations.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


This should go out to all the refinery strikers, all other workers, the media etc., and everywhere else it will have maximum effect.
It should also be on the BNP main site.
It's time to speak out in clear, unequivocal and stark terms about what has been done and is being done to us!

JPT said...

How the hell is Searchlight a charity???

alanorei said...

Excellent news