Thursday 5 February 2009

Worker Lions Led By Trade Union Donkeys

The biggest mistake the workers at the Lindsey oil refinery ever did was allow representatives of the labour supporting trades unions to represent them in the strikes over foreign workers.

The fact that the workers allowed themselves to be sold out so cheaply for a handful of promised jobs that will never appear, and that the system that allows foreign workers to take those jobs has not been banned, means they will be screwed over.

Yet again the trades unions have done their masters work.

The Labour government has used the unions to pull the lions teeth of the strike and consign it to a toothless mewl.

The labour government have won everything they wanted from this strike.

The workers have been given a few false promises and surrendered to the union representatives in the pockets of the Labour Party.

We all remember the fuel protests a few years ago - when they surrendered to the promises of the government what happened - fuel prices continued to rise and rise.

The actions of the strikers to accept a few token local jobs, and to ignore completely the fact that the laws that allow foreign workers to be dumped in the UK are still in action, means they have accomplished nothing.

Nothing at all.

The historic opportunity to force the government to back down on the dumping of foreign workers in the UK has been lost - instead the workers were thrown a few scraps from the bosses and backed down because their union reps told them too.

The trades unions are the lackeys of the Labour party, and the only people who will be cheering this pathetic 'deal' are the government, the corrupt trades union bosses and the foreign corporations that will continue to bring in cheap foreign labour.

By allowing the issue to denegerate to a local deal the union representatives have merely proved that they are not interested in British workers as a collective, but that they only care about saving the governments face.

The workers who voted for this idiotic deal will face total betrayal.

They stood for the principal of British Jobs For British Workers, not local jobs for local workers.

By adopting a local 'I'm alright jack' attitude all they have done is saved the government and the unions whilst ensuring that other British workers will continue
to be screwed over as more companies bring in cheap foreign workers under these laws.

By voting for this local deal they have abandoned completely the principled stand that they said they were taking, which was to ensure British jobs for British workers.

A pathetic 109 promised jobs in one refinery is a total farce of a deal.

It is embarrasing to watch the workers being led like cattle by their Judas Goat trade union representatives back into the slaughterhouse.

Soon the sackings will begin of those that organised the strikes.

One by one they will lose their jobs as a result of 'shrinkage', 'layoff's, 'lack of work' etc etc that are the myriad ways the management use to cull the dissidents from their workforces.

The union will then just allow it to happen as their hands are tied by laws enacted by the Tories and Labour governments that curtail workers rights to strike and protest.

Those other workers elsewhere will now be offered similar deals and no doubt their trade union representatives will urge them to go back to work.

If they do they betray not just themselves but all British workers.

The strikers at Lindey refinery will rue the day they sold themselves out so cheaply to the unions and the government for a handful of jobs.

The British workers who still believe what the trades unions tell them and who believe in government promises or the promises of the bosses are totally self deluded.

They have been abandoned generation after generation by the Labour Party and the trades unions, and yet they still parrot the same old leftist propaganda that they have been taught too to parrot by the very same people that betrayed them.

The historic moment when the British worker could save themselves has not been lost.

The decision of Lindsy oil refinery workers who were lied too by their trade union representatives and urged to accept this deal, has to be rebuffed at other sites.

How much dignity is left for all British workers when a handful of promised new jobs limited to just one area is enough for the entire principle of British Jobs For British Workers to be abandoned.

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Anonymous said...

Same old, same old...

Divide and rule has always been the key weapon used by governments when it comes to facing down an ememy.

Unfortunately, the workers nearly always seem to fall for that old trick of self-interest when it comes to picking up a few crumbs thrown to them from up high.

A very good analysis of the situation and the sell-out by the trade unions and Government. Though it seems that the workers sold themselves out too, a case of screwing themselves (industrial masturbation?).

As you say Lee, those workers will rue the day that they accepted this pathetic deal. And yet again the history of the Labour Movement repeats itself again and again.

Like a lot of things happeneing today Lee these workers are going to have to experience the suffering and betrayal that will unsue as a consequence of their actions.

Defender of Liberty said...

As usual Mr. Poter you hit the nail right on the head.

By voting to end the strike all the workers have done is dropped their trousers, smeared vaseline on their arseholes and shouted out really loud ' NOW FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU WANT'.

No wonder peter mandelson is now smiling, as they have given him everything he wants.

alanorei said...

The protesters' only hope would have been to join Solidarity en masse and make Solidarity the official negotiating body. They didn't.

At the end of the day, any dispute like this has to be resolved between unions and management. Unfortunately, with UNITE etc. as the unions, that means between management and management now.

I remember being involved in an action-short-of-a-strike* dispute in HE where UCU, University and Colleges Union, formerly NATFHE (but still extreme left) represented lecturers. The UCU eventually went along with the employers (UCEA, University and Colleges Employers Association i.e. all the VCs of the new universities), as though no industrial action had even taken place.

*Potentially more effective than an all-out strike.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi alan,

you are totally right.

They blew it.

Now they are going to see what happens awhen you make deals with snakes - you get bitten.


alanorei said...

Thanks, Lee

The analogy is exact.

Anonymous said...

We must hope that these outbreaks of industrial action mark the beginning of wider scale action by dispossesed workers losing out from cheap migrant labour.

If these disputes and wildcat strikes do not flare up again then what will happen is that the EU-fanatics will be strengthened as their plans for a globalist EU with free trade as their priority will be saved.

Britain and its wealth is being carved up by a cabal of politicians, industrialists and trade union leaders. What a sell-out to the British worker!

It has only been recently revealed that one of the trade union ringleaders of the wildcat strikes - Bernard McAuley, regional officer of Unite union - attended three meetings in the past month or so to ensure that the 140-strong Italian workforce at the centre of the Lindsey dispute were being paid the same as the British! He ven made sure that the teabreaks were included!

This secret deal secured by McAuley and the other trade union traitosr is a kick in the teeth for the British workers and flies in the face of union claims that british workers' pay was being undercut by foreign employeers who are paid less.

Then we see Mr McAulet popping up at the centre of the disputes when he knew all along that he and his union had agreed to everything on the table.

What rank hypocrisy!

Yet again, we see the British works hered like docile sheep into the pens set up for them by the EU fanatics and guided by the false calls of the Pied Piper Establishment trade unions.

The workers must see through this charade and act collectively without any need for establsihed authority or organisation.

What the workers need is syndicalism and a syndicalist route to industrial agitation.