Monday 23 February 2009

I Am The Monster

This is a poem for Melanie Phillips, the lefty idiots, liberal fools and the scum on Lancaster Unity.

Those that cannot see that THEY are the problem, are the problem.

I Am The Monster.

I am the Monster, said the Monster,
For what is monstrous in me,
I may only see in you,
I am forever starving,
For the attention of others,
In order to feed the hunger,
of my self loathing,
That eats me away inside.

I am the Monster, said the Monster,
I project my self hate onto others,
Who wear many faces,
But all are mine,
So many monsters I see in my mirror,
Yet each reflects itself,
Craving the chaos that hides within,
Forever seeking the final fix,
To feed my malformed Ego,
That is the maggot in my soul.

I am the Monster, said the Monster,
I project upon others,
What I hate within myself,
I hate the world,
I hate beauty and goodness,
I hate sunlight and life,
For I am a cage of dead things,
A husk of bones and dust.

I am the Monster, said the Monster,
Finally awakening to itself,
The seed of my self understanding,
Is a black rose that blooms within,
The world is as I make it,
Its final form is me,
and all my infinite imperfections,
Are all its many flaws,
I have made the world a concentration camp,
Where I am both inmate and master.

I am the Monster, said the Monster,
And in that moment of self perception,
The Monster became a human being.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A really good effort at analysing the "Shadow Self" through poetry. It sums it up perfectly.

Though in my view the last three lines let the poem down and looked as if they had simply been tacked on at the end, spoiling both the maturity and the flow of the poem.

If you chose to revise the ending of it in the future Lee this poem would, I'm sure, be more powerful delivering a harder punch.

I think the title of it could equally well be "The Hunger" as the Monster within us all, but particularly so within the middle-class anti-British liberals, the Left and the British Establishment has an endless appetite, devouring all that is positive in its insatiable desire to consume what is good within itself.

Like a wasting disease or a cancer the Hunger consumes itself as it turns on the split side of itself due to guilt or fear.