Saturday 14 February 2009

**** The Church Of England Dhimmis

Pat Condell makes another brilliant video here ;

The point he makes about Christians like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown being Dhimmi sluts to Islamist radicals is spot on.

The Church Of England has become so fixated with fighting secularism that it has surrendered our society to the Islamists - as in the warped logic of the Church of England Bishops it is better for a bunch of insane Islamist nutters to be allowed to terrorise society and thereby force us to remove our free speech, than it is for our society to be a secular and free society where we all have to respect free speech above the demands of those who choose to believe in their own versions of the various insane visions of various insane prophets suffering from various mental illnesses, the commands of their insane hate mongering gods and the weasel words of those who seek to moralise murder by using religion or religious texts to endorse murder.

For the Church of England it is better that Britain is religious dictatorship under Islamism, than for it to be free democratic nation with all our ancestral rights retained.

In the slightly revised words of NWA, ' Fuck The Bishops '.

Peace out y'all.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It makes perverted sense for the C of E to curry favour (no pun intended) with the Islamists.

With their dwindling congregations the bishops probably think that in a New Islamic Britain they'll be able to keep their sinecures as some kind of Dhimmi Bishops.

With the kind of liberal,diluted, pick-and-mix theology that the C of E now practises it is not quite so bizarre to suggest that a future C of E under a (God forbid!!) Islamic government would quite easily incorporate a sort of Christian slant to Islam.

The C of E bishops would have probaly prospered in Nazi Germany under Hitler's 'Positive Christianity' programme.

Co of E bishops -

Traitors to their religion

Traitors to the British people

Traitors to their country