Saturday 28 February 2009

Is Obama Gay ?

Any male over the age of 40 who has no natural growth of chest hair is gay.

Any male over the age of 40 who shaves their chest is also gay.

I know this is just a theory with no actual scientific evidence to back it up, but according to this theory as President Obama is over 40 and has a hairless chest = he is gay or at some time in his past he has been a proper gayer.

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Anonymous said...

Whether he is gay, bi or transgender doesnt really matter much. To me he is American as well whether he was born in Timbuktu or Beijing .A colourful private life is hardly unknown among politicians.Much more relevant is the fact that he leads a nation which is engaging in illegal wars worldwide at the behest of a small clique .

Anonymous said...

Looks like his wheels are not falling off just yet - but his wheel-nuts are being loosened:

The Obama Deception:

Anonymous said...

Its bollocks, I don't have any chest hair & & could not get a hard on for a bloke, Gays don't bother me at all as I am totaly at ease with my sexuality!

Anonymous said...

A hairy chest can be unattractive on a man. That could be the reason why many men shave these doesn't mean they're gay.

I've known plenty of gay men who do "not look gay" at all.

Unknown said...

he is not GAY!! what is u talkin about?? wat ever i think u guys should leave his private life alone cuz u would get pissed of if sum1 wanted 2 say sumthin about ur life on the net if it was true or not!! am i right? yes i am!