Monday 23 February 2009

Its Hard Being Melanie Phillips

It must be hard being Melanie Phillips, apart that is from the pay cheques from the UK Zionist Network for her role as Mossads Poropaganda Chief in the UK.

Poor old Melanie expends all her considerable talent as a writer trying to hide her own hypocrisy behind a wall of rhetoric.

For instance, Melanie will defend to the death the Ethno-Nationalist state of Israel but will attack the BNP for daring to stand for the same ethno-nationalist principles.

Melanie will call the BNP 'racist, fascist' etc and then say that those who call nationalism as racist, nazi etc are those who driving people towards the BNP.

Melanie will defend the carpet bombing of foreign territory by Israel to defend itself, but demonise the BNP for being a democratic political party that stands in free elections to get voted into power to save our nation.

In short Melanie is in the grip of an intellectual psychosis, one that she will not and cannot ever solve.

Melanie is simply unable to understand that the bogeyman of the BNP she sees is simply product of her own imagination and the lies of other Zionist groups like Searchlight.

The Zionist Melanie Phillips feeds off the bullshit of other Zionists like Searchlight for her propaganda in order to ensure British ethno-nationalists are kept out of power so that Israeli Ethno-nationalists can use the UK to support the interests of Israel first rather than nationalists who put Britains interests first.

Whilst she profits from peddling books like Londonistan about the threat to the West from Islam, she attacks the only people and the only political party, the BNP, who will save the West.

This is staggering hypocrisy of the most revolting kind, to the point of making her look a fool.

Melanie is in fact a political schizophrenic.

This is because on one hand as a Jew and a supporter of Israel she has to defend the very same values that she attacks the BNP for holding.

She does this of course because she is a member of the UK Zionist Network, the collection of fools of all religions, races, nationalities and creeds who think that in order to defend Zionism and Israel that the media, political systems and culture of the West must serve both Zionism and Israel first.

Therefore they act to surpress any political movement whose slogan is BRITAIN FIRST.

Whilst Melanie supports the fundamental right of Jews to run Israel, she calls the BNP 'racist' for daring to espouse the same position as regards Britain.

In fact Melanis has become almost a caricature.

In her ever diminishing ability to disguise her hypocrisy, she is alienating the mass public support that she once enjoyed.

The more her writings are based on her pathetic prejudices, and not on logic, the more she resembles the enemy she is fighting.

Melanie has become as much of a nuTter as the hook handed, bearded bigots she says she despises.

Whilst the Islamist nutters pluck ancient verses from some obscure section of the Koran to justify their insanity, so she will pluck some ancient statement of someone in the BNP from the archives of Searchlight and use it to justify her hypocrisy and insanity.

Like the mad Islamists she despises Melanie rejects the notion of evolution.

In her utter ignorance of what the BNP is and stands for she simply peddles the myth that the BNP has not evolved politically whilst at the same time being forced to admit that the BNP have evolved politically, proffessionally, ideologically and in terms of presentation - she admits that our growth and support have grown, but she cannot admit that this is because the party has evolved.

Note how melanie lieks to quote the BNP constitution about the party simply defending the rights of indigenous British people from the globalisation process of mass immigration - but she never quotes the law of the right to return of Israel that defines a Jew anywhere in the world as an Israeli and nor does she ever mention the laws that ban Palestinians from living with their wives and husbands in Israel ;

In her utter ignorance and inability to understand why people support the BNP - ITS THE POLICIES STUPID - she has to blame the failure of the establishment politicians and parties to evolve in line with public sentiment.

Melanie cannot ever tell the truth, as Melanie is primarily ignorant of the truth.

Her understanding of the BNP comes via the rest of the Zionist Network in the UK - Searchlight, Lancaster Unity, Jewish Chronicle and the rest of the Zionists that are working directly for Israel in the UK.

She cannot admit that the BNP has changed as a political party, as that would mean all her trite and facile, asinine historical quotes from two decades ago would therefore be as meaningless as quoting the Labour Party during the Cold War.

Melanie is stuck in a time warp, as she cannot do anything but peddle myths just as the hook handed bearded nutters do.

Its rather sad really.

Never mind, the more she charges pn her Daily Mail donkey at the BNP windmill the more publicity we get.

All good grist to the mill really.

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Anonymous said...

Our percetion of reality is shaped and filtered through the media be that print, radio or television. All are controlled to an extent by disciples of the Frankfurt school. The only free medium is the internet, thanks to the US first amendment. The Jewish people who possess individually often admirable qualities use their power and wealth collectively to ensure that the multicultural agenda is promoted as it is understandably better for them. Hollywood which is run by the Jewish people produces a "Holocaust" film nearly every week. The music industry in the US and UK is overwhelmingly under Jewish influence and control promotes MTV and such like. The History channel will have several programs every day about the holocaust or Hitler's Germany. The newspapers will only print pictures of nationalist party members as skinheads or thugs.
When you visit Berlin you will find the Jewish holocaust memorial covers 4 acres of prime real estate and cost millions. Anyone know where the Roma holocaust memorial is?....perhaps they dont count after all.
Still as long as the vast majority of people are happy to watch east enders on their sofa I doubt if anything will change.

(Btw Lee professional has one f and two p s.)

Anonymous said...

"Know your enemy" - Sun Tzu.

Melanie Philips is a typical example of the enemy propagandist we face, and these so-called 'journalists' are mentally ill. The scurrilous invective they reserve specifically for the BNP reveals much about their personality characteristics and emotional functioning, and the message of the article becomes secondary and insignificant. In this sense, the articles written by these journalists are amazing resources for psychological analysis, because we have first hand the scrawlings from these demented minds. Much in the same way a killer’s boastful letters will be analysed as a primary means to understand them, we must use the material we have from these journalists and probe deeper to fully understand the nature of our enemy.

These people do not become a journalist because of a noble or high-principled passion for the truth, that is an extremely naive assumption, moreover an extremely dangerous assumption. These people are driven to become journalists because of the power and the opportunity for manipulation which the occupation affords, and as such these journalists are motivated in exactly the same way as politicians, it is all about the power over others and the possibilities for manipulation which are the attractors for these type of people. What type of people? Mainly those afflicted with personality disorders, specifically narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

NPD from Wikipedia:

"A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

1. has a grandiose sense of self-importance
2. is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
3. believes that he or she is "special" and unique
4. requires excessive admiration
5. has a sense of entitlement
6. is interpersonally exploitative
7. lacks empathy
8. is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her
9. shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes"

I would say most establishment politicians and journalists exhibit these traits in abundance.

For the Narcissist their own ego is the centre of the universe, everything revolves around them. Of course, they will, to varying degrees, have socialised the demands of their unrelenting ego gratification, but nonetheless at the core of their being is a malformed ego which forever seeks gratification - to satiate its relentless hunger to escape their innate feelings of worthlessness (of which they may or may not be consciously aware). Because they have no inherent self-esteem a major desire of the Narcissist is power over others, they perpetually quest to attain a feeling of self-esteem by proving themselves superior to others, and for the journalist to manipulate others into their mind-set is power. Once they have attained their fix of superiority, as rapidly as it was achieved it disappears leaving them once again with the void at the centre of their being (their malformed ego) which yearns to be filled again – this is the existence of the Narcissist, they are junkies. Thus the cycle continues ad infinitum, a constant cycle of gratification then emptiness, thus the Narcissist is often a compulsive and/or an addict... as such stimuli provide for the gratification.

Because Narcissists have no intrinsic feeling of self-worth they suffer from self-loathing (again, this may be beyond their conscious awareness) – they hate themselves, and this mixed with their political obsessions creates the perfect mix, they hate their race, i.e. “all the problems in the world must be the fault of the white race that’s why I feel so shit about myself, that’s why the world is so shit” – this typical belief to be found in lefties at once externalises their narcissistic self-loathing and also creates an endless source of gratification, for they have created an enemy so vast that it can never be defeated, thus they have created an endless source of gratification and escapism.

So, not only have the BNP become a source of gratification for the Narcissistic journalists and politicians, because by constantly attacking the BNP they are gratifying their malformed egos, and gaining a sense of self-righteousness (thus self-esteem) over an apparent inferior, but also the BNP have become the object of their self-loathing. To these narcissists it matters not what the BNP really stand for, because for them (the establishment, media, and all deluded lefties) they are intent singularly on forcing the BNP into the form they need to believe, a form which serves to gratify and which has also become their shadow, their self-loathing. So, the left have manifested its own mental illness into the form of the BNP.

The Narcissist does not care about right or wrong, good or bad, truth or lies, all they care about is maintaining and nourishing their deformed egos, this is why they are usually full of contradictions, because they do not really hold principled beliefs, only beliefs which are at the immediate time beneficial to them, and of course depending on their situation it may be expedient for them to change their beliefs so as to ensure their ego demands are maintained.

This is the mental condition of the left; this is the driving force behind people like Melanie Philips.

Narcissism at a Glance -

Narcisstic personality Disorder - Wikipedia -

Basics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) -

Jung - projection of the shadow -

Defender of Liberty said...

Excellent comments.

Brilliant comments Andastre, just brilliant,

all the best,


Anonymous said...

Superb article Lee, a most insightful psychological analysis into the flawed personality that inhabits the person of Melanie Phillips.

It's a shame that Ms Phillips has to flagellate herself by hitting out at the BNP as she has a very good perception and understanding of the moral vacuum of this country and writes exceedingly well on such topics.

The trouble is - as both Lee and Andastre in his very perceptive post points out - is that Ms Phillips has become trapped through the logics of her multicultural ideology that she and her interest group have promoted for decades.

Instead of recognising the flaws in that approach and admitting that a major error has been caused leading to a dangerous Muslim minority population within the UK targetting Jews, Ms Phillips has to lash out at the BNP, the Monster of Lee's poem, to externalise that self-hatred. Possessing a narcisstic personality as pointed out by Andastre, means never having to say sorry. In fact they are incapable of apologising or admitting to mistakes, such is their grandioise perception of their selves, their uniqueness and their innate sense of fantasty that colours both their judgment of themselves and of others.

Therefore, it is a very true statement that Lee has made about Ms Phillips and it is a simple one:

"Melanie is in fact a political schizophrenic."

How can anyone really value her writings on the BNP?

Anonymous said...

Your best mate Mel get's a right battering in the reader's comments section. Good one to read, Jerry Owen, Hook Hants, 23/2/2009 18:46, someone who has seen the light.