Saturday 14 March 2009

AFA Cowards

I hate bullies.

A pack of 30 men attacking one man is the action of bully boy mugs.

I particularly despise 25 year old bullies attacking unarmed and defenceless 48 year old men with claw hammers whilst in a mob of over 30 people.

I call those people cowards.

Let us hope that the police prosecute not just the coward with the hammer but also the pack of 'hard men' bully boy mugs who joined in the attack upon this one man.

Can you image what the police would do if 30 neo-nazis outside a gig attacked a lone, black male in a car who was a representative of an anti-fascist political group protesting the nazis gig.

Oh yes, you can just imagine the uproar of the media led by Gerry Gable, Searchlight, Lancaster Unity and the rest of the Zionist Network.

The BBC would have already commissioned the docu-drama with Robson Green in a leading role.

A shrine would be built in the street guarded by its own police officers with its own CCTV camera and council wardens monitoring it 24/7.

The whole 'Race Martyr Manufacturing Process' of the media machines would have already begun, and a myriad pictures of the latest ' marytrs of multi-culturalism' deluging the public consciousness via media overload.

So it is best that the police treat this as a racial incident, as well as a criminal incident.

Under the terms of the McPherson Report this attack must be classified as a racist incident, as both the victim and members of the public believe it was a racial attack.

If the police refuse to investigate this as a racial attack, then that is proof of police institutional racial and political bias.

The motive of this attack was simply that the individual who undertook the attack had been told by the media that the BNP was a threat to him as a black man and his black community I( both racial factors) saw the BNP as a white only political party and therefore attacked his white victim as a representative of that all white political party ( both racial factors ).

The media though will not be charged with incitement to violence, as the police will not investigate them for inciting violence, peddling lies and seeking others to harass and intimidate BNP members.

The whole attack was motivated by the issues of race, therefore the incident is racially motivated both in fact and law by factors of race - as well as being percieved as being about race by the public - and therefore the incident must be classified as a racial incident re The McPherson Report.

If the police do not classify, investigate and allocate resources to this attack commensurate with the policing guidelines of racial attacks - then we know the police are as bent as a nine bob note.

If they do not investigate this attack as a racial attack - then the police are themselves guilty of Institutional Racism against white victims of racial crime - which is in effect a statement by the police that they no longer serve the community but only the government.

If they serve only the government, and not the community, then we have no choice but to withdraw our support for you as an institution, and we must seek to ensure the safety of our own communities by ourselves.

Those police officers that choose to follow the orders of the Common Purpouse trained acolytes of the EU in ACPO and who put the orders of ACPO and the Labour government above their oath to serve the community, then beware - for one day we will hold you to account for your actions.

The fist that is raised against us now will reap its own reward in the due fullness of time.

The time has come for the ordinary decent copper to do one thing - your job.

We ask no favour nor seek none.

We ask only that you treat the crimes committed against our children, our young women and our old people with the same zeal as you woulod treat other race crimes.

Read the statistics we have published on our website, download the BNP reports and statistical analysis of race crimes in the UK, note the massive amount of white victims of racism and the paucity of police arrests and criminal prosecutions and convictions of race crimes against whites - and see that you have ignored the primary victims of race crime in Britain - US - and prioritised the rarest cases.

Its like when faced with a flood, they worry about the dripping of a tap.

The police need to note that ignoring the needs and concerns of the majority to appease the demands of a minority is not what an institution that seeks to serve with CONSENT of the community can continue to do.

Sooner or later the community will come to see the police as the enemy, rather than their saviours.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent Lee.

The system is collapsing, the establishment are desperate.

LorMarie is now scratching her head - wondering how the BNP are supposed to be the thugs and yet we are law abiding and the thugs are her mates from UAF - then she snaps herself out of reailty and resumes her normal deluded state and justifies the violence commotted against the BNP in some bizare twist of logic.

Anyways, and more importantly...

Pressure, pressure, pressure - thats what we need to keep exerting upon this house of cards called a political system... it's a fraud, the establishment are pathetic and weak... they will tumble... and this is why they are reacting with savage brutality, they are in their death throes and as such are lashing out wildly... like the demented lunatic they are.

They cannot argue against us - for they know we would win - thats why we get no exposure. They have thrown every dirty trick at us from the media book of lies and nothing has worked. All they have left is violence ... like all bullies they are cowards and mentally ill, thus when push comes to shove they react in the only way they know how, and all their fake pleasantries go out the window - the establishment are bullies pure and simple.

The BNP cannot be bullied... we will never submit to their intimidation... this will never happen - NEVER. We are made of sterner stuff, they make the mistake of judging us by their own measure, however we are not the weak-willed, sycopthantic, self-serving, self-loathing scum that they are - we are have within is the fortitude and spirit of our ancestors - and we will not dishonour their legacy - we will fight until the end... come what may... we will never surrender.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Lee but I think we already know the Police are bent mate.

I for one see them as the enemy, they are doing the government's bidding, that being to destroy the indigenous British people.

It is the great betrayal and I hope we see the day when those guilty are made to answer for their crimes.



Anonymous said...

This is part of the establishment strategy. They are fearful. Using violence they hope that the BNP will respond in kind so that they can ban the party as a threat to law and order. Beware agent provocateurs in the BNP, they are BBC or Police plants. The ones who shout aggressively in the BNP, the ones who use racial epithets are the ones most likely not to have the BNP s interest at heart. Power comes through the ballot box on June the 4th.

Anonymous said...

I saw our lad after the attack. It was sickening!!! He could easily have been dead! Lost consciousnes and was pulled away by another of our lads! The looney left are MONSTERS and the Police their political alies. Please anyone who reads this article-PASS IT ON people need to know the level of insidiousness that exists throughout this failed multicult 'experiment'.

Defender of Liberty said...


I will look into the issues you have raised.

All the best,


Defender of Liberty said...

The only reaction to this atrocious attack is to simply allow the police and the courts to do their job.

If the police do their job and investigate the attack as a racial incident, then the courts prosecute them for a racist attack and the judge gives them a severe sentence - then we can have trust in the system.

If the system doesnt do that then in effect the system is sanctioning attacks against us.

Institutional inaction on behalf of the police, courts, state = direct complicty in the crimes themselves. Guilt by inaction.

The real test is the justice system and how it treats those that attack us.

If it does not defend us, then it is complicit in the crimes against us.

Anonymous said...

LorMarie is now scratching her head - wondering how the BNP are supposed to be the thugs and yet we are law abiding and the thugs are her mates from UAF - then she snaps herself out of reailty and resumes her normal deluded state and justifies the violence commotted against the BNP in some bizare twist of logic--Andastre

I'm not sure why you've taken it upon yourself to mention me or even claim to know what I'm thinking. Feel free to carry on with your immature games.

Anonymous said...

Asolutely sickening, sounds like this uncivilised thug has been coached on his defence, in other words its all Tony Wards fault.
He made be pick up a claw hammer and act like the animal that i am, at least if your going to attack someone at least be big enough to accept the consequences instead of tying to turn yourself into the victim, like the pathetic coward that you are.
I just hope this enricher doesn't attack another enricher whilst out on bail as the Al Beeb will go into complete and utter meldown.regards politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

These left wing marxist hooligans are going to be kicked into touch permanently at the next general election. The grand standing that Niel Kinnock did over throwing a hadful of them out of The Labour Party in his day, was an exercise in cosmetics and window dressing.

Extreme marxists have made the Labour party their breeding ground for decades and they have become so virulent, that having been left unchecked for so long, they are now uncontrollably feral. Their organised KKK style hate-gatherings leave them routinely exposing themselves as psychopathically violent to the point of being little more than criminally insane misanthropists.

We need to create our own citizens police forces to protect our old folk from these wild criminals. I know an old woman in her seventies who is scared to attend BNP meetings for fear of being attacked and maybe even killed. Do you think this would bother these animals though, or their media trainers? JeromePeter

Anonymous said...

The fact that these Labour supporting fascist hate campaigners suffer no guilt, remorse or empathy regarding the violence they have committed and seem intellectually incapable of recognising the irony of their hypocritical stance, against what they falsely claim is 'fascism', leads me to believe that they are true sociopaths.

Sometimes refered to as psychopaths, it is likely that many of these social dropouts are just low life drifters, with no real purpose in life. Pseudo-marxism offers them a home from the wilds of the gutter. A synthetic dignity which they can latch onto, by demonising and falsely seeing decent law abiding members of society, such as the BNP, as somehow being lower down scum than themselves.

In their own twisted minds, this elevates their lowly position in society and raises them from the sewer into the far loftier gutter where they currently reside.

Their Labour and media puppetmasters lend them the hope that they are not simply useless sub-human parasites, and this hope turns into reality for them, when they gather in gangs in the street and engage in pre-historic monkey tantrums, as they target and attack their perceived enemy.

If they were not so dangerous and could be kept behind bars and observed, their behaviour would be most interesting to analyse from a socio-anthropological point of view. Unfortunately they are like rabid dogs and we should attempt to avoid them in much the same way, whilst never forgetting that everyone has a right to defend themself from violent attack. JeromePeter