Thursday 19 March 2009

Alex Singleton - Pompous High Priest of Globalism

Alex Simpleton, sorry Singleton, like Hitchens and Phillips has a bee in his bonnet about the BNP.

As Simpleton is a Globalist Free Market Capitalist ( or a Neo-Conservative ) he regards Nationalism with as much contempt as Marxists do.

This is why the International Marxists ( Neo-Trotskyites ) and the Global Capitalists ( Neo-Conservatives ) are all so cosy in the Fabian movement - Fabianism feeds on capitalism and excretes communism.

As a globalist Simpleton despises the BNP so here I critique his latest attack on us on his blog in The Telegraph ;

BNP supporters are like Gordon Brown. They blame others for their own failures.

While Gordon Brown attacks the City for the recession his cheap money created, angry BNP supporters criticise foreigners for the unemployment of which they or people around them are part.

But foreigners are not to blame for long-term joblessness. During the boom years, Britain welcomed immigrant workers because there were no British workers willing to do many jobs.

Even though it became nigh on impossible to find an affordable plumber, few members of the underclass were willing to learn the trade. They preferred to sit at home watching satellite television on incapacity benefit or income support, rather than work.

Yet the BNP ignores this, accusing globalisation "with its export of jobs to the Third World" of "bringing ruin and unemployment." This is a fiction. The total number of jobs in Britain (if you look over the long term) keeps on increasing, and wages keep on rising.

Globalisation brings upheaval, for sure. But those who have lost their jobs should look for new opportunities and retrain, rather than join the political dead end that is the BNP.

My response ;

1) The first two sentences are trite and asinine Ad Hominem attacks on BNP members with no facts etc to back up any of the assertions eg we are like Gordon Brown.

2) The BNP do not blame foreigners - they are simply a symptom, they are not responsible for the sickness.

Ponces like Simpleton are responsible for the mess - along with the media, economists, banksters and politicians they are all responsible.

Foreigners just make the problem worse.

3) Britain never welcomed in any foreigners or immigrants - the idiots in the government wanted them in vote cheap votes and big business idiots wanted them as cheap labour and to reduce wages.

The British people were never asked if they wanted foreigners in the UK.

4) It was never impossible to find a plumber, though it was impossible to find a CHEAP PLUMBER - before the european union allowed millions of economic migrants into the UK the trade of a British plumber was well paid with loads of work. Wages have now dropped and jobs are going to dodgy europen workers with dodgy qualifications, who dont pay tax and who undercut British workers wages and conditions.

5) Here we see the real intent of this capitalist lickspittle - blame the poor, the unemployed and the diabled for being poor, out of work and disabled and then remove their benefits. In other words whilst the bankster scum who Simpleton supports, and who he has been sticking his tongue up their arses for years, grow rich on the Bankster Welfare State Billions handouts from the government - he wants the poor to be denied benefits.

Fuck off simpleton you scumbag.

6) Jobs in Britain are increasing and wages rising - what planet are you on you idiot.

Unemployment is rising, wages are being cut, most new jobs have gone to foreigners and the working week is being cut in most big industries and this idiot denies it all - must be nice being an overpaid parasite media ponce eh Simpleton.

7) Look for new opportunites and re-train.

Yeah there are plenty of jobs as receivers for failed businesses, bailliffs, re-possessions solicitors and benefit advisers.

Simpleton you are an idiot.

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Anonymous said...

Great response Lee.

Tell you what else fucks me off with these journalists: They're all cushy in their jobs mouthing off because whilst they're supporting foreign workers competing against the working class Brits, they're not being forced to compete with foreign journos doing their job for half the rate.

"Do as I say not as I do" liberal hypocrites.



spiv said...

Ah Mr Barnes, so refreshing to hear a lawyer using such colourfully brusque words to put your point across. Well done, and I cannot agree with you more.

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lee,

Never turn your back on the poor, they have suffered the most and have the least power.

Give them equal education opportunities based on real ability - not class(grammer schools)and let them rise above their deliberately captive and demonised status.

Allow the rest, full time, long term, well paid, stable work within stable industies and an insentive to be proud of who they are rather than relying on cheap imports and the collaps of our own industries and society at large.

Rather than import cheap Labour, raise the living standards of our poor and spread the wealth, give the poor a chance of social mobility!

Not create more poor and other social problems.

Never turn your nack on the poor unlike the corrupt neo communists and neo cons who want a captive poor and plenty of handouts for themselfs from big business and the banksters.

Anonymous said...


Yes the BNP really do need to support the poor, to be their champion.

I don't buy into Eddy Butlers idea that the poor won't vote so don't bother with them, I feel the poor need to be encouraged to vote, the amount of non voters is huge untapped market.

You have to show the Non voting poor that you support them, respect them, wont demonise them and will give them real opportunities.

If you don't tape into the non voting poor then you will be relying on converting other party members and we simply don't have time to do that to a large enough degree to take more than a small percentage of seats.

We MUST tap the non voters with a register to vote campaigm and far more support for the poor.

I do get a little saddend when i see Nick often demonising sections of the poor, yes anti social behaviour etc needs to be clamped down on - everyone is already singing from that overplayed hymn sheet - who isn't demonising the symptons and racially too - `chavs` rather than the causes - politicians.

These so called 1chavs are the offspring of the same boys and girls that fought wars for us, they have been betrayed, not matter how foul they may appear in their worst incarnations, but that is due soley to failed social engineering for political gain.

These people have been played, manipulated, dumbed down, bullied and herded, deprived of a family life, thanks to the social progressives of the middleclasses.

What these people really need is hope and stability, With hope and a party that shows them some believe and respect - why not be the first to reach out a hand, not with victimhood self pity but with the facts and the believe that they can make more of themselfs and the BNP will give them the tools to do so for the first time in generations.

Tell them how they have been manipulated and abused and how the BNP can other them so much more, not to be marginalized with an additional sideways kick in the teeth from Nick and Eddy Butler.

That just adds to the problem and you start to sound like the Tories, In fact when i hear Nick on this subject, I can only hear a Tory boy - no more no less! and remember the poor are the real mass - get them on your side and you are unbeatable!

That IS the key to the BNP taking control - the poor mass!

That is the real untapped resource - use it to the parties full advantage - or be destroyed by the Tories - again.

Then it will may well be too late.

Key points

Role out a register to vote campain, especially aimed at the poor, the non voters.

Target their concerns and fears, many of these single mothers on these poor estates actually do want a better future for their children, but feel they are ignored and demonised.

explain to them that the BNP would create great opportunities for their children, so their children won't have to suffer the same traps and poverty.

If you target them specifically you may get their trust and support.

Stop writing this significant section off with stcrass stereotyping, or you will ultimately write yourself and this country off!