Friday 6 March 2009



Alaska, where liberty still roams free,
upon mountain range and forest trails,
Where wolf, bear and bald eagle,
Are the only true lords of nature,
Not man and his missiles of fissile material,
That scorch the earth with crimson blisters.

Alaska, land of leaping salmon,
Where rivers shiver with shoals,
Of silver red slashing spears,
That leap the void from shore to river,
Here the sun ascends unto her zenith,
And gazes down, bestowing benevolence.

Alaska, only there have I lived,
Alone in this cabin, as a seed,
Waiting till long winter passed,
And sacred spring to blush anew,
For summer to return with her golden tresses,
Bestowing the blessings of her soft kisses.

Alaska, where we may be men again,
Our thirsts quenched by holy waters,
That heal the hidden wounds within,
We shall shed the chains of conformity,
And with the roar of awakening bears,
Wage war upon a world that betrayed us.

Alaska, a pearl upon my tongue,
Spoken with a sigh of longing,
As a prayer offered to a distant god,
When hope is naught but an empty beggars bowl,
Just to utter aloud your one perfect word,
Is enough to replenish my famished soul.

Alaska, long may you be lost,
In your wild and solitary beauty,
Guard your acres with savage claws,
Let none lay claim to your domain,
For there we will gather at the end of the world,
To be reborn anew in fur and feather, free at last.


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