Wednesday 4 March 2009

Nationalism in the Post-Credit Crunch Era

The most basic rule of economics is simply this ’ You cannot Borrow your way out of Debt’.

It appears that this fundamental rule of economics is not one the government understands.

The attempt to sustain the mortally wounded global finance capitalism model by pouring hundreds of billions of pounds and dollars into sustaining the banks and the banking system will fail, simply because it is not just the banks that have failed - it is the system of economics that the banks are a fundamental facet of that has also failed.

Britain is going to be hit hardest of all by this Second Great Depression.

As a result of Thatcherism and Blairism, the British national economy has been globalised.

Thatcher began the process of globalist free market fundamentalism when she destroyed our national industrial and manufacturing base in order to undermine the unions. Her opening up of the British economy to foreign capital, the opening up of the border of Britain to mass immigration and the EU and the offshoring of British jobs to nations such as China and India, were all started or accelerated under Thatcherism. Blair and Brown have merely accelerated the process of globalisation in order to create and profit from The Servile State under the guise of Fabianism. Thatcher shut down the mines, factories and fishing fleets in order to export those industries abroad, whilst Blair and Brown have turned the British national economy into an adjunct of the financial services sector, making us a slave to the Dollar and a whore for the Euro.

Therefore both Left and Right are complicit in the destruction of our national economy.

The only way that Great Britain is going to survive as a nation and as an economy in the 21st century is if we undertake three great nationalist revolutions - these being an Agricultural Revolution, the creation of a Hard Goods Industrial Model and an Energy Revolution.

We must begin to produce as a nation goods that people want to trade with us for.

The financial services sector was based on usury, credit and debt but as the financial system has crashed then we cannot any longer extort the interest money from laundering the worlds dirty money through the City of London.

In ten years time the bankers, the stockbrokers and the financers will be a marginal part of our economic input.

Therefore in order to create industries that will produce goods the world wants we must end the insane funding of the banks and banksters and instead begin to invest in creating a self sufficient national agricultural system, investing in building industries that create Hard Goods and create a self sufficient national energy system.

In the future we will be exporting three primary commodities - Agricultural Produce, Hard Goods and Energy.

The government must invest billions in creating a national system of agriculture. This will include radical reform of land ownership, investment in new agricultural colleges and universities, community farms being formed which provide local food for local people and investment in marine agriculture.

At the same time the government must enact an Energy Revolution. This will be on a scale of the Industrial Revolution itself.

Transportation, industry, energy production and public transport must all be integrated.

The era of capitalism based on the economics of money supply, is about to be superseded by a new form of Energy Economics based on energy supply.

The nation that is able to produce its own energy needs, and then excess energy for export, will be the most powerful nation of the future.

Hoarding shiny bits of metal like gold and collecting pieces of paper are the economics of the idiot.

Gold has no intrinsic value other than what another idiot wants to pay for it.

Money that is printed by the banks is just a promissory note that can now never be redeemed in value.

Therefore the primitive economics of gold and cash must be replaced by a commodity that has real value - and that commodity is energy.

The UK must begin now to ;

1) Build at least six new nuclear power stations to cover the energy supply gap

2) Open up the closed own coal mines and open next door to them coal to gas power plants

3) As the North Sea oil peaks, then the old drained wells must be used to store captured carbon from the new coal mines, and also to store carbon for cash from other nations.

4) Local renewable energy systems and recycling systems must be created in all our communities and powers devolved down to local people to take care of their own energy / recycling requirements.

5) We must end our dependence on Middle East oil that will lead us into Islamo-Capitalism, the final phase in Capitalism, and that has also led us into the disastrous Iraq War for oil.

6) Invest billions in creating massive offshore wave power platforms, offshore wind platform, hydro-electric plants, geo-thermal plants, solar plants and all other renewable energy systems.

This drive to create the energy revolution must be the primary focus of our technical political agenda once we come into power.

The fact that we are no longer dependent on foreign imports of oil from the Middle East means we can bring our British troops home, re-deploy them to guard our borders whilst we send in the National Border Police Force we intend to create to remove all the illegal entrants from our nation.

The future for Britain under a BNP government will be a cleaner, greener independent Britain.

Millions of new jobs will be created in both new sectors.

The massive public works projects required to upgrade the British national energy infrastructure will create millions of new jobs, and apprenticeships for young people in those new industries.

At the same time the fact that we have created a ’cheap energy’ nation means the UK will become more popular as an source for industrial development as the primary cost associated with industry and production in the future, even before Peak Oil hits, will be energy.

The nation that offers industry cheap energy will create the most productive industries in the world.

Consumerism was a product of cheap oil, and after consumerism dies the model of industrial production in a Peak Oil world will be that of Industrial Hard Goods - these being goods such as cars, TV’s, cookers etc etc that are designed to be durable, energy efficient, long lasting and easy to repair. The era when it was cheaper to throw your TV out than get it repaired is now almost over.

Recycling will become not a lifestyle choice but a necessity for us all, simply as the consumer goods we want to buy in the future will become far more expensive to purchase as the raw resources eg metals that are required to make them begin to run out and as the associated energy costs involved in the creation of those goods rises.

The government must unlock loans to create and fund British companies with British workforces who pay business taxes in Britain who produce Hard Goods. Taxation must penalise consumer goods, imported consumer goods and commodities that are resource wasteful / energy wasteful.

Taxation must reward those companies that seek to produce Hard Goods so as to encourage consumers to shift towards purchasing Hard Goods produced in Britain.

This industrial model of Hard Goods will be built alongside the Energy Economy and the Agricultural Revolution.

Once we are able to feed our own people, to supply our own national energy needs and are producing the Hard Goods that the world will be crying out for in a post-Peak Oil world, we will become the dominant industrial nation on the planet - not China and India as the present economists think.

The rise of China and India is predicated on Britain remaining under the yoke of the present political, economic, industrial, energy and agricultural models.

We intend to overthrow all those sectors and replace them with radical Nationalist models that are designed to serve solely the interests of the British people and the British nation.

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