Sunday 22 March 2009


This is a poem about 'You', the Left Wing media conditoned drone - the Cipher - the slave that thinks they are free just because their masters define their slavery as freedom.


You can see, but have no inner vision,
You are alive, but you have never lived,
You listen, but you hear nothing,
You have a mind, but it is not your own,
You think, but never for yourself,
You speak, but never say a thing,
You have a spirit, but it has never flown,
You have a soul, but it is a black hole,
You walk this world, but go nowhere,
You hate the enemy, but you are the enemy,
You fight fascism, but you are the fascist,
You fear tyranny, but you are the tyrant,
You are a human, but you lack humanity,
You were born, but you do not exist.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like that. Sums it up.