Tuesday 24 March 2009

Dont Get Me Started On Robin Hood

Tv is shite.

In the modern era mass entertanment has become mass propaganda.

For instance in the new series of Robin Hood the part of Friar Tuck is played by a black guy.

Now I have no problem with black guys in films, in fact I think Denzil Washington is a superb actor one of the great actors of this generation, but for fucks sake A BLACK GUY PLAYING FRIAR TUCK !

How about some dignity - both for the actor who knows he got the job as a 'token' by some PC producer and caster and also as regards the writer - who demeaned the audience, the actor and the entire crew by foisting this black actor into the part. Frankly its just embarassing.

The BBC are a complete embarassment. In the Robin Hood first series Maid Marion was played by an Asian woman who was supposed to be 'a part Nubian roman princess' ( I kid you not ) and now we have a black Friar Tuck. They didnt use an part-nubian though, but an asian. Isnt that demeaning to part-nubians ?

The entire Doctor Who series written by Russel Davies, a man whose sexual desires for other men defines his entire career and creative writing proccess, has turned Doctor Who and its spin off Torchwood into gay, lesbian and bisexual propaganda for children.

Doctor Degenerate not Doctor Who.

The irony is that such in your face propaganda has the exact opposite effect to that intended. If gays, lesbians and bisexuals were not promoted as some special group in society, and if the media did not seek to force their sexuality down our throats all the time, then people would be far more tolerant of them.

Instead the more the gay agenda dominates the media and entertainment, the more people react negatively to it. The problem is that the flambouyant, in your face, homosexual, proud to be poof, lesbian , butch aggresive dyke types that dominate the gay movement is typical of such movements - in that the psychopathic and anti-social elements dominate.

The radical queers, dykes and trannys are not interested in gay rights, they are interested only imposing a fascistic version of Gay Power on the majority which suits them but not the average gay person - most gays that I have worked with are normal people who keep their sexuality to themselves, just as when I have worked with attractive women I have 'de-sexualised' my working relationship with them and put my heterosexuality and rampant male virility to one side.

Whilst heterosexuals are supposed to work and exist in a 'de-sexualised' work and social environment, the Radical Gays want us to work and exist in a work and social environment that caters to them and that imposes their sexuality and politics on us.

Its like if a former Royal Marine suddenly wants to go from steve to eve then they go to the overpaid wanker in the Human Resources department and all of a sudden a directive goes forth and then everyone has to tip toe around them, and no one dare say anything in case they are offended even if they attend work in a dress, stockings and suspenders and act like a sad mincing idiot in the work environment making risque jokes to the office boys - whilst heterosexuals are supposed to keep their heads down, say nothing to anyone of the other sex the homosexuals and transexuals can say what they like and do what they like.

I as a heterosexual may wish to go to work dressed as batman wearing a giant see through cod piece that exposes my monstrous love organs because thats what I enjoy doing in my bedroom with my wife, but if I did that I would be sacked. ( I dont by the way and I emphasise that in case the usual idiots on Lancaster Unity are unable, as usual, to understand humour and irony. )

But when a transexual wants to go to work in a mini dress, stockings and suspenders, dressed like a French prostitute a la 1930 and use the ladies toilet then we are all supposed to just put our heads down and accept it. Bollocks to that.

This is just Gay Fascism, it is nothing to do with equality it is about imposing their views on us and making us obey their demands. It is a form of Sexual Terrorism, where anyone who says anything about them can be abused, hounded out of their job and villified as a 'bigot' by the leftist, liberal, radical queer alliance.

Why is it there are no Heterosexual Pride marches but plenty of Gay Pride marches. Why cant heterosexuals celebrate their lifestyles in public ?

Why are the Gay Pride marches filled with hundreds of floats where thousands of mincing idiots wearing pink tutu's and waving glitter wands ponce and preen in public but none of those marches have a float with a man in a suit, sitting in a chair reading a book or watching a TV just getting on with his life.

Why are they all over the top mincers in Gay Pride events, not normal people who are simply gay ?

Why are they all dressed as fairies and in bondage gear - why do no gays at these events dress as a real gay role models like Ronnie Kray, Jeffrey Dahmer or Rock Hudson ?

You never ever see a any gays dressed as a gay, black male eating cannibal at a Gay Pride event or a Gay Gangster with a machine gun and a knuckle duster nor any men dressed in a sombre smart suit just getting on with his life quietly and in private -oh no they all have to be wearing fairy outfits, leather cod peices and nipple clamps and ramming it into our faces.

When I see a Gay Pride march on the TV it doesnt make me tolerant - I simply think 'what a bunch of wankers' just as I would if I watched at a Heterosexual Pride event with a load of heterosexual males with shaved chests, shaved legs, six packs, all over orange tans and the latest fashionable hair cut driving a convertible BMW that plays on the stereo any song by Peter Andre.

A wanker is a wanker is a wanker.

It is simply because these in your face radical gays are not interested in equality but Gay Fascism, in that they want to impose their sexuality and political demands on the majority and get us to accept their minority lifestyle choice as an equivalent to the lifestyle choice of the majority - which it isnt and will never be.

This country has become gutless.

We accept political correctness instead of fighting it and pointing out its inconsistencies and hypocrisy.

From now on I intend to wear my Batman outfit with the large see through cod peice that exposes my mighty one eyed, purple headed, love pump in public at all times in order to demonstrate my Heterosexual Pride.

If anyone knows the name of a good surgeon I would be grateful, as I would need one once the cops come for me.

Unlike the poofs that wear a tutu or a bondage outfit that exposes their buttocks and genitals in public at a Gay Pride event I will probably be quickly arrested.

There are no dancing coppers from the Gay Police Association at heterosexual pride events waving pink glitter wands and doing mincing little dances down the high street, just rows of riots vans, hungry german shepherd dogs and big blokes in riot control black armour with truncheons raised ready to crack a few heads.

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Anonymous said...

And there's that Merlin that was on Saturday evenings - being interested in Arthurian and Celtic legends I found it hard to not on some level get excited about this program, but I was able to successfully eradicate the excitement and save myself from bitter disappointment because I just knew it would be politically correct shite - and it was. I watched one episode.

Remember that old Robin of Sherwood series for the 80's with Michael Praed and Jason Connery, now that's some seriously classic TV (I am proud to own on DVD). When I was a lad that show was exciting and totally absorbing, and although not consciously aware at the time, I felt it had great significance, thus I felt connected and part of the story. And revisiting it now, it is in no way sanitised. Nowadays these idiot TV producers seek to remove people from time, from a feeling of belonging, they want them “unrooted” – displaced in some great mass of different coloured faces.

I am a fan of Dr Who, not the new glossy, crap storyline version with Dr Degenerate!!! LOL. But the old series are classics.

Both Robin of Sherwood and the old real Dr Who, were written by people who genuinely wanted to create something important and lasting. TV shows which captivated people on many levels, so much so that they are still revered today. This ain't gonna be the case for this shit Merlin, Robin Hood or the new Dr Who, its here today, gone tomorrow trash. The shows are totally fitting for an age where everything is throw away, everything is immediate gratification, like a processed meal that leaves you hungry after you eaten it - because the ingredients are insubstantial and modified shite.

Also in British TV shows the bad guy is always white, and if he's not of native British stock, then he will be Russian or Belarusian

Denzel Washington is a superb actor, one of my favourite actors and easily one the best of his generation. Another classic film is Training Day. Now, here you have a plot which is inconceivable to British liberal PC TV producers - the bad guy is black and the good guy is white - if someone was stupid enough to present such a script to such a British liberal white TV producer it would be shit-canned and the writer would be marked as a racist.

I wonder if we will even see the Martin Luther King story with several of the main characters played by white people?! Of course we won't because the PC indoctrination only works one-way. Can you imagine the uproar if the white folk replaced characters in traditional black or Asian stories - the retards from such organisations as Lancaster Unity would be first to launch their slobbering, wild-eyed, frenzied attack denouncing the concept as a violation of human rights an infringement on their cultural identity, blah, blah, blah... and yet black Friar Tuck, no problem; Muslim's in Merlin, sweet. In fact the very say fucktward's from Lancaster Urinary, Searchlight, etc, etc can't get enough of history revionism when it comes to British traditions and our cultural

Sometime ago there was a brief interview with the producer of this new Merlin show on BBC News 24, and they didn't ask directly, but they sort out danced around in some journalistic game, but basically the producer explained that Merlin is not intending to be historically accurate, no, rather it is a retelling, thus they are free to take "artistic" licence. Ok, then I am going to do a "retelling" of Malcom X, and put loads of white people in it - is that allowed?

Children are being mind-fucked by these liberal PC twats - children who will grow up to join Lancaster Unity, vote Labour, believe Searchlight ... oh, now I get it!!!

Why would people want to parade their sex through the streets? Other than for some sort of mass violation of decency. If we read about some ancient culture that couple of times a year held massive processions through the streets or forests, where the most crass and basic sexual indulgencies where displayed, where men flaunted themselves proudly as women, and all the rest of it - we would think that those people were either on mushrooms or that their culture was completely decadent and we would not be surprised that nature took its course and erased such peoples from existence. And yet, today, exactly the same performances are supposed to represent an "advanced" "progressive" "inclusive" "tolerant" society - no, such performances represent an insane society where every value has been turned on its head, and where twisted desires and mentally ill freaks are given centre stage.

Wow, what a society?! The BNP are hated by the leftist crackpots because we stand for traditional values. But now the lunatics are running the asylum and they like the weekly shows full or contradictions and craziness, they like their gay parades - all these things make them feel normal. Because they have shifted what normal means to fit their sick minds, society has become a freakshow, so unless you're a freak you become the "abnormal" one, you become the one who stands out for being different. It is a complete inversion or reality.

Anonymous said...

Hang on - not even the BBC would be that fucking stupid to have a black friar tuck would they? Come on who's having me on? You got the phot from somewhere and then you made up the story - right Lee?

Defender of Liberty said...

Sorry - but its true.

watch the advert for the new series and then the show.


Anonymous said...

not content with stealing our future, they now want to steal our past. There will be lots more of this, i watched a film recently with Keira Knightly in it and there was a black bloke in the British army at Dunkirk, ive seen a lot of photos from WW2 but i aint ever seen any black chaps in the BEF. Lots more of this propaganda to come.

Anonymous said...

Kill the past; kill the imagination that can take us back...once an image enters a head it's so difficult to dislodge. Kill literature with modern film; make it all up why no? The past is controlled and so is the present. He who controls the present controls the future. I hate liars and lies and I hate fraud. But to get into the consciousness of a nation and manipulate that is a form of propaganda vivisection...

alanorei said...

Re: FT, I knew the BBC had to be up to something, when they replaced Maid Marian (killed by the evil Guy of Gisborne, aka Richard Armitage, because MM's actress, Lucy Griffiths, wanted to leave the series) with a blue-eyed blonde from Sleights, N. Yorks, named Joanna Froggett.

JF plays the part of Kate, a feisty village girl who becomes RH's new love interest with MM's ground-breaking demise.

At the end of the last series, the Arab Muslim girl, Jaq, played by Anil Jay (I think) ends up back in Palestine with her guy, Alan-a-Dale, who also leaves the series.

But of course, that left the series distinctly 'unenriched,' hence the black FT.

Some pc BBC programmed clone (there's another pc) must have thought 'Blackfriars' actually means that.

Wonders will never cease, I guess. But I'll have to think twice about watching the new series.

Note that this BFT along with JF as Kate enables the BBC to keep up its black man + white woman association which I have personally found offensive for about the last 20 years of UK TV.

Anonymous said...

Well at least you're consistent in your views. Men slam gay men in entertainment but appear to give a pass to lesbians. I find the double standard annoying.

Admittedly, I enjoy the company of gay men but I do agree that many are forcing acceptance. But, gays and lesbians forcing acceptance is certainly not the worst thing in the world.

As for the racial aspect, I don't have a problem with changing a character's race as long as it's fiction. The latest Romeo and Juliet movie featured nonwhite actors (Mercutio, The Prince). Historical movies are an entirely different story. Winston Churchill should obviously not be portrayed as anything other than white, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Robin Hood is MORE than fiction - he is entwined in our folklore and heritage. He is part of what it REALLY means to be English even if it IS fiction. A nation is not just a collection of empirical evidence it is the conscious; the sub-conscious the collective imagination. More than that - why not have Robin Hood drive around in a car - it's only fiction!

Anonymous said...

So presumably it was OK to have Robin Hood played by Kevin Costner with a mind-bogglingly anachronistic American accent...because he was white.

And please get your facts straight. Marian in the BBC's Robin Hood was played by a nice middle-class girl from Brighton.

Defender of Liberty said...

Actually it wasnt alright - but then again I dont run Hollywood. Nor was it right to have Morgan Freeman playing a 'moor' in the film.

Hollywood crap.

Seeing as this issue was about a BBC series then i mentioned that.

Perhaps Nelson Mandela should be played by a white man, or Malcom x or Rev. King.

It seems that whites cannot play blacks, but blacks can play whites - but racist that innit.


alanorei said...

"Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen,
"Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of men,
"Feared by the bad, loved by the good,
"Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood."

Remember that delightfully unenriched series from the 1950s, starring Richard Greene? And they didn't kill off Maid Marian, either.

Those were the days.

I was going to say, "They don't make 'em like that any more," when I realised they don't.

Progress in the opposite direction.

Anonymous said...

Yes tv./film images can change one mind Literally and by extension erase the past or again refigure it

Another form of Psychic attack

Anonymous said...

I went to watch Robin Hood played by Kevin Costner - it was only my wife who prevented me not only walking out but also causing a "scene". Please don't throw back at us (I posted earlier) the "it's okay if he's white" nonsense. The KC version of Robin Hood was dire! As I have said before - if you don't care about historical accuracy (even in a legend) then shoot films of chaps in Lincoln Green driving around in huge Lincoln Convertibles...

Anonymous said...

I went to watch Robin Hood played by Kevin Costner - it was only my wife who prevented me not only walking out but also causing a "scene". Please don't throw back at us (I posted earlier) the "it's okay if he's white" nonsense. The KC version of Robin Hood was dire! As I have said before - if you don't care about historical accuracy (even in a legend) then shoot films of chaps in Lincoln Green driving around in huge Lincoln Convertibles...