Sunday 29 March 2009

The Establishment Dhimmi's

On the far left website Harrys Place the following statements are made in an article called ‘ How to beat both the BNP and the Islamists’ about the main groups that campaign against the BNP.

These statements reveal just how deep the treason of the left and liberals truly goes, and it goes deep into the very heart of the British Establishment.

Take this statement here about Unite Against Fascism. The author states that the UAF is itself involved in the promotion and dissemination of Islamo-Fascist extremist Islamist ideology and linked with Islamist groups that support and condone the use of terrorism ;

“ Unite Against Fascism has actually had representatives of far Right Islamist groups speaking on their platforms. How can the anti-Islamist Muslims whose work is so vital, and who have the ability to confound the white far Right as well, hope to join with Unite Against Fascism, when its constituent members include the likes of Dr Abdul Bari, a former President of the Jamaat-e-Islami aligned Islamic Forum Europe? ”.

So here we see the main campaign group against the BNP that is run as a front group by the Socialist Workers Party is linked with Islamist groups, but also that the politically non-aligned ’moderates’ against the BNP are also linked with Islamo-Fascists and groups ;

“ And the moderates are already pretty marginalised. We don’t have a political base. We should be looking to groups like Demos or Liberty. However, Demos co-organised a conference with Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood front, the British Muslim Initiative, and Liberty has hosted speakers from the same group. It also has the disgraced pro-Jihadist, Azad Ali on its National Council.”

These are astonishing statements. The author states that Demos, a campaign group, has hosted meetings with the spokesmen of proscribed terrorist groups and that the so called ’civil liberty’ organisation has on its board of directors another supporter of terrorism and terrorist groups. This means the entire Liberal Establishment are Dhimmi’s, and that the so called ‘progressives’ are nothing more then the liberal and leftist lickspittles of Islamism itself.

Then comes the most explosive allegation that the Fabian Society, the organisation that controls the ideological heart of the New Labour Party, and whose members link Capitalism with Socialism are also linked with the Islamists ;

“ If truth be told, the Fabian Society has not been at all bad on this issue: but it should be noted that they “marked the anniversary of 7/7 in 2006 with a major event on the issues of creating a positive British Muslim identity” to which they invited … the Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood aligned Islamist group, FOSIS. “

This article is one of the most explosive articles about the far left from WITHIN the far left for decades. It details just how treasonous the activities of the Leftist / Liberal / Fabian / Islamist Axis has become. The Dhimmis, Stalinists and Islamists are now direct threats to our national security.

The Leftist / Liberal / Fabian / Islamist Axis is the most dangerous threat to our nation since the demise of Communism.

Islamism cannot take root, grow and spread in our society without the active collaboration of the Leftist / Liberal / Fabian / Islamist Axis.

They pave the way for Islamism’s social expansion.

This article is powerful precisely because it reveals just how compromised and corrupted the far left, liberals and Fabians have become in their alliance with the Islamists, and also how the anti-BNP campaign groups are using the ’anti-fascist’ struggle against the BNP not in defence of democracy but simply in order to advance the interests of Islamism in the UK.

The BNP are seen by these Dhimmi groups as the main obstacles in the way of the expansion of Islamism in Britain, and therefore the so called ’anti-fascist groups’ are organising against the BNP in order to advance an anti-British, anti-Democratic, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, pro-Islamist agenda.

Whilst the UAF peddle lies to the public about the BNP, they offer a public platform for Islamist terrorist groups and Islamist terrorism supporters to disseminate their lies and propaganda.

Unite Against Fascism is not interested in defending ’progressive ’ policies, it is simply interested in assisting in the Islamist plan for the extermination of Israel and Jews. The UAF are using the BNP as a way of diverting public attention away from the threat of the Islamists.

Liberty is revealed as another Dhimmi front group, a collection of liberal traitors using the bullshit of ‘civil liberties’ to defend the advance of Islamism into the social, legal and political spheres.

Liberty is a whore who serves the Jihadists.

Whilst the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Searchlight and the CST are all busy making money out of peddling the myth of the ’Nazi BNP’ to as many shills in the public as possible for as much money as possible, the real Islamists are already in positions of power and influence within the Establishment.

Treason runs rife in our country - and only the BNP can stop it spreading and also deal with the traitors themselves.

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