Thursday 19 March 2009

Crikey - Melanie Phillips Begins to Get it !

Finally Melanie begins to understand the Jungian theories of The Shadow and Projection.

A 'fascist' is anyone who wins an argument with a liberal.

At Hudson New York, Thomas Landen makes a striking point about the way in which the prevailing totalitarian liberal consensus in the west is demonising Jews or anti-Islamofascists as ‘Nazis,’ ‘racists’ or ‘far-right extremists’ who are ‘beyond the pale.’ Pondering examples as various as the demonisation of the murdered Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, German activists opposing the construction of a giant mosque in Cologne and the British Anglican Islam expert Patrick Sookhdeo, Landen observes:

People are demonized as Nazis, and subsequently Nazi methods are used to eliminate them. The authorities, meanwhile, do not come to the aid of the victims since the latter are ‘Nazis.’ On the contrary, sometimes the authorities even praise the aggressors for their vigilance and their ‘intolerance’ in the fight against ‘Nazism.’

Nazis have become 'victims' and their victims become 'Nazis' -- and then Nazi methods are used to eliminate them. It’s what’s happened to the way western progressives now regard Israel and the Arabs; it’s how they treat the west and its Islamist attackers; it’s how on the domestic front they treat majority culture and all so-called ‘victim’ groups. Right and wrong, truth and lies, victim and victimiser have been turned inside out -- and true victimisation is then legitimised, condoned or ignored. It is why our world now makes no sense at all as it careers towards a terrible war.

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Anonymous said...

>>A 'fascist' is anyone who wins an argument with a liberal.<<

Then there must be an awful lot of fascists, because winning an argument with a liberal doesn't take much effort or debating skills.
I call their condition the Exhaust Pipe Syndrome - up which they disappear when confronted and asked to explain their support of fundamentally opposed ideas.
Orwell called it DoubleThink - which allows their fundamentally opposed ideas to share equal value in their minds.
Their Exhaust Pipe Syndrome is immediately obvious when you ask them to square their support for moslems and for homosexuals - the latter to be thrown from the tops of mountains or to be crushed by falling walls, courtesy of the former.

Anonymous said...

Has Phillips finally twigged it?
Don't hold your breath!
Still, she didn't qualify with the usual "odious" BNP crapola this time, and both Snitchens and Littledick seem a bit quiescent on that lately too.
Oi Vey!

Anonymous said...

Malik reveals himself at last

Anonymous said...

Here are essential guides to the religion-of-peace.
Please take the time to watch, then pass on to as many as possible:




This is the religion-of-peace of the liblabcontrick.

Vote BNP if you want to survive.