Monday 30 March 2009

Islamist Bastard Tells The Truth

04.28.2008 | ISLAM, FRANCE

Interview with Mohamed Sab'awi - a young sociologist from the catholic
university in Lille, Algerian by birth French by naturalization.

"Our peaceful invasion of European has not yet been completed. We
intend to act in all countries simultaneously. Because you give us
more and more space, it would be foolish of us not to take advantage
of this… We will be your Trojan horse. You've become hostages to the
very human rights which you are claiming. For example, if you were to
speak to me in Algeria or in Saudi Arabia, as I speak to you now,
you'd be most likely arrested on the spot.

You French are not able to impose respect from our youth toward
yourselves. Why they would respect a country that has surrendered to
them? One only respects whom it fears. When we have power, you will
not see a single Arab set fire to a car or a store… The Arabs know
that the inexorable thief deserves the amputation of his hand".

Mohamed Sab'awi continues during a recent interview:

"The laws of your Republic (France) do not conform to those of the
Koran and should not be imposed on Muslims, who can only be governed
by Sharia law. We will therefore work to take this power that we are
due. We will begin by Roubaix, who is now a Muslim city by more than

In future elections, we will mobilize our workforce, and the next
mayor will be Muslim. After negotiating with the state and the region,
we will declare Roubaix as a Muslim stronghold, independent (from
France,) and we will impose Sharia (law of God) to all inhabitants (of

The Christian minority will have the status of Dhimmis. This will be a
special category that could redeem its freedoms and rights by a
special tax. This means, we will do what it takes to lead by
persuasion into our community. Tens of thousands of French have
already embraced Islam voluntarily, why not the Christians of Roubaix?
Currently at the University of Lille, we are setting up brigades of
faith, charged to "convert" the ungovernable Christians or Jews of
Roubaix, to have them to come to our religion, because God wills it!
If we are the strongest, it is God that wanted this. We do not have
the constraints of Christian obligation to provide assistance to
orphans, the poor and disabled. We can and must, on the contrary,
crush them if they constitute an obstacle and especially if they are
infidels ".

Article from: Le National Radical # 11, page 8
Translation: Erik Linawood

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Anonymous said...

Mohamed Sab'awi tells it like it is,and still our governments try to appease them.Unless we are all prepared to stand against this Islamification,we are well and truly screwed!