Friday 27 March 2009

Dhimmi In A Dog Collar Award

This weeks Dhimmi In A Dog Collar Award goes to the brown nosing idiot, Right Reverend Nigel McCulloch (pictured), Bishop of Manchester.

I always laugh at how these people who live in a Palace and wear a dress think they have any clue about the real world.

A Bishop that involves himself in politics is a bit like a fish that involves itself in sky diving - they are so out of their element that they have no clue what they are talking about.

The Church of England is now nothing more than a whining, politically correct cult which sees Marx as God and Che Guevara as Christ.

The Church of England is now a Dhimmi-Church, which has sold itself to Islam in the hope that when Islam conquers the UK, that Islamists will not be too beastly to the Bishops.

Pity fools like this Dhimmi in a dog collar dont understand history. These idiot dhimmis piss on the bones of all the martyrs of the Christian churches that have died over the centuries defending Christianity and the message of Christ from Islam and Islamists.

Whilst these palace dwelling idiots embrace dhimmitude, the Islamists embrace the sword.

Bishops like this fool are nothing more than Judas Goats leading their flocks to the killing fields of the future.

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Anonymous said...

There is still no reply from my email asking the Bishop of Marxchester if he is going to stand up and publicly condem the hammer attack on the BNP activist Tony Ward

I take that silnce as condeming both the Bishop and the Church

However the Salford on line are going to print this letter in their online newspaper

Anonymous said...

Ethno-flagellants - punishing themselves in a demented suicide ritual, and condemning their race to the same fate for the original sin of being white. The church is now a death cult. Satan sits in dominion of the church and laughs at these pathetic fools doing his bidding.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lee.


Why is it that Copts, Maronites, Assyrians and African Christians are all being prsecuted right now by Islamic jihad - sorry, Muslims - and the C of E and the C of Rome are doing absolutely nothing?

Why is it Churches are being destroyed wherever Islam goes and the Christian churches are doing nothing?

Is it cowardice or is it complicity in destroying western civilisation? I know what my money is on.



Anonymous said...

Chris, the reason for the churches manifest urge for self annihilation is well explained :



By the way, just spotted this:

MP attacks 'PC' Church leadership:

alanorei said...

Dhimmi in a dog collar

Gives the abbreviation DD a whole new meaning

alanorei said...

An excellent analysis, Lee, btw