Monday 23 March 2009


I have just made the mistake of watching part of 'Law and Order UK', another British cop show based on an American import.

Christ I hate cop shows. I am sick of retarded cop shows on the TV.

Along with TV Chefs, cooking shows, Hospital Dramas, house sales TV shows, DIY shows etc these are what I call 'Zombie TV', the TV shows for the brain dead masses.

This one as usual is so PC it makes you puke.

The chief copper is of course a woman, the slick, genius psychologist is black and female, the scientists are black and male and oh so brilliant whilst the main white policeman played by Bradley Walsh is a scruffy slob and his assistant is a well groomed metrosexual with impeccable PC credentials. The police barrister is female and black and a total genius of course. The main police barrister is male and black.

I threw up with the sheer boring predicatability of it - no doubt the writer of the show was white and gay.

The homosexual suspect in a case of suspected child molestation and murder is innocent of course and a victim of police brutality in the past.

Whilst the police in the past ( boo hiss) were all bad bigots, the heterosexual father of the main female witness has to be the killer and also a child molester of his own children.

( Surprise, surprise he was )

The bad coppers at the time of the murder gave the poor innocent 'poof' a good slap in the cells when he was arrested, and the bad bigot copper, by assuming the 'poof' ( the copper is a vile rat faced bigoted individual who calls homosexuals poofs of course - the evil swine ) did it this meant that they missed the real killer.

The killer is a heterosexual, married, middle aged white man of course. And of course the writer, no doubt some white self hating homosexual, makes a distinct point of stating in the script that 'heterosexuals are more likely to be child abusers than homosexuals' as stated by Bradley Walsh in the show - well of course you fucking idiot thats because there are more heterosexuals than homosexuals in the country. Therefore there will always be more heterosexual nonces than homosexual ones, but the fact that remains that in relation to percentages of offending it is a fact that homosexuals are more likely to be child abusers than heterosexuals.

In fact homosexuals, according to most studies, are three times more likely to be child molesters than heterosexuals.

But of course the prevalence of homosexuals in the media means that such facts have to be hidden beneath a script of PC bullshit that seeks to slander heterosexuals and minimise homosexual paedophilia.

I can no longer stand any of these shit TV shows.

I despise the actors, the script writers and the dumb idiots that watch this trivial shite.

No wonder the British people who watch this shit are so thick, they absorb this PC bollocks into their tiny brains in a continuous drip, drip drip of PC propaganda.

What a load of total shit.

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Anonymous said...

You mean you still have a TV?! I thought you were "with it" Lee lol

Anonymous said...

They write this kind of thing either because it's their propaganda or it's easy. It's easy to "sterotype" a character even if this character seemingly disproves "stereotypical" views. Man but it's really lazy writing - you don't need to be clever or subtle. Choose an ethnic minority character (stereotype) to expose stereotypical views held by the majority in a (yes of course) crass and obvious way - and yet - the mere fact of sterotyping works! It's a propaganda paradox. Tell a BIG LIE hey -why not; just wrap it up in a way it can be swallowed whole.
Anyway I watched a fascinating - if not barbaric - tele prog about the Japanese and their various attitudes to fish. I shouldn't say this (but hey!) - I feel good I don't eat these creatures...

Anonymous said...

Lee, I totally know what you mean. British TV cop shows are total and utter fucking shit, they have no basis whatsoever on reality rather they are the regurgitated vomit of a politically correct sixth form prefect A-level twat who is studying sociology, art and chemistry (gotta have a difficult one), oh and an A/S in "English lit" don’t ya know?!

These "shows" are utter, utter, utter dog shit. The plots and characters are so predictable and asinine - take the characters for a kick off, how easy it is to write these bullshit shows. Ok, you have the sexy but intellectually dominant female who rejects her "good looks" and wants to make good in life and more of herself with good ol' honest hard work, and she shuns her male colleagues who try and get close to her because she thinks they are only interested in her looks – the deeper plot being that she can develop a lesbian interest. Then you have the grumpy, "out of time" white guy, whose a good cop but a renegade, he doesn’t quite get how to live in a “civilised” and “multi-cultural” society, he’ supposed to resemble a reformed Millwall football hooligan, who still likes a drink at his local, gets pissed with the lads and is a bit of a loose cannon, but who is gradually realising the error of his ways (through various shows where he is exposed for his ignorance by being saved by ethnics, blah, blah, blah…) and (as will be shown in later episodes) comes through for the team (especially the proverbial fucking "black guy"). Then you have the uber-geek, now he can be black or white, because all that matters here is that he is a total geek, generally computer geeks take people on merit and people assume this, so casting a black or white actor is somewhat secondary - however... and its a big however... we now have a new trend... guess how the geek is?... that’s right he's the Muslim, because this gives him a unique and misunderstood status, which the writers try to make analogous to general technophobia – for he is the geeky, silent one, really he is just misunderstood... and if people just took the time to understand the Muslim recluse next door then he wouldn't have become Osama's bomb builder, he would have chosen an honest career - helping the good guys fight crime – that’s right it’s all our fault. Then you have the captain, the commander, whatever you want to call them... however “the boss” must always be female - a hard nosed bitch who can mince it with the best and baddest of the boys. She takes no shit and can see all the tricks, but lets the lads have their fun, but then educates them as to the error of their ways - firm but (sorta) fair.

British cops shows are fucking stinking crud – no, they are more disgusting than that they are sperm cheese.

At least in American cops shows they tell it like it is... take The Shield - the cops are corrupt psychos, the villains are wetbacks and Puerto Rican illegal immigrant gangster scum who whack each other off in some feudalistic gang society. Then you have The Wire... that tells it like it is. Then the classic film American Gangster tells the story of drug dealing psychopath extraordinaire Frank Lucas (brilliant performance by Denzel Washington by the way).

Slightly aside now but highly relevant... when the BBC wanted to bring Dr Who back, there was considerable "issues" because the BBC wanted to somehow portray the Daleks as homosexuals, but the family of Terry Nation, the creator of the Daleks objected and eventually the BBC relented. But doesn't that just show the sort of brain-dead, unbelievably stupid, sycophantic, self-loathing, self-serving, shit-stained, bottom-feeding, low life scum who contaminate our TV screens with their sewage shit garbage of politically correct fucktard bullshit?!

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed in all the government ads on the telly, that the baddies are always white - whether it's Benefit Fraud, TV Licence dodging or car-tax evasion, etc.
There's even one ad where a young black couple are showing a white potential burglar how to enter their home.
All the government ads offering services, such as further education, job searches, and this that and t'other paid for by the taxpayer, are predominantly blacks and/or black and white couples.

No pun intended, but this is black propaganda at its most obvious.
White = bad, black = good.
Common Purpose in action.

Anonymous said...

I see the propoganda now and its all like that.

I barely watch TV it can literally chaneg one smind for the worse

Anonymous said...

Watching newsround, the news for children, a black hosted the show passed over to a black reporter who interviewed children at school, a black child followed by another black child a muslim girl and finally a white girl, how is this reflective of our society? 5 ethnics to 1 white brit!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly where you`re coming from,Lee.I rarely watch television now because of all this pc crap.

Anonymous said...

Fuuny comments, but all sadly very true. One small point...tenuously linked to Shite TV blog- Adverts-now they have always been a pain in the ass with tricks like turning up the volume up when they're on ect.. but the fact is that now they are longer, more frequent and again must conform to Common Purpose.

In most adds featuring white males they are all made to look like dickheads or put down in some way... usually by some savvy female and preferebaly ethnic.

But there is one thing happening now that is far, far more irritating, nay rage provoking, than the above points..... the impossibly happy fucking jingles they keep playing; usually with some kind of 70's folksy twist.

For the love of God, please do not buy any item that advertises in this way. You will only encourage the sadistic bastards to make more of them.