Saturday 21 March 2009

International Zionists Run US - want WW3

The Lobby Falters

John Mearsheimer

Many people in Washington were surprised when the Obama administration tapped Charles Freeman to chair the National Intelligence Council, the body that oversees the production of National Intelligence Estimates: Freeman had a distinguished 30-year career as a diplomat and Defense Department official, but he has publicly criticised Israeli policy and America’s special relationship with Israel, saying, for example, in a speech in 2005, that ‘as long as the United States continues unconditionally to provide the subsidies and political protection that make the Israeli occupation and the high-handed and self-defeating policies it engenders possible, there is little, if any, reason to hope that anything resembling the former peace process can be resurrected.’ Words like these are rarely spoken in public in Washington, and anyone who does use them is almost certain not to get a high-level government position. But Admiral Dennis Blair, the new director of national intelligence, greatly admires Freeman: just the sort of person, he thought, to revitalise the intelligence community, which had been very politicised in the Bush years.

Predictably alarmed, the Israel lobby launched a smear campaign against Freeman, hoping that he would either quit or be fired by Obama. The opening salvo came in a blog posting by Steven Rosen, a former official of Aipac, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, now under indictment for passing secrets to Israel. Freeman’s views of the Middle East, he said, ‘are what you would expect in the Saudi Foreign Ministry, with which he maintains an extremely close relationship’. Prominent pro-Israel journalists such as Jonathan Chait and Martin Peretz of the New Republic, and Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic, quickly joined the fray and Freeman was hammered in publications that consistently defend Israel, such as the National Review, the Wall Street Journal and the Weekly Standard.

The real heat, however, came from Congress, where Aipac (which describes itself as ‘America’s Pro-Israel Lobby’) wields enormous power. All the Republican members of the Senate Intelligence Committee came out against Freeman, as did key Senate Democrats such as Joseph Lieberman and Charles Schumer. ‘I repeatedly urged the White House to reject him,’ Schumer said, ‘and I am glad they did the right thing.’ It was the same story in the House, where the charge was led by Republican Mark Kirk and Democrat Steve Israel, who pushed Blair to initiate a formal investigation of Freeman’s finances. In the end, the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, declared the Freeman appointment ‘beyond the pale’. Freeman might have survived this onslaught had the White House stood by him. But Barack Obama’s pandering to the Israel lobby during the campaign and his silence during the Gaza War show that this is one opponent he is not willing to challenge. True to form, he remained silent and Freeman had little choice but to withdraw.

The lobby has since gone to great lengths to deny its role in Freeman’s resignation. The Aipac spokesman Josh Block said his organisation ‘took no position on this matter and did not lobby the Hill on it’. The Washington Post, whose editorial page is run by Fred Hiatt, a man staunchly committed to the special relationship, ran an editorial which claimed that blaming the lobby for Freeman’s resignation was something dreamed up by ‘Mr Freeman and like-minded conspiracy theorists’.

In fact, there is abundant evidence that Aipac and other hardline supporters of Israel were deeply involved in the campaign. Block admitted that he had spoken to reporters and bloggers about Freeman and provided them with information, always on the understanding that his comments would not be attributed to him or to Aipac. Jonathan Chait, who denied that Israel was at the root of the controversy before Freeman was toppled, wrote afterwards: ‘Of course I recognise that the Israel lobby is powerful and was a key element in the pushback against Freeman, and that it is not always a force for good.’ Daniel Pipes, who runs the Middle East Forum, where Steven Rosen now works, quickly sent out an email newsletter boasting about Rosen’s role in bringing Freeman down.

On 12 March, the day the Washington Post ran its editorial railing against anyone who suggested that the Israel lobby had helped topple Freeman, the paper also published a front-page story describing the central role that the lobby had played in the affair. There was also a comment piece by the veteran journalist David Broder, which opened with the words: ‘The Obama administration has just suffered an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the lobbyists the president vowed to keep in their place.’

Freeman’s critics maintain that his views on Israel were not his only problem. He is said to have especially close – maybe even improper – ties to Saudi Arabia, where he previously served as American ambassador. The charge hasn’t stuck, however, because there is no evidence for it. Israel’s supporters also said that he had made insensitive remarks about what happened to the Chinese protesters at Tiananmen Square, but that charge, which his defenders contest, only came up because Freeman’s pro-Israel critics were looking for any argument they could muster to damage his reputation.

Why does the lobby care so much about one appointment to an important, but not top leadership position? Here’s one reason: Freeman would have been responsible for the production of National Intelligence Estimates. Israel and its American supporters were outraged when the National Intelligence Council concluded in November 2007 that Iran was not building nuclear weapons, and they have worked assiduously to undermine that report ever since. The lobby wants to make sure that the next estimate of Iran’s nuclear capabilities reaches the opposite conclusion, and that would have been much less likely to happen with Freeman in charge. Better to have someone vetted by Aipac running the show.

An even more important reason for the lobby to drive Freeman out of his job is the weakness of the case for America’s present policy towards Israel, which makes it imperative to silence or marginalise anyone who criticises the special relationship. If Freeman hadn’t been punished, others would see that one could talk critically about Israel and still have a successful career in Washington. And once you get an open and free-wheeling discussion about Israel, the special relationship will be in serious trouble.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Freeman affair was that the mainstream media paid it little attention – the New York Times, for example, did not run a single story dealing with Freeman until the day after he stepped down – while a fierce battle over the appointment took place in the blogosphere. Freeman’s opponents used the internet to their advantage; that is where Rosen launched the campaign. But something happened there that would never have happened in the mainstream media: the lobby faced real opposition. Indeed, a vigorous, well-informed and highly regarded array of bloggers defended Freeman at every turn and would probably have carried the day had Congress not tipped the scales against them. In short, the internet enabled a serious debate in the United States about an issue involving Israel. The lobby has never had much trouble keeping the New York Times and the Washington Post in line, but it has few ways to silence critics on the internet.

When pro-Israel forces clashed with a major political figure in the past, that person usually backed off. Jimmy Carter, who was smeared by the lobby after he published Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, was the first prominent American to stand his ground and fight back. The lobby has been unable to silence him, and it is not for lack of trying. Freeman is following in Carter’s footsteps, but with sharper elbows. After stepping down, he issued a blistering denunciation of ‘unscrupulous people with a passionate attachment to the views of a political faction in a foreign country’ whose aim is ‘to prevent any view other than its own from being aired’. ‘There is,’ he continued, ‘a special irony in having been accused of improper regard for the opinions of foreign governments and societies by a group so clearly intent on enforcing adherence to the policies of a foreign government.’

Freeman’s remarkable statement has shot all around the world and been read by countless individuals. This isn’t good for the lobby, which would have preferred to kill Freeman’s appointment without leaving any fingerprints. But Freeman will continue to speak out about Israel and the lobby, and maybe some of his natural allies inside the Beltway will eventually join him. Slowly but steadily, space is being opened up in the United States to talk honestly about Israel.

John Mearsheimer is the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago.

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Anonymous said...

Proof positive that the US is now being run by liberal retards who are going to sell out Israel and destroy their own nation to.

Israel isn't occupying any land other than its own. What about the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan by the US and the UK with their pet illegal wars?

There will never be peace in the ME for the same reason their won't be peace anywhere in the world for the foreseeable future:


Muslims are waging war against kuffars all over the world. Meanwhile, silly Nazi jew-hating fuckwits blame the Jew for everything and anything, completely ignoring facts concerning the history of Israel and the ME. They also ignore at their great peril the Islamic conquest of the world. A conquest by the way that won't stop at Israel's downfall.

Liberals and Marxists are aiding and abetting the conquest of their own lands by supporting Islamofascism, a fascism that makes Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Communist Russia and China look like tea parties.

And still the liberals, the gullible, the weak, the hard of thinking cradle their obssessive hatred of the jew, a hatred that blinds them to the real threat: Saudi Arabia - who are now bossing the US - and Iran who just today are dictating to the US. They have the oil, they have the money - $13 trillion of it. They - and not the jews or Israel - are calling the shots ALL OVER THE WORLD.

The US, just like the UK and the EU, are run by shit-scared, morally bankrupt, cowering dhimmis who no doubt are lining thier own pockets with Saudi petrodollars to promote and encourage the growth of Islamofascism. And whikle they do so, they point the finger of blame at the perennial scapegoat, the Jews. How convenient.

Now why is it we don't see anybody anywhere questioning what is happening with Saudi Arabia and the US?



Anonymous said...

I have actually read the article and its proof positive actually that the US is not run by liberal retards but by the zionist AIPAC lobby. The zionists have no more claim to Palestine than i do as a Gentile. Professor Sand of Tel Aviv university has written an excellent best seller, "When and How was the Jewish people invented". It explodes the myth of the expulsion of the Jews by the Romans and shows how judadism expanded by conversion the biggest one being the Khazars in the 8th century in what is today southern Russia. Zionism was a 19th century invention of myths and mirrored the German nationalism of the time. Interestingly most early 20th century Jews were more inclined to marxism and zionism was a fringe belief.
The events of the 20th century and their exploitation by the zionists was remarkable in the establishmsnt of a new European colony in the middle east, just when all the other empires were dieing. Today that country pursues illegal wars and settlements on Arab land. It is backed by a daily subsidy of billions from the US. It distorts the US defence priorities. The irony is that the highly influential minority of Israel firsters in the US and UK eg Gerry Gable and Mad mel of the Daily Mail are often the first to denounce those in the UK and US who object to their own lands being over run.

Anonymous said...

Well anon 14.26 as you're such a well read expert on the ME and Zionism, answer me this:

When did the state of "Palestine" exist, what was its capital, who made up its government, who did it have diplomatic/trading relations with and what was its currency? How is it Judea (that's the West Bank to raghead lovers like you) is mentioned in both the Old Testament and wait for it, the New Testament, both way before Islam appeared and of course, the BNP is supposed to be about standing up for Christian values found in the New Testament. Perhaps that's a Jew conspiracy too cos hey, Christ was one of those dirty jews wasn't he?

Why is it clever twats like you never mention the appalling persecution of Maronite, Coptic and Assyrian Christians in the "Arab lands" by Muslims? Let's hear your take on that well-read one. Oh yes, that'll be down to the dirty Jews as well how silly of me.

You may also wish to read Mark Twain while you're at it, and you may also wish to explain why the Jews had the majority population in Jerusalem in 1846 in a census conducted by,..well I don't need to disclose this do I because you're so "well read." Hint: It wasn't the Arabs because they had been properly occupied by...go on take a guess genius.

Oh yes, one more question which should be a cinch for an expert like you: How many Jews have killed innocent US, UK and European citizens since 2000? Take your time genius. No rush. Hey, maybe the big noses were responsilbe for New York, Bali, Madrid, London, Beslan, Mumbai and 12,000 other atrocdities. How clever of them to hang the blame on paedo-worshippers.

"IT'S THE JOOOOOOOOOOZ!" With clowns like you it's no wonder the Muslims are ripping the piss out of Brits and taking over with consummate ease, idiots like you who are the majority make Britain an easy target. The Muslims know it and like a wolf can smell fear they can smell your cowardice and ignorance and they'll feed on it until they are your masters. Bank on it, the evidence is there for you - so long as you can stop obsessing about hating jews that is. Rest assured muslims will not stop obsessively hating you infidel.

What you don't get, because you are an arrogant, myopic, narrow-minded simpleton is that the conflict in the ME isn't just about Israel and the Arabs, it's about how the Islamic world manufactures an event to manipuate the world to advance the cause of Islam. Not that such a "big picture" would ever occur to you and other fools who are cursed with similar myopic and retarded intellects. Sadly, such fools constitute the majority and they even govern us. What dire straits we are now in.

And just how much money do you think Saudi Arabia and Iran are pouring into HAMAS and Hizballah? Sorry, my mistake, non whatsoever, only those evil yankess and their money-grabbing greedy Jew boys are doing the dirty here. What a joke your comment is, you haven't got the slightest grip on the reality of the ME conflict that's for sure.

Maybe this is Darwinism in action and if so then the West and Britain deserves the rule of Islam and the horrors it will bring. You and your kin deserve it for being so terminally stupid. ISLAM AND NOT ZIONISM/JUDAISM WILL CONQUER YOU WAKE THE FUCK UP. LOOK AROUND THE WORLD AND BELIEVE WHAT YOUR EYES ARE TELLING YOU THIS IS NOT A GAME. The Jews are not and never have been a serious threat. ISLAM IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN. THI CURRENT JIHAD IS NOT UNIQUE.

Darwinism rules and you will reap what you sew and ignorance is not an excuse nature recognises.

But hey,it's the Jews isn't it? How fucking retarded do you have to be to believe this shite?


Anonymous said...

I know I come across strong but I'm trying to show how much danger we are in when it comes to Islam.

And it just got much worse. Watch this about what has just happened with the black messiah and Iran:

A Message Of Surrender

We are already in WWIII and we have been since 1979 (and we can thank Dhimmi Carter for that.) One could say we've been at war with Islam since 622.

The Iranians want a world catastrophe, they want a nuclear war and they are going to do it and wipe Israel off the map. And Islam is coming for us too and this misguided hatred of Israel is only going to help our very real Islamic enemies.



Anonymous said...

Chris I will leave aside your insults as I am not interested in name calling or F words. Possibly Jerusalem was majority Jewish in the 1840s but then it was a fly infested village typical of Asia and 3/4 of Europe,with a population of less than nine hundred. Palestine was an essentially agrairian society occupied by Arabs and under Ottoman rule. I am sure if a foreign people decided that to fulfill a prophecy they had to take your farm and remove you to a refugee camp you would be angry wouldnt you? As Professor Sand relates in his book the irony is that modern day Palestinians are the decendants of the Roman era Jews who converted to islam in the 7th century. As for the old testament stories there is no physical evidence to support such things as Davids kingdom ever having existed and if people like to believe in the parting of the waves, and Noah living to 700 years old well thats up to them.
As to Israel having not killed any British I would refer you to the history of the ruthless Stern gang ( Lehi) and Irgun. The latter responsible for the notorious bombing of the King David hotel where 28 britons were killed, with Menachem Begin a 1970s Israeli PM being the leader of the gang.They are not a bunch of anglophiles in Tel Aviv I can assure you!
For more modern examples well the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in which many hundreds of Brits at the behest of the US-Israeli axis could be given. In what way has invading Iraq made us more safer in the UK? the weapons of mass destruction we now know were a fantasy of the US dept of defence.Incidentally both wars according to opinion polls in the UK are very unpopular and the BNP would withdraw every last UK soldier from them.
You may like to have a nuclear war with Iran but I suspect most people in Britain wouldnt. Its President has called for Israel to disappear but he certainly hasnt advocated war to support this. He hasnt called for the Jews to be expelled from Palestine but he favours a one state solution to the middle east problem and says correctly that South africa could be seen as an example.
I am not anti-Jew I have made my own mind up on the evidence and I do meet many in my professional work. They tend to be always pro Israel with minor caveats and very very pro multi culti liberals. This is natural for them and I would refer you to Professor Kevin Macdonalds Culture of critique to explain this.
If you think the Board of Deputies are going to swing their support behind the BNP and Gerry Gable is going to see the light well I feel you are mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Professor Shlomo Sand discusses his book "When and How the Jewish People Was Invented?" at

Anonymous said...

Just answer the question:

When dd Palestine exist, what was its capital, what was its currency and who did it have trading relations with?

Population of Jeruslam 900? Bullshit. Here:

Turkish (Ottoman)Jeruslam census 1844:

7,120 Jews, 5000 Muslims.

What about the Arab muslims ethically cleanisng Arab lands of jews and now, that's right now, ethnically cleanisng them of Christians?

Jews killed British to fight to establish their own land after the British had sold them out. Again. Remind me: Have the British ever killed people to fight for land?

The Jews are no threat to our nation and our people. The muslims most definitely are. Yet you support a people who want to wipe out the jews then the christians.


You can dodge and lie and cite juicidal dickheads to support your irrational jew hatred but facts catch you out.

The conflict in the ME isn't about land it is about the genocide of the Jews and it is about Islam dominating the world. That is how the muslim world especially the arabs are using the Palestine issue. They created the problem not the Jews. They are perpetuating the problem to advance Islam, not the jews. Even Abbas of Fatah has stated this quite clearly.

And if you want to know how people feel about being kicked out of their homelands, ask the kosovo serbs, the lebanese maronites, the iraqi assyrians, the indian hindus, the persian zorostrans, indonesian christians and thai buddhists.If you wait a wee while you'll be able to ask British christians too.

You haven't made your mind up based on facts and evidence, you have found a book by a juicidal idiot and used it to justify your hatred of Israel. That you don't apply the same hatred for muslims who are doing the very acts you falsely accuse israel of speaks volumes about you.

And the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are the fault of the jews now are they? That I am BNP you can bet on it that I want our troops back home. But these wars are not the fault of the jews and to suggest otherwise is ridiculous and using it to answer my question is tenuous at best and you know it.

Where have I said I want a nuclear war? Did you watch the vid I posted? CLearly not. But as you seem to have difficulties comprehending the issue I'll spell it out for you: What we want is irrelevant. The Iranians want it and they will do it. Watch the vid and try to grasp what is going on.

The comparison with South Africa is monstrously stupid and wha6 has been done there is a crime. There's a genocide going on there against whites and you believe the nutjob running one of the most evil regimes in the world? Bravo again.

Israel has a right to exist. What Israel faces now we too will face, all thanks to jew-haters like you who cannot see the wood for trees.

We are in great danger from Islam just as Israel is.



Anonymous said...

Chris you obviously have no problem with foreign groups murdering British soldiers and the Irgun murders were particularly brutal and cruel as the hangings by Irgun of Sergeants Paice and Martin will testify to.
My loyalty will be to my own English and British people, where yours lay is open to question .

Anonymous said...

Anon 16:02

Still not answered the question I see? I gues it's way too difficult for you, as it is for most jew-haters.

The murders you are rambling on about happened because the jews fought to create their state, a state that isn't and never has been a threat to Britain. Britain who had sold them out. And Britain has also committed its share of such murders but they don't count do they?

The Israelis put THEIR people and THEIR fight for a homeland first. They weren't out to conquer Britain or bomb its citizens. What a pity we don't emulate their Nationalism.

This isn't about loyalty this is about your seething hatred of Israel and the jews. A hatred I have exposed as you cannot even answer the most simple question regarding "Palestine".

Oh, and my loyalty is to Britain and I stand with Israel because they are no threat to us and they face the same Islamic enemy. You on the other hand support that Islamic enemy. That's the Islamic enemy who are murdering British soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq at the mnoment and who are abusing them on the streets of Britain.

What's that you were saying about loyalty?

Still if you're not too confused, do try and answer my question about "Palestine" there's a good chap. Does your jew-hating professor do "phone a friend?"



Anonymous said...

Chris you seem very loyal to Israel yet despise the English and trivialise particularly brutal murders carried out by Jewsih terrorist groups between 1945 and 1948.
I am no more anti Jewish than I am anti Arab or pro American for that matter. I do recognise that Jews individually are some of the brightest and often courteous people you can meet. However it is undeniable that the main proponenets of for instance the race laws in this country have been Jewish and the Jewish board of Deputies help finance and support Searchlight which conducts a viscous campaign against the BNP. The leader of Searchlight Gerry Gable is Jewish and his son served in the Israeli military.
So by all means support Israel but i prefer to support my own people.

Anonymous said...

I'm bored of your tiresome dodges to answer what should be for someone as well read as you (shyeah right) a very simple question.

But you can't answer it can you jew-hater? You made idiotic statements that prove you hate jews and you're no British Nationalist that's for sure you muslim loving traitor now answer my simple question or fuck right off.

Come on genius, let's see what you've got - if anything.

I fully understand if it's all a bit too much for you. Hey, here's something that might help you find an answer: Next time the ragheads are abusing Britain's soldiers on the streets of Britain, as you're fully supportive of jihadists why not stand with them and ask them the same question. If you can stop bedning over for the Islamofascists long enough that is.

Put up or shut up.



James said...

It helps to firmly seperate anti-militarism from anti-zionism. I'm all in favour of anti-militarism, but I'm not a Hitler twerp. The anti-Zionists who are not consciously Hitlerian might care to find out where anti-Zionism came from. I've left a clue for them. It appeared among some on the left in Britian from about 1967 and is now one of the stupidest trendiest political posture around. James.

James said...

Sorry, I forgot the very thing I meant to post. There are numerous eye witness accounts of Palestine before last century, they all say the same. What I would suggest is ignore the subjection in this site and just scroll down to the eyewitness accounts in such as books, its not just Mark Twain: