Thursday 19 March 2009

White Kids Failing at School

More evidence of white kids failing at school - perhaps the reason for this failure is that the teachers spend more time putting care and attention on ethnics and immigrants, and the 1 in 7 kids who dont speak english in their schools - than they ever do for white kids.

White kids are left behind so that immigrants can be given extra teaching time.

Perhaps if teachers spent more time teaching white kids how to read and write, and not spending time teaching 5 year olds how to put on a condom, then the results might be better for our kids.

White working class boys are schools' worst performing ethnic group by age of 11

By Laura Clark

Last updated at 4:00 PM on 19th March 2009
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White boys from working-class homes are worse performers in English tests than all other groups by age 11, new figures revealed today.

Ethnic minority pupils from similar backgrounds are not only ahead but are improving more quickly - even though thousands do not speak English at home.

Poor white boys are also among the worst performers in maths and science, according to figures published by the Department for Childen, Schools and Families.

The figures will renew concerns over the prospects of white boys from poor homes amid fears many will be shut out of university and top jobs.

Sats results have shown that children with English as a second language have outperformed English-speaking schoolmates

Christine Gilbert, the chief inspector of schools and head of Ofsted, warned last year their futures are 'blighted' by low attainment as other groups forge ahead.
The education watchdog called on schools to provide father figures for working-class boys who lack them at home.

The new figures also confirmed fears that the number of pupils gaining top grades in their SATs - a higher level than the Government's expected standard - is declining.
'For all the promises the Government have made, standards are still too low, and all too often it is pupils from the poorest backgrounds who suffer most,' said Shadow Schools Minister Nick Gibb.

The figures released today showed that just over half of white boys on free school meals - 56 per cent - achieved the expected 'level four' in English SATs last year.
For black African boys from similar backgrounds, the pass rate was 60 per cent and for black Caribbean boys it was 62 per cent.

Pakistani boys gained a pass rate of 63 per cent, 68 per cent for Bangladeshi, 74 per cent for Indian and 76 per cent for Chinese.

For youngsters from mixed backgrounds, the figure was 59 per cent.

Most groups, including Indian, Pakistani, black and Chinese pupils, improved their results more quickly than white boys.

Similar disparities are also apparent among girls, though the trend is not as marked.
Ministers put the best face on the figures, insisting that pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds were, as a group, catching up with their wealthier peers, and improving at a quicker rate than last year.

But opposition politicians described the stats as 'shameful'.
The figures also confirmed that the proportion of pupils achieving the higher 'level five' is declining, from 33 per cent to 29 per cent in English, and 32 per cent to 31 per cent in maths.

Mr Gibb added: 'These figures flag up a worrying new trend. The proportion of high-achieving pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds is either stalling or falling back in all three core subjects.'

Schools Minister Sarah McCarthy-Fry said: 'It is encouraging to see that children on free school meals are catching up with their peers who are not on free school meals at twice the rate they were in 2007.

'We are working hard to accelerate this rate of progress through programmes such as Every Child Counts, which has seen pupils make a year’s progress in just three months when given intensive support and Every Child a Reader which ensures early intervention and provide targeted support to children in danger of falling behind.'
In a special report on under-achievment by white boys from low-income homes, Ofsted inspectors said last year they should ensure that boys get 'good male role models' because too many are growing up with poor attitudes to adults.

For its report, Ofsted inspectors surveyed 20 schools where white working-class boys were bucking the trend and doing well in national tests and GCSEs.

It found that successful schools had managed to tackle a 'anti-school subculture' among disaffected pupils while being 'sensitive' to children's home circumstances.


One in seven primary school pupils does not speak English as a first language.
The number who normally speak a foreign language rose last year to 565,888 - 14.3 per cent of the total.

In some areas, English is a foreign language to more than 70 per cent of four to 11-year-olds, putting enormous pressure on teaching staff. And there are ten schools without a single pupil who has English as a first language, new figures show.
Teachers say large concentrations of children with a poor grasp of English can lead to some schools being unfairly condemned by inspectors.

Parliamentary questions have revealed that in 2004, 452,388 primary school children spoke English as a second language. By last year this figure had increased by 113,500, a rise of almost exactly 25 per cent.

In secondary schools, the proportion of pupils who do not have English as their native language has increased from 8.8 per cent in 2004 to 10.6 per cent last year.
The soaring figures reflect the fact that immigration into the UK is now five times higher than when Labour came to power in 1997. Net immigration has increased from 48,000 that year to 237,000 in 2007.

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Anonymous said...

Extra resources and effort concentrated on ethnics maybe a factor in the apparent performance of so-called white working class boys. Though that would not explain any poor performance in almost exclusively white schools, albeit those termed failing or with 'sink estate' catchment.

What I would also cite (importantly) is that there is a pernicious and ongoing 'anti learning' culture driven by advertising, TV/media and peer group nonsense that has zilch to do with schools and teachers - IT IS NOT their job to be surrogate parents to them, whatever their colour. Motivation I would add is and should be self-generated at least to a sufficient level.