Friday 18 February 2011

The Big Society is a CON

The Big Society Is A Con.

David Camerons idea of 'The Big Society' is nothing more than a Neo-Thatcherite mechanism to dismantle the Welfare State and to force the public to volunteer to do the jobs the state once did, but without the benefit of a wage for doing so. The Big Society ideology is based on the Marxist ideology of an American radical leftist called Saul Alinsky, whose agenda was to 'destroy the state' and impose a Marxist regime in America from the bottom up. Alinsky wanted to radicalise society whilst stripping away the state, until a far left revolution could erupt at the street level and the government would be unable to stop it. The Tories like the Marxists share a hatred of the national state structure that protects the people from both government and the global free market. Whilst governments come and go, the state remains.

Both capitalists and marxists despise the state as it acts as the buffer between the people and the forces of the global free market. It was the Neo-Liberal Fabianists of New Labour who have sought to use the state as a mechanism to impose political correctness on society. New Labour created a mutated version of the state, the Servile State, that has grown into a bloated, monstrous, tax payer funded parasite which has intruded into every sector of society and our private lives in the name of health and safety, political correctness and 'equality'. It is the Servile State that needs eradicating, not the state itself.

Whilst billions of pounds of tax payers cash is being diverted back into the coffers of the government in order to pay back the money given to the bankers during the Credit Crisis, the Welfare State is being stripped away for the poor as the bankers bonus cheques are growing in size. Cameronism punishes the poor whilst rewarding the criminals.

Like all Tory supporters of the neo-liberal global free market, David Cameron despises the Welfare state. His agenda, just like Margaret Thatchers was, is to dismantle the Welfare State in order to allow global free market economic forces to replace the role of the State itself in society. The Cameronite twist on the Thatcherite mechanism of dismantling the Welfare State though is to portray this process as somehow 'empowering people and communities'.

Yet Cameronism will not create a big society where people are empowered to control their own lives and communities, for the simple fact that whilst the state is stripped away the private economy that will replace those defunct functions of the state will not work for the benefit of society, but solely for the financial benefit of the corporations, charities and other organisations that will replace the state. The fact is that many of the charities that operate in our society are run solely for the benefit of the people that run those charities, rather than the people and communities that will rely on them to deliver services in the absence of the state.

For British citizens to rely on charity to survive is to take our nation back to the era of the Victorian workhouses. The fact is that as the state shrinks, and the charities grow in size, then the only people who will benefit will be the people who run the charities and not the people who need services that were once provided by the state.

We only have to look at the nature of many of the charities in Britain to see how unsuitable they are for the role given to them by the big society model . Whilst there are thousands of charities that represent the interests of ethnic minorities in Britain, there is not one charity that represents the interests of the indigenous ethnic majority in Britain. There are dozens of examples of corrupt charities, ones that have funded and assisted Islamist terrorism in the UK and abroad, that have been involved in corrupt financial dealings and that have rewarded only the directors of those charities rather than the people in need.

Cameronism supports the dogma of political correctness and hence whilst nurses, doctors, police officers and soldiers are being sacked from their state jobs to save the government money, the structures of political correctness within the servile state remain in their jobs. This is why the non-productive diversity specialists, the race relations extortionists, gay and transexual lifestyle advisers and the equality and human rights parasites are being left in their jobs, whilst those people who actually do the jobs that benefit society are being purged from the state. This is why the government will also give billions of pounds to India and other foreign nations in foreign aid, even though those nations do not need that money.

Cameronism is based on a vile deceit. Cameronism seeks to depict the politically correct Servile State monstrosity created by New Labour as synonymous with the Welfare State. The reality though is that they are not the same, and nor are they being treated as the same by Cameron in the name of the Big Society. The Servile State is the enforcment mechanism of the ideology of political correctness. It a parasite on society and tax payers and produces nothing but social division, hatred, a culture of entitlment and grievances and imposes the Tyranny of Minorities on our nation. Yet whilst the Tories and their yapping poodle lackeys the Liberals are prostrating themselves before the idols of political correctness such as globalism, man made climate change, institutional racism, foreign aid, gay rights, ant-racism, anti-Islamaphobia and the rest of the far left ideological nonsense, they are at the same time promoting the lie that they are restoring liberty to the people.

The state that is being shrunk in the name of the Big Society is the PRODUCTIVE STATE, which are the functions of the state that actually benefit society, whilst the functions of the state that remain untouched by the government are the ones which are entirely non-productive. The Productive State employs people whose services benefit society, whilst the Servile State employs people who actively undermine the basis of society itself. The Servile State is symbolised by the Equality and Human Rights Commission who demand gay couples have rights in law, such as the right to a legally binding civil partnership, which are denied heterosexual couples. Whilst it is entirely legal refuse to allow a heterosexual couple the right to stay in your hotel, it is a crime if you refuse to allow a gay couple. Whilst Islamaphbia is a crime, the police do nothing to prevent the racist and religious abuse of non-Muslims when they are called Kuffar by Muslims. Racial abuse of Muslims is the subject of endless debate, but the racist grooming and rape of young white, mixed race, Sikh and Hindu children by Asian Muslim paedophile gangs is hidden and minimised. Whilst 'Institutional Racism' is researched and studied in society and regarded as a crime, the imposition of racist and sexist anti-white laws such as Affirmative Action and Positive Discrimination are legalised in the Equality Act. At the same time racial attacks against white people are virtually never researched or investigated by the police or the Equality Commission.

The state that is being shrunk in the name of the Big Society is the wrong state. It is the Servile State that needs to be dismantled and destroyed, not the Productive State which employs doctors, nurses, soldiers, police officers and teachers.

The result of the Big Society will be a Britain that a Victorian time traveller from the past would recognise. It will be one where charities replace the state and where the individual is forced to go cap in hand to some self serving functionary in some massive charity for help. If that charity says it doesnt have the money to help them, then they will get no help. It will be a society where the self appointed tsars of political correctness will dominate the remaining functions of the state whilst millions of middle class professional people with essential skills such as nurses, soldiers and police officers will be unemployed. It will be a society where unemployment will rise, homelessness will rise, immigrants will continue to pour into our country to take our council houses and jobs and where charities will become a rich and powerful as private corporations and further de-democratise our society itself.

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