Friday 18 February 2011

Green Maggot and his Odd Fetish

Image - Green Arrow rescuing Daisy the sheep from Nick Griffin - " NO GRIFFIN you fat pie eating bastard, you cannot have daisy as a snack. I love her and she is mine, Mine MINE ! ".

No one but the Green Maggot could have written this on his website ;

" Right then, before we start I have to tell you straight that I love Pigs. Not in the same way that, being a Welshman I love sheep but in a gastronomical way. "

Now I wonder in what way the Green Maggot 'loves' sheep if not for the eating ?

Post your suggestions here.

Could this famous clip from a Woody Allan film reveal the truth ?

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Anonymous said...

The guy should go and see his doctor.

Rejection from Griffin, and he starts on sheep??!!!

Here's a question for the readers:

It took 6 months for Paul Morris to be the most hated man in politics. How long until all of the sheep have had a gutsful and walk away from him???

Paul Morris = Sad Old Drunk Loser

Anonymous said...

PMSL, Green Maggot is only trying to deflect, he does like sheep, but as he says, he preferes pork, this is because of his penile dysfunction. Here is a video we took of him in a Welsh forest just 500 yards from where he lives.

The sheep video you put up mate was taken years ago, when he could slightly perform.

Ps. He loves roll play simply because as his wife says, "Paul havent shagged me for over 5 years"

It is common knowledge that his Mrs tries it on with everyone who will listen to her.

The impotence of this man is known in more ways than one by everyone, he is the ultimate laughing stock of Politics.


Defender of Liberty said...


I cant put that comment up mate as it is about as illegal as you can get !

A good point though.

All the best.

alanorei said...

Thanks, mate

I figured it might be a problem. Thought you should have the chance to see it, though.

We are sure in one serious mess with this invasion.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

"I love your money. Send more"

Anonymous said...

Green maggot...ex military intelligence operative, carried out secret operations within the United Kingdom to spy on British citizens, albeit NI Catholics. You really think he no longer works for the British Government with his valuable experiences and resume.

Avoid his site like the plague and have no contact with this "ex" British military intelligence agent.

Anonymous said...

Recently was caleld a ''Jerk'' by him in the Pla talk room.

I assure you I am not.

That did it...

Democratic Nationalist said...

The correct word would be the GREEN FAGGOT!! Because he is a FAGGOT, not a maggot!